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Chapter 999 Have a Premonition Again

some asked gu ning which screening room she was right now, but gu ning kept it a secret, which disappointed her fans.

her fans felt sad that they couldnt meet gu ning in real life, but gu ning didnt care about that.

those who had taken pictures of gu ning in the theater, on the other hand, felt proud and satisfied.

they all complimented gu nings beauty and her friends outstanding appearances.

gu ning muted her phone, and focused on the film.

the moment the film began, the screening room was covered in a scary atmosphere.

“jesus, i cant breathe,” jiang zezheng said all of a sudden, but his friends all rolled their eyes at him because the film just began.

although they had the same feeling, none of them said it aloud.

jiang zezheng felt a little aggrieved.

he really wasnt a fan of horror films.

nevertheless, he understood that he shouldnt say that right now, so he closed his mouth.

a few minutes later, most of them felt scared, but none of them dared to admit it.

although it was a horror film, it wasnt scary from the first second till the last second.

however, it was quite frightening during the scary moments.

jiang zezheng did his best not to make a sound, but the others lost control of their emotions, especially the girls.

except for gu ning, leng shaoting and xin bei, the rest of them were scared by the film.

zhu yuanzhen and an ran were terrified by it, and their faces turned pale.

cao wenxin and chu peihan were able to stay calm, but su anya and yu mixi were trembling in fear.

su anya sat by yu mixis left side, and they subconsciously caught each others hand tight.

gu ning sat by yu mixis right side, so she secretly put her magical power into yu mixis body by holding her hand, and the magical power also went into su anyas body.

with the help of gu nings magical power, both su anya and yu mixi gradually calmed down.

nevertheless, it still took them a long while to get back to normal.

“sh*t, its so scary!” hao ran raised his voice all of a sudden.

“how come i didnt notice it when i was acting in the film”

“idiot, its scary with the music after editing,” chu peihan said and rolled her eyes at hao ran.

most films relied on music and special effects to be effective.

“i thought that its just a normal horror film, but its much scarier than i thought it could be,” an ran said in a trembling voice.

“who said that im a coward before we watched the film” jiang zezheng laughed at them.

the others wanted to argue against him, but didnt know how.

they really werent mentally-prepared for this film.

zhu yuanzhen also remained silent, because she was also scared by it.

“i agree that people who have heart disease shouldnt watch this film,” gao chengyun said.

this film was the most horrifying film he had ever seen.

“ningning, the post-production team of your company is really good! i think that even the team of our familys company couldnt be as good as yours,” tang jiayang said.

the post-production team of the tang familys entertainment company also enjoyed great fame worldwide, but tang jiayang didnt think that they could be as skilled as gu nings team.

if gu ning had hired the post-production of tang familys entertainment company to help her, this film wouldnt have been this attractive.

the tang family didnt focus too much on the entertainment industry, so its entertainment company wasnt the best in the industry.

the tang family was involved in many industries, but it wasnt the leading force in every industry.

it mainly focused on real estate, hotels and shopping malls.

“it wasnt done by a team, but a person,” gu ning said.

“what a person”

hearing that, everyone was shocked.

it was a complicated project to edit a film well.

normally, a team of a dozen people had to cooperate with each other to finish it.

the post-production of infinite horror was nearly perfect, so it was very hard for them to believe that a single person could handle it well.

“yes,” gu ning said with certainty.

“he must be a genius!” her friends said.

no matter how curious they were, gu ning wouldnt tell them more details about the person.

“where should we go next” cao wenxin asked.

“where do you want to go next” gu ning asked hao ran and the others.

“why dont you make the decision” hao ran said.

“well, we can go to a bar, clubhouse or rent a pleasure boat to have fun tonight,” tang jiakai said.

hearing the words pleasure boat, a picture flashed in gu nings eyes all of a sudden.

she saw a young girl walking into the washroom of a pleasure boat that did not have many people on it, but a middle-aged man followed her and covered her mouth suddenly.

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