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Chapter 5 World One: the Stronger in the End-time World (2)

Han Yanyan was actually a bit strange about it.

In the last world, all other people’s behavior patterns were almost predictable before she met Zheng Yao.

She was equivalent to opening the deva eye.

As long as she didn’t act recklessly, things would develop steadily.

But now, the pre-information in her head didn’t allow her to predict what would happen next.

Is there any bug in the electronic voice

Han Yanyan felt a little anxious in her heart, she secretly recharged, and stared vigilantly at the men who were approaching the encirclement.

She would use the ice ability to attack whoever prepared to take the first shot.

As for how strong this power was and whether she could stop their behavior, she had no idea at all.

A large fireball suddenly shot over, and the white skirt burned.

Han Yanyan’s response quickly, and immediately she used her water power that was not very skilled to put out the fire.

But the second fireball had arrived, Han Yanyan’s pupils shrank, her slender waist swung dexterously, and escaped the fireball narrowly.

She turned to look at the man who had been kicked crotch by her.

He already stood up again, covering his crotch with one hand and waving another hand, and a fireball shot at Han Yanyan.

The man’s eyes were with fierce, and his mouth cursed, “Bitch! I give you honor but you don’t want it! I kill you!”

Compared with Han Yanyan’s operations, this man was obviously much more skilled in manipulating his fire talent.

He shook a fireball from his hand.

This time Han Yanyan couldn’t avoid it, and her skirt caught fire again.

Although the fireball was immediately destroyed by her water, but a hole was burned out, and the slim and tight thighs were faintly visible.

The other men did not encircle anymore, but stepped back with a smile, leaving room for the man to play cat and mouse games.

Han Yanyan avoided two or three fireballs, her skirt was inevitably burnt, and a pair of beautiful legs could not be hidden.

The men whistled and yelled, “Be careful, don’t burn her!” She had fair and delicate skin, and it was a pity if she burned anywhere.

Han Yanyan swooped wildly, avoiding a fireball, she rolled twice on the ground to the stall where the knives were sold.

The face of a middle-aged man who was selling knives changed slightly as she held up her body.

Han Yanyan looked at him, her black eyes were like two ponds of water.

The middle-aged man’s lips were slightly moving, but in the end, he said nothing.

The fire-skilled man’s power control was very precise.

Just now his fireball burned the fabric on one side of Han Yanyan’s shoulders.

Han Yanyan stood up and had to hold her chest with both hands to prevent light.

The middle-aged man selling knives quickly picked up the four corners of the rag, wrapped his things together, quietly retreated and disappeared.

The fire-skilled man played a fireball in his hand and yelled, “Aren’t you powerful Why don’t you run away anymore”

Han Yanyan said nothing, stood up and hugged her chest and rushed in a certain direction.

A man was approaching that direction and stretched his arms out to block Han Yanyan.

He laughed at me, “Ah, hey, are you really running”

The man hadn’t finished speaking, but something flashed suddenly in front of his eyes.

He scared and leaned back instinctively.

Han Yanyan used the fruit knife hinding in her hand to cut the man from his chest to his ribs.

A string of blood beads flew into the air.

The man yelled and fell back a few steps.

Han Yanyan took the opportunity to break through the encirclement.

She still had a knife in her hand, and the crowd on the street receded.

She rushed straight towards the street.

Another companion of the fire-skilled man cursed, holding his hands together, and a basketball-sized white electric ball with a stabbing noise appeared in the middle of his hands.

He pushed hard, and the electric light ball shot at the running Han Yanyan swiftly.

The people on the sidelines exclaimed, and then the exclamation stopped abruptly as if their necks were suddenly pinched!

Han Yanyan heard the exclamation and knew that there was danger behind her.

She looked back instinctively, and her breath suddenly stopped!

The purple thunder and lightning were intertwined into a electrified wire netting, blocking the white electric ball behind her!

The purple power electrified wire netting was less than half an arm away from her, crackling loudly, so powerful that she couldn’t breathe.

Han Yanyan took a big step back subconsciously.

The white electric ball collided with the purple power electrified wire netting and exploded! The people who seemed to be pinched their necks just exclaimed again.

Han Yanyan’s arm covered her head and face.

When the shock wave of the explosion dispersed, she lowered her arm and opened her eyes.

The white electric ball disappeared, but the purple power grid didn’t disappear after a few seconds.

Regardless of the fire-skilled man and his companions, or the people watching on the street, none of them see Han Yanyan at this time, they all looked in the same direction.

Han Yanyan followed their sight and looked in that direction.

On the other side of the road, a man stood under a street lamp, put his hands in his pockets, and looked indifferently at this side.

Under the light, his face was blurred.

Without saying a word, the aura had overwhelmed everyone.

Being daunting.

Around him, several men surrounded, such as the stars and the moon.

Compared to the look of awe and horror on the faces of the onlookers, these men all looked relaxed, as if they had just watched a funny show.

