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Chapter 4 World One: the Stronger in the End-time World (1)

The world collapsed too quickly, and the moment when the storm that destroyed everything came, Han Yanyan had no time to see the man’s face clearly.

She only remembered his eyes.

He looked at everything that collapsed, with his sight not falling on Han Yanyan.

To him, the miserable Han Yanyan was no different from Miss Cao who has been turned into powder and the bodyguard thug who was screaming and running away, even a powdered wall tile or a glass bottle on the ground cannot be indistinguishable from her.

In his eyes, there was only indifference to this world.

As if he did not belong here.

Zheng Yao’s indifference frightened Han Yanyan.

Immediately, the storm hitting her face, she turned into power.

Opening her eyes suddenly, there was pure white space around her.

Han Yanyan’s legs softened, and she threw herself on the ground, panting heavily.

It’s completely different to experiencing being destroyed in person and watching special effects movies.

Her heart was still beating hard, which made her feel ill.

The electronic sound burst like thunder, “It’s less than ten minutes! Less than ten minutes!”

Han Yanyan panted, thinking for ten minutes.

“My worst builder is more than ten minutes! You make me so disappointed!”

The electronic sound seemed very angry at this “ten minutes”, “You obviously have so much potential! Why did you play so poor! Didn’t you say that you are the best at this routine! Why the best was still missing! “

Han Yanyan’s heart was still uncomfortable, but her calm head still captured the information from the electronic voice.

She supported the floor and raised her head, “When did I say this to you” With black eyes, she was gazing at the white space in front of them.

The electronic sound suddenly stunned, paused for a second, and said with a little annoying, “Mark her!”

It was “marked” again.

But before Han Yanyan had time to think about the meaning of the words he heard the electronic sound as if he had suddenly lost all his humanity and emotions, and said coldly and mechanically, “Mark.”

Han Yanyan frozen for a moment, bowed her head and saw herself standing in pure white space.

She clearly remembered that she was kneeling on the ground and panting heavily because of the impact before.

Reaching out and touching her heart, she felt her heartbeat smoothly and slowly, and no longer felt the kind of horror and discomfort.

There was also a feeling of blankness in her mind, and it disappeared after a few seconds.

It felt like just waking up, not knowing where she was.

Who am I Where am I What do I do (Han Yanyan’s soliloquy)

“Remember, I’ll give you another chance! If you fail this time, I’m sorry, I’m not a philanthropist.

I will give back to your body, and you will save by yourself.” The electronic voice said coldly.

Although the tone was cold and intimidating, it was full of emotion and more like a living person than the mechanical “mark” just now.

What exactly was it artificial intelligence Or the person hiding behind the microphone

“Well, be more serious this time, don’t fool me anymore.

Fooling me means suicide, figure it out!” The electronic sound said indignantly, “bring into full play your ability! This time you must let that… hey, let the target object of this world fall in love with you! Go! “

With the word “go”, the light suddenly disappeared.

Because it is the second time, Han Yanyan was used to it now.

She closed her eyes and woke up in an alley.

There were ordinary buildings on both sides, but she doesn’t know why there was a sense of dilapidation.

As she looks around, Han Yanyan’s pre-delivery information for this world was activated, and she realized the origin of that sense of ruin was because this was an end-time world.

Han Yanyan retrieved her own background in this world from the information in her head, and the result was quite speechless.

Han Yanyan in this world has so little information that can be summarized in almost a word: alone.

For Han Yanyan from the last world, at least there was information about her origin, school, and even house rent.

However, Han Yanyan in this world was equivalent to nothing.

Han Yanyan could not help frowning slightly, but after a moment, she softens her brow.

This was the same as having no character set, and there was no harm in it.

In the previous world, she had to let her follow the behavior pattern of “Han Yanyan”.

In this world, she did not have such a burden.

Since there was no person who can restrain her, it means that she can play at will.

As soon as Han Yanyan figured it out, she felt relaxed.

She became familiar with the abilities of this “Han Yanyan” and took a step forward.

Out of the alley and onto the street, this place, which was original as a movie background, suddenly came alive.

It was dark and the street lights were on.

In this end-time world, the city can still have street lights, which showed that it was very stable here and has a normal life and production.

Han Yanyan already knew that this city was Nanling in country S.

This was a city with a long history and was the ancient capital of the Four Dynasties.

After the last days, the surviving ancient city wall became a settlement for survivors.

It can generate electricity and have a small amount of agricultural planting, although they were small workshop-style, which made that the industry that met the basic survival needs was still running.

Under the balance of all forces, the basic social structure was maintained here.

But in the last days, the meager resources were not enough to support the survival needs of all survivors, and the people who survived were both hard and painful.

Except for those who are strong.

Out of the alley was a street.

There were actually many people in the dark street.

Most of them came here to trade.

On the rag was a glittering diamond bracelet.

In the past, it was expensive jewelry.

Now, it can change half of a bag of instant noodles at best, if you were lucky to meet rich people with beauty.

