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Lin Chen was overjoyed when he first learned that he had obtained the Selection System.

The standard gold finger of a transmigrator.

Sure enough, he got it too!

But after seeing the three choices given by the system, Lin Chen, who was familiar with the storyline, turned green.


What are these three choices

Each of them is crazier than the last!

Not to mention the Great Demon King Frieza, are Supreme Kai and God of Destruction someone that can be dealt by him who doesn’t even have 10,000 Power Level

Others can get a novice gift pack after they get a system, but how come he was given a mission of HELL difficulty just after he obtained a system

Isn’t this a sham

Lin Chen wanted to give up on selecting an option at that time, but the system immediately retorted: “The mission cannot be given up, you must select one option and complete it before Planet Vegeta is destroyed, otherwise the host will be obliterated!”

Faced with the threat of being killed from the system, Lin Chen gritted his teeth and chose the first option without thinking.

Frieza, Supreme Kai and God of Destruction, for Lin Chen, who is just an ordinary low-class warrior right now, it is only Frieza whom he has a ray of hope of defeating him in theory!

Moreover, opportunities are often accompanied by risks.

If he can successfully accomplish the mission this time, his future will be extremely bright.

There are many crises in dragon ball world.

Even if he becomes a Super Saiyan, he may not be able to protect himself.

However, if he can obtain the bloodline of the Legendary Saiyan, then with the strength of a Legendary Saiyan shown in the original work, no matter what crises he encounters in the future, he will surely be able to survive.

So after that, Lin Chen fully concentrated on preparing for four full years in order to defeat Frieza before he destroys Planet Vegeta!

Relying on the system’s prompts, Lin Chen had already accurately grasped the time when he crossed over, which was the year of Age 733, four years before Planet Vegeta was destroyed.

There is not much time left for Lin Chen.

And since Kakarot has not been born yet and Saiyan Prince Vegeta is only one year old, it was also difficult for him to find allies.

So it was an almost impossible mission if he wanted to deal with Frieza!

But after careful analysis of the storyline, Lin Chen found a ray of hope to achieve his goal, but to achieve this goal, he must at least have Power Level of more than 60,000! And get support from all Saiyans!

So for this goal, Lin Chen escaped while out on a mission and started wandering alone in the universe.

In the first year, Lin Chen tried to rely on training to improve his Power Level.

The Power Level of the body which he transmigrated to was only 2000, which is the most common level of low-level warriors amongst the Saiyans.

Although his physical age is only 14 years old, there is still the possibility of improvement, but it’s not too hopeful.

In the past year, Lin Chen had gone through untold hardships and only raised his Power Level to 10,000, which is still miles away from his goal of at least 60,000 Power Level.

So in the second year, Lin Chen changed his plan.

He has to admit that he does not have the same talent as Kakarot and Vegeta, and it is very difficult to improve to 60,000 Power Level in the remaining three years!

So in the second year, Lin Chen spent a whole year inquiring about the whereabouts of Planet Namek in the universe!

Under the current circumstances, the only way Lin Chen could think of to quickly improve his strength in a short period of time was to go to Planet Namek!

It’s not that he wants to rely on dragon balls to make a wish and improve his ability, because that’s simply impossible, even Shenron’s ability has its limitations.

Moreover with his strength at that time, it was impossible to defeat Planet Namek which was protected by Nail.

So his real purpose was to reach an agreement with the Great Elder so that the Great Elder could enhance his potential.

The Great Elder of Planet Namek has a special ability to awaken the potential of a human body.

In the original work, after his guidance, Krillin and Gohan, who originally had only one or two thousand Power Level, had their strength increase by tenfold!

If Lin Chen can also get the help of the Great Elder, then his goal can be easily achieved!

So, after finding Planet Namek, Lin Chen immediately headed to the planet, and then spent another year on it.

As the vicious Saiyan’s reputation in the universe is terrible, Lin Chen’s journey to meet the Great Elder was not all smooth sailing.

At first, when the Namekians saw that he was a Saiyan, they thought he was here to invade their planet, so they attacked him without any explanation.

Even after knowing Lin Chen’s apparent intentions, the Namekians still didn’t fully trust his words.

They proposed that in order to meet the Great Elder, he must accept their challenge.

So it took Lin Chen another year to pass the multiple tests of wisdom, courage and Power Level by the Namekians, and finally, he met the Great Elder and reached a special agreement with him.

As the agreed condition, Lin Chen’s fighting potential was completely unleashed by the Great Elder, and now finally he has a Power Level of more than 110,000!

It took four years to grow from a low-level warrior to a Saiyan with 110,000 Power Level.

The hardships involved can be imagined, but these four years of hard work was all worth it.

Sitting on the throne, as Lin Chen reminisced about the past four years, he raised his head and said to everyone in front of him who were still in shock: “Everyone, I know that some of you may still not accept me.

But according to tradition, I’ve just become the king.

I have a week to rest, and if you want to challenge me, you have to wait one week.”

“After one week, if I lose, you can depose me and kill me, but before that, I will never allow anyone to act arbitrarily!”

“My next order may be strange! But you must obey them!”

“First of all! Today’s matter can only be known to us Saiyans, and we must not tell Frieza that the Saiyan’s king has changed!”

“Secondly, all the mid-class warriors present here, I need you to act immediately and kill all of Frieza’s subordinates on Planet Vegeta, leaving behind only the person in charge of communication to pass false information that all is good to Frieza Force! We must not let them get the slightest wind of our movements in the next few days!”

“Li, Links…”

Under the throne, King Vegeta had already regained consciousness.

While laying on the ground, he looked at Lin Chen in shock: “What, what are you going to do”

Lin Chen glanced at King Vegeta and said, “What am I going to do I’m going to lead all Saiyans and betray Frieza!”

Hearing this, the Saiyans below were stunned.

Betray Frieza

Betray the Universal Emperor who can run amok in the universe

Is Lin Chen crazy

Although they were skeptical of Lin Chen’s words…

However, the king’s order cannot be disobeyed!

On this day, Lin Chen’s Saiyans Secret Betrayal plan began!


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