Han Yanyan finally understood why the pre-feeding information was so small this time, and why the behavior patterns of these people she encountered were unpredictable.

She knew who he was when she saw him at first glance.

It turned out that Ding Yao–the man she wanted to take down, the biggest variable in the world, was here from the beginning!

Compared with the long and routine background of the previous world, this world has no foreplay at all.

When she stepped out of the alley and stepped on this street, she went straight to the show!

Although she didn’t know why the previous world failed and caused the world to collapse, Han Yanyan has left a shadow in her heart.

This time, just ten minutes into the world, she had to face the host, Han Yanyan couldn’t help but take a deep breath, trying to relieve her heartbeat rate that was too fast.

“Ding, Boss Ding!” The fire-skilled man ran across the road with sweat.

His important organ were kicked by Han Yanyan, so his running posture was a bit weird.

When he approached, he didn’t dare to get too close.

He bowed and scraped before a few meters, “This woman has collected money and does not work.

We are going to give her a lesson… “

With a slam, the man ignored him, lighted the lighter, and lit a cigarette.

Under the faint light, Han Yanyan saw a face with deep facial features and tough lines.

There were so many people on the street, and the night market was noisy before.

However, at this moment, the man lowered his head and lit a cigarette, and only breath could be heard in this street.

The fire-skilled man was sweating on the forehead.

In Nanling City, there were more than 20 thunder talents.

His companions were already good players, but their electric ball formed was only white and slightly cyan.

Since the outbreak of the zombie virus, he had only seen one person who had the purple thunderbolt, the head of the Thunder team, Ding Yao in front of him.

In the beginning, the team was nothing more than a group of survivors in the end-time world who were close to each other and interdependent.

In the early days of the end-time world, the zombie virus first broke out, and people began to show various abilities.

At first, they were weak, and then they gradually became stronger.

In this process, many weaker were eliminated ruthlessly, becoming flesh and blood in the mouth of the zombies.

Gradually, the stronger moved closer to the stronger, and a team with powerful combat power appeared.

People did not know who called the word “team” first, but slowly everyone called it like that.

Those groups gathered by the strong have named their team one by one, and gradually they had distinctions between the stronger and the weaker.

In Nanling City, there were hundreds of teams, large and small.

After all, three people could call themselves a team.

But among these big and small teams, the most powerful was Ding Yao’s Thunder team.

The reason why Ding Yao was called the “captain” rather than the “team leader” was because the Thunder, was not only being the strongest, but also the largest team with hundreds of people and all strong players.

Ding Yao and his brothers can definitely dominate Nanling if they want.

After all, there was no law in this world, and people can not only kill zombies but also kill people.

It was only a few seconds to light a cigarette, but it was as difficult as a few hours for the fire-skilled man.

When the light was turned on to the time when it was closed, his mind turned quickly.

Ding Yao helped her just now.

Why did Ding Yao do this Did Ding Yao know this woman Was this woman Ding Yao’s woman

Because he doesn’t know exactly, he felt uncomfortable in his heart, like a sword hanging from his head.

The man turned pale.

Fortunately, the cigarette was finally finished.

Ding Yao closed the lighter and drew it into his pants pocket, exhaled a white cigarette, raised his eyes and glanced at Han Yanyan.

“Pretty girl,” he said.

The fire-slled man was greatly relieved.

He smiled, “Looking like a newcomer, she has water and ice ability, but weak, very useless.

It’s good luck for her to meet you.

Ding Yao bit the cigarette and glanced at him.

The man in the fire department bowed and scraped, he said, “let her follow you then, that, we, that…”

Ding Yao stopped looking at him and said “um” from his nasal cavity.

The fire-skilled man was pardoned, and his companions helped the injured one and left in a hurry.

After leaving this street, he stopped and wiped his cold sweats, “I was scared to death, and I thought I accidentally touched Ding Yao’s woman.”

Fortunately, she isn’t Ding Yao’s woman.

Han Yanyan watched the fire-skilled man leave, and then heard Ding Yao say to her: “… come over.”

His voice was low and attractive, and his speed of speech was neither too fast nor too slow, but the meaning of the commands in the words could not be disobeyed.

People on the street avoided the men subtly, pretending to be as natural as possible, and did not dare to watch Ding Yao’s business.

No one was able to help Han Yanyan just now, and now there was also no one.

Han Yanyan walked over holding a fruit knife.

Although she was protecting her chest with her arms, her skirt was burnt most part, and a pair of long and beautiful legs appeared under her dress.

The men’s sights fell on those tight and seductive legs.

Same as Ding Yao.

“Boss, this girl is beautiful.

Take her back.” A round-faced man behind him said with a smile.

As he said, he looked around Han Yanyan’s thighs and waist, with an obvious desire.

Han Yanyan said nothing, staring at Ding Yao silently, but her hand holding the fruit knife was tight.

The night was dark, there was a terrifying light in Ding Yao’s eyes.

He looked at her body from bottom to top, spit out white smoke, and said, “Come with us, three meals a day and have no more than five brothers a day.”


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