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"I got it! I got it! " The tabloid reporter said excitedly, holding up his camera.

In the photograph, the second son of the Qiao Family was sitting next to the Han Family's Eldest Miss.

The second son of Qiao had one arm on the back of her chair, seemingly holding her in his embrace, and the excellent overlapping angle of the shot seemed to imply that the two were kissing.

Although the reporter knew that it wasn't the case, it wouldn't prevent him from using this photo to spin the attention-attracting headline of "the golden couple's passionate kiss!", or "brother and sister-in-law become lovers!".

"Let's call it a day." Whistling, the reporter put away his equipment, collected his companions, and withdrew.

"Are they gone" Qiao Chengyu asked.

He couldn't see for himself, as his back was turned.

Han Yanyan had watched the paparazzi pack up and retreat.

But she glanced at Qiao Chengyu, seemingly close to her but in actuality keeping his distance, and said, "No, they're still there.

Maybe they're not satisfied."

"Don't be so stiff, it's unnatural." She raised her face slightly to him.

"Here, come a little closer, take a lock of my hair and wrap it around your fingers.

Yes, that's it...

just like that..."

Qiao Chengyu did as he was told seriously, leaning in slightly and naturally until he could smell the scent of her fragrance.

Unlike some of the other gentlemen in their circle, who could smell a woman's scent and reach an insight into her character, Qiao Chengyu had studied neither women nor perfume.

All he knew was that Han Yanyan's fragrance was very attractive.

It was a strangely mature and seductive scent for a young girl of twenty-three to be using.

Her skin, however, was younger than her age, firm and elastic, radiant with youth.

And in her eyes...

her eyes...

Qiao Chengyu saw the playful look in her eyes and paused.

He looked behind him to see the silhouettes of the paparazzi far away in the distance, having gotten done with work early and gone home.

He had been played.

Pursing his lips, Qiao Chengyu tried to withdraw his hand.

But a lock of hair was still coiled around his finger, and when he pulled it, Han Yanyan cried out softly.

"Ouch!" His hand stopped.

"I'm sorry," he said, before leaning over and bowing his head close to her to untangle the lock.

When the last roll was undone and the long curly lock was about to slip from his fingers, Han Yanyan unexpectedly lifted up her eyes and raised her head to plant a kiss on Qiao Chengyu's lips.

The lock of hair did not slip from his hands after all, held tight between his fingers.

Their eyes locked, noses only a few centimeters apart.

Qiao Chengyu's eyes were dim, and Han Yanyan raised an eyebrow.

No overbearing CEO-style return kiss happened.

Having locked eyes with Han Yanyan for a few seconds, Qiao Chengyu loosened his hand, let her long hair slip from his fingers, and sat up straight.

"Boring," Han Yanyan wrinkled her nose.

When he looked at her out of the corner of his eye, she sneered at him, "You're like an old man."

She suddenly hesitated and asked with some surprise, "You...

you're not a virgin, are you" He couldn't be.

According to her advance knowledge, Qiao Chengyu had had more than one girlfriend while studying abroad.

Qiao Chengyu silently took a deep breath.


"Then are you gay" Han Yanyan frowned.

That shouldn't be it either.

It hadn't been in her information.

The deep breath was stuck in his lungs, unable to take in any more.

"Then how can I explain it You don't react to me at all," she complained.

Qiao Chengyu turned to look at her, his eyes distant, dark and deep.

"You're the one I'm going to marry," he said.

"I want to take this seriously."

This time, it was Han Yanyan whose eyes froze.

After a while, her rosy lips curved up into a slight, cold smile.

"Let me give you a piece of advice.

Don't let your feelings in this world be too genuine.

The one who is sincere...

is the one who is a fool.

" She laughed a distant, cool laugh.

Lazy Han Yanyan, sexy Han Yanyan, proud Han Yanyan, confident Han Yanyan...

Perhaps none of them were more real than the Han Yanyan at this very moment, Qiao Chengyu thought.


Thanks to this incident, dinner was very quiet.

Afterward, Han Yanyan told Qiao Chengyu that she didn't need him to drop her off.

She called up her driver to pick her up and take her elsewhere.

"I'm going out tonight.

Want to come" she asked.

"No," Qiao Chengyu declined, looking at his watch.

"I've got a report to finish."

"Alright then.

Work hard, heir," she replied in a teasing manner.

The word 'heir' touched a nerve.

Her driver opened the door and Han Yanyan turned to get in, but was suddenly pulled back by the wrist.

Although winter was nearly over, the wind was still cold.

Qiao Chengyu's lips were hot, and his tongue was burning.

He was a very good kisser.

So he wasn't a virgin after all.

Uncle Chen, a professional smile on his face, continued holding the door but looked away, turning his back to the fiercely kissing couple.

Qiao Chengyu let go of Han Yanyan and gently wiped away her smudged lipstick with his thumb.

He let go of her hand and said, "Have fun." Then he stepped back.

His hands were in his pockets, his black overcoat unbuttoned, its corners flapping in the night air.

Han Yan looked at him with a half-smile, got into the car, and left.


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