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The moment the tyrannical energy appeared in space, it also disappeared quickly.

Soon, everything calmed down.

Lin Chen stared ahead with an icy look in his eyes, and saw that a thousand meters away in front of him, a badly mangled body was floating in space.

That was Frieza, the once arrogant emperor of the universe.

It’s just that only less than a quarter of his body was left.

Frieza’s lower body was completely gone, as were his hands, and the part of his body that had been mechanically repaired on his head was also completely gone.

But even so, Frieza’s vital signs were still present!

Even after suffering an Instant Kamehameha from Lin Chen in Super Saiyan form, Frieza wasn’t dead yet.

His vitality is really terrifying.

Lin Chen now understands why even with the same Namekian’s cell regeneration ability, even though Cell’s upper body had completely disappeared, he could still be resurrected, but Piccolo was simply beaten to death by an energy wave from Nappa.

The difference here is the powerful vitality of Frieza’s Frost Demon race at work.

Floating over to Frieza, Lin Chen looked at him and raised his right hand, preparing to give Frieza the final blow.

It seemed that he knew that he would not escape this time, so Frieza had an imploring look on his face.

“Please, please, save me…forgive me!”

“Save you I’m not Goku and am not soft-hearted like him!” Lin Chen sneered.

Although Frieza didn’t understand who Goku was, he understood that Lin Chen seemed unwilling to let him go.

So, the emotion of fear gradually turned into despair, and then into anger.

“Saiyan! You’ve won…this time…but at least…I’ve taken a lot of Saiyans with me to death…and that female Saiyan, she should be your lover…ho ho ho…I will educate them well in hell!”


They won’t go to hell with you!” Lin Chen said indifferently.

“What” Frieza stared blankly.

“After you die, I will go look for dragon balls and bring Hanasia and the others back to life! Even Planet Tiu can be restored!”

“Dragon, dragon balls”

“So, go to hell yourself!”

Lin Chen pointed his finger and a beam of energy that was exactly the same as Frieza’s Death Beam, but was golden, flew out and sliced off Frieza’s only remaining right arm.

“Death Beam How, how can you use my skill”

“It’s just an insignificant skill, I easily learnt it after watching it once.

Frieza, I’ll let you die by your own skill!”

After saying that, Lin Chen shot out five more Death Beams, each of which completely evaporated Frieza’s remaining body.

When the last Death Beam shot towards   Frieza’s head, there was a miserable cry of “I don’t want to die” from Frieza.

In the world of dragon ball, the tyrannical emperor of the universe died just like that.

This time, Frieza’s body was completely shattered and evaporated, and no matter how high-tech the methods are, he cannot be resurrected.

After taking care of Frieza, Lin Chen turned to look at Frieza Force’s spaceship not far away and slowly extended his fingers towards them.

Frieza’s subordinates on the spaceship exclaimed in alarm.

“Escape! Quickly escape!”

Come on, it was King Frieza who annoyed you.

You are such a powerful expert, why are you attacking us little lackeys!

A group of aliens burst into tears.

However, just when the huge spaceship had started, an energy wave ripped through the sky, bringing along with it tyrannical power and rushed over.

The spaceship exploded and shattered, and all the aliens in the spaceship melted because of the high temperature.


Lin Chen suddenly frowned.

Just before Frieza’s spaceship exploded, he seemed to have seen a small spherical spacecraft escape.

Should I chase

Lin Chen thought for a while, but didn’t pay any attention.

It’s just a little lackey of Frieza Force, and it’s not worth it for him to make a big fuss over it.

In contrast, it’s better to resurrect Hanasia and the others as soon as possible.

Thinking of this, Lin Chen used Instant Transmission and immediately left.

It’s just that Lin Chen didn’t know that on the little flying spacecraft that escaped early, it wasn’t some insignificant little lackey, but Captain Ginyu!

This elite subordinate of Frieza, when he saw Frieza being cruelly killed by Lin Chen, he reacted much quicker than others, and immediately escaped to the round spacecraft on which warriors could ride, thus narrowly escaping.

Now watching his former mothership disappear amidst the blast wave, Ginyu gasped for breath with an expression of surviving a disaster.

“Fortunately…fortunately, I escaped quickly!”

“Saiyans…I didn’t expect Saiyans to have such terrifying strength…”

“But, just you wait Saiyan! I will definitely bring King Frieza back to life! We Frieza Force, will definitely be reborn!” Captain Ginyu yelled.

With the high-tech equipment on the spaceship, while Lin Chen told Frieza about the dragon balls, the people on the spaceship, including Ginyu, also heard about them.

At that time, no one else on the spaceship reacted,  but Ginyu thought of a rumor he had heard of in the past.

According to a rumor, there is a mysterious race called Namekian in the universe, who have a magical ability to make wishing beads.

It is said that as long as you gather seven wishing beads, any wish can be fulfilled.

The dragon balls that Saiyan spoke about should be wishing beads!

It turns out that the legend is true, and there is really such a thing in the world!

“Just wait! I, Ginyu, will definitely get the dragon balls, resurrect King Frieza and the Ginyu Force! At that time, we will take our revenge!”

Captain Ginyu yelled from inside the spacecraft.

Meanwhile, in the airspace tens of thousands of kilometers away from the place where Planet Tiu used to be, a round spaceship of the same type as Frieza’s mother ship also began to accelerate, moving far away from Planet Tiu.

“King Cooler, King Frieza’s vital signs have disappeared!”

When an alien opened his mouth to report, there was a sound of sudden gasp on the spaceship.

“What King Frieza is dead”

“Is Super Saiyan that powerful”

An egg-shaped hovercraft was floating in front of everyone.

A voice somewhat similar to Frieza came from the hovercraft.

“Quiet! Frieza has always been such an idiot!”

“Last time he had suffered against the Saiyans, but he still didn’t learn his lesson.

He has only himself to blame for everything!”

Seeing the person on the egg-shaped hovercraft, all the aliens present knelt down on the ground.

Because the person sitting on the hovercraft is their master, Cooler, the eldest brother of Universal Emperor Frieza.


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