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Chapter 2 World Zero: All Routines (2)

The CEO wrote a terminable cash check. It was discovered that Cinderella had not taken the money when it was on time.

He found the girl had a noble heart without greed through her poor poverty.

This routine was written too much by Han Yanyan as a gunman.

It all happened more than ten years ago, and at that time it was all such a routine of ancient Mary Su.

Han Yanyan patted the confetti on her hand, smiled slightly, and got up to go to the bathroom.

Her brain has received enough information, and now she knew everything that Han Yanyan should know in this world.

After that, she found the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror.

Her face and body were very young.

She had just left the campus, her eyes were still clear, and the scholar air between her eyebrows was matched with a long black straight hair, giving the first impression of “clean”, which is pure and moving.

The electronic sound is a niggard.

She wanted the incomparable beauty, but the electronic voice refused, only to give her such a face.

In terms of the difficulty of this overbearing CEO’s strategy, it can only be said to be barely satisfactory.

Han Yanyan looked at the mirror and exhaled a long breath.

Now she had the beauty and routines.

It seemed as if it had set up the stage, everyone dressed up, and what she only need to do was to play the role step by step.

At that time, Han Yanyan’s real concerned was not the content of this play, but something else outside the play.

First of all, what the hell was this **ing “Quick-transmigration world” With the arrogant air of the electronic sounds, he probably won’t give her a clear answer.

Then let’s put this issue aside, and take care of her current situation first.

According to the electronic voice, she should now be in a state of dying.

Her life depended on the electronic sound now, if she wanted to live, she has to take orders from the electronic sounds and complete the ** task in this hell Quick-transmigration world.

OK, she accepted.

After all, living is more important than anything.

As for whether she was a ghost now, whether the soul was out of consciousness or the consciousness was out of the body, it was the most subtle thing instead.

Han Yanyan didn’t care.

Then the third was that this “Quick-transmigration world” itself.

These three words and the name “Han Yanyan” made her felt ridiculous.

The electronic sound mentioned the task before, and the metrics given were ambiguous.

Fortunately, when she was sent to the world, she was given a specific aim, which was, made the target object fell in love with her.

But Han Yanyan clearly remembered that the electronic voice also said, “if love can really change a person as you said”.

So, when did she talk about the topic of “love” with the electronic sound Okay, this question was unsolved and temporarily put on hold.

From the words of the electronic voice, Han Yanyan accurately seized the key information.

The electronic voice gave her such a mission goal, after all, it was to “change” the target person.


And… Han Yanyan looked into her eyes.

She was very mindful of a word-the builder.

It said that she was a very potential builder, so what exactly was a builder

Also, the last word she heard before the moment when she was thrown into trance was “mark”.

Too many questions were unsolved, and no answer was expected in the short or even long term.

Han Yanyan looked at herself in the mirror and decided to set aside all these issues for the time being, and complete this task first.

Just like the routine Han Yanyan expected, half a month later, she received another strange call.

“Hello Miss Han, my surname is He, I am Mr.

Zheng’s secretary,” said the man on the phone.

Han Yanyan knowingly asked, “Which Mr.


“Zheng Yao, President of the Zheng Group.”

Han Yanyan asked in a confused tone, “What can I do for you”

“Yes, Mr.

Zheng gave you a cash check of 100,000 with a bunch of flowers before.

It showed that the check has expired, but you did not draw the money.” Secretary He said.

“Oh!” Han Yanyan pretends to be enlightened.

“Remembered! I did receive such a check because it was inexplicable, and I just threw it away.

All right, Could you tell me what is going on here”

Secretary He laughed, “Did Miss Han think you had encountered a liar Don’t worry, you have misunderstood.

You donated blood for Mr.

Zheng’s mother in half a month ago.

The 100,000 yuan was for thanking you.

“That.” Han Yanyan said with relief, chuckling, “It is no need to give me money, that’s what I should do.”