On the contrary, there are many people bargaining for weapons such as kitchen knives and watermelon knives.

The price of a good kitchen knife soared by several people, and it had already reached the high price of half a box of instant noodles.

People lived hard, diamond and gold became useless, food became currency.

Han Yanyan saw some women lingering on the street under the dim light, and most of them looked good.

Some men liked one of them and bargained over there.

They can take a woman to their home with just a half of a steamed bun or a half of a packet of biscuits.

There were also those who are not particular about it, which they go directly behind the tree in the dark.

After a while, the woman took up half a packet of biscuits from the man while tidying her skirt, quickly shoved it into her collar, and ran away, covering her chest.

Han Yanyan looked at these women, not knowing that others were watching her.

Under the dim yellow light, the girl in the white cotton skirt appeared on the street.

Her eyes were clear, her long black hair draped softly behind her shoulders.

She was rare and clean in the last days.

It could have a beautiful girl who can still have this state in the last days, either because she was powerful or because she had a powerful man behind her.

Those people watching in secret did not dare to act rashly.

But everyone waited for a while and found that the girl wandered alone on the street with a look of confusion.

That kind of look was a very standard rookie who didn’t know anything or know anything.

Thinking of the recent arrival of a group of survivors, everyone suspected that the girl might have just arrived in the city.

People watched for a while and found that she was indeed alone.

She didn’t look like an strong man.

In the end-time world, women’s survival was difficult, and those powerful women would show their strength to reduce unnecessary trouble.

The girl looked fragrant and soft and coveted.

Such a girl, if there was someone behind, men usually do not easily let her go out alone.

In this world, it was common that pretty women disappeared in a second.

Finally, someone couldn’t hold back and tempt over there.

“Hey, you, it’s you, what’s the price” The man stepped forward and asked with a smile.

The girl in a white dress turned to look at him.

With the black-and-white eyes, the white face, she did not have the exhaustion and sorrow that women often have in the end-time world, nor the fear and confusion.

Seen too much women’s withering lifelessness and stupidity like being stung by bees, such a lively girl was too delicious and attractive for them.

The man felt that saliva was secreted in the mouth, and the blood in the body flowed downwards.

He swallowed and quoted, “Two steamed buns”

This price was pretty good.

He usually gives half a bag of instant noodles.

He wouldn’t have given such a high price if she was so clean and beautiful.

Han Yanyan shook her head, “No.” After speaking, she turned around and wanted to leave.

Alas, quite lofty.

There were many such proud women in the first few years, but they gradually disappeared.

If those innocent women did not have extraordinary abilities, the last innocence would not last long.

And such women are quite rare now.

It made people more interested.

“Don’t go.” The man took two steps forward, blocked Han Yanyan’s way, and said with a smile, “Too little I can add you a bag of instant noodles.”

Han Yanyan’s expression cooled down, “Let me go.”

The man grinning cheekily, “No,” he said, still reaching out to pull Han Yanyan.

Han Yanyan shook off his hand, and then a clear stream of water emerged, winding around her arm, washing the place touched by the man’s hand, and disappeared in the air.

“Oh, the water ability” The man laughed.

No wonder not to sell, it turned out to be a remarkable talent.

But the water ability is generally recognized as a weak ability, which has almost no attack power.

Although it was also an extraordinary ability, it was usually only responsible for logistics or miscellaneous work in the team, so that they can use water conveniently.

That man was not afraid at all.

He glanced around, even more unscrupulous when he didn’t see anyone like the girl’s companion.

“It’s in time, I’m a fire remarkable talent, and we can make a couple properly.

Hey, are you new here Is there a place to live Otherwise, you can go with me, I live in a big house …”

As the man said, he stretched out his paw.

At this moment he consciously found out the situation of Han Yanyan, without any scruples, grabbed Han Yanyan’s arm as soon as he can.

The man’s hand power was very strong, and he held on to her hand.

Although there was a smile on his face, the excitement of catching the prey was revealed in his eyes.

Han Yanyan’s complexion changed slightly and she used her second extraordinary ability.

The man’s forearm was suddenly covered with ice.

Suddenly the man got iced, and he released his hand.

Han Yanyan took the opportunity to kick his crotch, while the man screamed, she turned and ran.

Unfortunately, Han Yanyan was alone, but this man was not.

When the man forced accosting, his companions watched him nearby.

Incidents suddenly occurred, and those companions surrounded them.

Four men surrounded and blocked Han Yanyan’s way.

Han Yanyan clenched her fists and stared at the four men who were approaching, thinking about countermeasures.

She had two kinds of powers, water, and ice.

They were just used for the first time and she was not very skilled.

It was clear that there was still much power in her body, but she can clearly feel that the using just now was very “hard”.

She felt that her power would not be of much use in actual combat.

The situation in front of her can be said to be dangerous.

She was a young and beautiful girl, and there is nothing good to end in the hands of these men.

She came to this world to approach the target object, and she couldn’t be crushed before she saw the mission goal!


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