Secretary He also laughed, “gratitude is necessary, how about this, I’ll ask someone to send another check to Miss Han again.

This time, I won’t write a date.”

Han Yanyan said, “don’t bother, and I won’t withdraw anyway, I said that was not a big deal, you have already sent flowers, thank Mr.

Zheng for me and lily is my favorite.”

Secretary He did not make it difficult for her, he said happily, “Okay, I’ll convey it for you.”

The next day, when another bunch of lilies was delivered to the office, Han Yanyan knew that the fish was hooked.

Although she said that a bunch of lilies was enough, Mrs.

Zheng was RH negative.

Given the rarity of RH negative, Zheng Yao, the filial son would not leave Han yanyan, the mobile blood, bank indifferent.

As expected, she received a call from Secretary He again, “Ms.

Han, Mr.

Zheng said that since you like flowers, you will receive flowers every day from now on, he hopes you like it.”

Han Yanyan did not refuse this time, she said, “Please thank Mr.

Zheng on behalf of me, I… I like it very much.”

After that, Zheng Yao really delivered a bouquet of flowers to the office on time every day.

For a while, the company rumored that she was being pursued by the rich second generation, and some people said that she was being raised by moneybags.

There are many opinions in the office, but Han Yanyan doesn’t care.

Sometimes she raised her head in her seat, looked around, and saw these living people.

These people either smiled at her or showed contempt or envy.

But none of these matters, because in this world, these people… were just NPCs for the tasks she has to perform.

Nothing more.

As a tasker in this quick-transmigration world, when she looked at them, she knew who each of them was and what background they had.

For example, Li Yan, when she first saw her, she knew who she was.

She knew that she was from a small town in the south.

Li Yan had parents and a brother 20-year-old younger than her.

In this city, there was a fellow student who called her from time to time hanging her as a spare tire.

For instance, secretary He, when Han Yanyan received his first phone call, knew he was a tall and fair-skinned man, knew where did he from, and even what brand of lipstick his girlfriend liked.

All of this information was obtained from the electronic voice as the tasker.

Because of the existence of this information, Han Yanyan, who seemed to have opened the wisdom eye, was not in a hurry, waiting patiently for the appearance of an important NPC.

It lived up to her expectations after she had been receiving a month of lilies, that important NPC appeared.

The rich girl with a large dove-egg-like diamond ring on his hand took two bodyguards behind her.

The lady at the front desk couldn’t stop them, that rich girl rushed straight into the office and confirmed who Han Hanyan was and slapped her.

The office was breathing inwardly.

Han Yanyan’s mouth was bloodstained.

“I’m Zheng Yao’s fiancée, I’ll give you a little lesson today to see who you are, and stay away from my fiancé in the future.” This rich girl dropped a check scornfully, “Hold the money and leave this city.

The next time I see you, it won’t be as simple as slapping.”

 After speaking, she took the bodyguard and left with her head up.

 In the complicated sight of many colleagues, Han Yanyan wiped the bloodstains on the corners of his mouth, picked up the check on the ground, and did not see it.

She tore it in half and threw it into the basket next to her, and then went out.

 A gossipy colleague can’t wait to pick up a torn check from the wastebasket behind her, and then exclaimed, “So rich, one million!”

Han Yanyan… who has already reached the exit of the office area staggered!

 The front desk lady kindly gave her a hand and said worriedly, “Yanyan, are you all right”

“It’s okay… help me take a day-off.

I’m not feeling well today, I want to left early today.” Han Yanyan forced her convulsive face and left.

OMG! Only a million!

Looking at the mighty look of that rich girl, Han Yanyan thought it would be at least 5 million or 10 million!

Did she have to be so stingy

When Han Yanyan used to write stories of the overbearing president, the president’s mom, the fiancée of the president, the secret crush of the president, and the president’s lover, they all could casually take a check and said, “Give you a hundred million, leave my son / fiancé / he!”

Why did she finally find her a million dollars when it turns to her

Han Yanyan sighed: really cheap.

Han Yanyan left the office, cleared her throat, made a phone call to secretary He, and recounted what she had just said, and then said, “This must be a misunderstanding.

I hope Mr.

Zheng can clarify the misunderstanding with his fiancée and don’t cause any displeasure with me anymore.

“By the way, that lily flower, I hope Mr.

Zheng won’t send me in the future.

There is really no need.

I appreciate his kindness, but it’s just a simple favor.

Let’s stop there.” Her voice was gentle, but moderate with slightly bitter after choking.

It must be the kind girl who was aggrieved at the impolite young lady!

Secretary He sighed softly, soothed Han Yanyan, and promised her, “Mr.

Zheng will definitely solve it.”


Zheng’s solution was to send Secretary He there the next day, holding a lot of red roses, and a diamond bracelet.

As a kind and innocent Cinderella, Han Yanyan certainly expressed a clear rejection of the diamond bracelet.

But secretary He came with a mission.

His mission was to get Han Yanyan to accept the diamond bracelet.

The people who can hang around such a president must a very capable person.

Secretary He convinced Han Yanyan with his silver tongue, “It’s actually a smoke bomb.


Cao is very irritable and fierce recently because her relationship with Mr.

Zheng has been a little unpleasant these days.

If you are insignificant, she is very likely to do something to you again.


Zheng intentionally made a gesture to show her to let you know that you are the person that Mr.

Zheng cares about, and she would not dare to beat you randomly.

This is for your safety.”

He rotated his eyeballs, and was plausible, “Mr.

Zheng will continue to give you precious gifts in the next few months in order to be realistic.

If you don’t want to take it, no problem, you could save and return it to Mr.

Zheng when everything is over.”

Heard this forced reason that ** doesn’t work, the kind and pure Cinderella Han Yanyan readily accepted, ” I will collect it for Mr.

Zheng and wait for Miss Cao and his affairs to be resolved, and I will return it to you then.”

Secretary He left with a cheerful mood to complete the task satisfactorily.

When Han Yanyan returned to her seat, she put the diamond bracelet on her wrist, which aroused envy among colleagues.

The previous rumors of “fighting with the wealthy girl for a rich man” were also confirmed by this bracelet.

Han Yanyan looked at the bright diamond on his wrist, and slightly moved the corner of his mouth.

Zheng Yao sent her a high-profile red rose every day and sent precious gifts from time to time.

Their affair was confirmed, even if the two of them have never met.

Because the truth was that Mr.

Zheng Zheng didn’t want to marry Miss Cao at all.

Instead of, he also secretly planned to buy Cao Group.

In order to delay the marriage, he deliberately quarreled with Miss Cao.

Later, Miss Cao made an investigation and found that Secretary He had been sending flowers to a white-collar worker in the name of Zheng Yao, and had misunderstood the relationship between Han Yanyan and Zheng Yao.

But Zheng Yao immediately decided to use this misunderstanding to confuse Cao’s family with Han Yanyan as a smoke bomb, so secretary He’s task was to convince Han Yanyan to accept the gift anyway.

From the moment Han Yanyan opened his eyes in this world, every sentence and every action of every major NPC was expected.

The information in her head made her knew everything that would happen next because it was just foreplay.

Foreplay, nothing more.

The real drama actually started when she and Zheng Yao were face to face.

When she really was face to face with him, she can no longer predict the future development, and everything depends on herself.

But when Han Yanyan first arrived in this world, the little tension and doubts in her heart were almost gone.

The romantic and essay-like developments that flowed along like clouds and flowing water had eased her vigilance and eliminated tension.

The electronic sound said this was her specialty, which was right.

She didn’t even have much curiosity about the mission Zheng Yao when she first came.

Just a domineering president, she had written too much.

This kind of overbearing president, all love for Cinderella, and give all his property to the Cinderella Han Yanyan thought lazily about it.


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