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Chapter 998 Meet in a Theater

“i think its just slander.

as far as i know, the film tickets of infinite horror are already sold out the past two days.”

“right, infinite horror is a great film, and im going to watch it again.”

“infinite horror is a film worth waiting for.”

“many film critics also give infinite horror good reviews, and said that it could be the best horror film till now.”

“im curious about the editor of infinite horror.

does anyone know his name”

“im a fan of infinite horror too!”

“me too!”

“many theaters are fully occupied because of infinite horror the past two days in city b.”

“same thing in the capital!”

although infinite horror was the only one which was played in theaters from this morning, there were many other films in theaters too during this time.

it was difficult to change the schedule of films in theaters, so fans of infinite horror had to wait if the film tickets were already sold out these two days.

sometimes, if a new film wasnt popular at all, theaters might remove it from the schedule.

“i wish that there could be more show times!”


facing so many internet users defense of infinite horror, many people who were suspicious of its box office got curious.

in that case, more and more people went to buy film tickets for it, which made those rumor-mongers even more jealous of it.

people who worked in the film industry were also interested in infinite horror.

after watching it, they were impressed by it too, and had to admit that it was indeed of a high level.

the editing and special effects of the film were quite attractive.

people began to discuss which skilled team or person was in charge of the editing of the film.

they had never heard of mu ye, and thought that it was unbelievable that he was able to finish the editing all on his own.

no matter what, they didnt dare to defame infinite horror again, but it wouldnt stop them being jealous of it.

besides, the real box office of infinite horror was even higher than the fake box office of their films.

they failed to sell many film tickets for their films, so it was difficult for them to make a fake box office.

gu ning and the others walked into a theater together, and they easily attracted a lot of attention from people around them.

many people soon recognized gu ning.

“wow, isnt she goddess gu”

“really where”

“oh, shes so pretty!”

“i think shes even prettier than in her photos!”

“hi, goddess gu!”

people in the theater got excited at once, and took out their phones to record.

it seemed as if a celebrity was here.

it was basically the same, because gu ning was as famous as a famous celebrity now, and she also had a large amount of loyal fans.

someone wanted to take photos with gu ning, but there were many people around her, so she didnt dare to come close.

gu ning smiled at them when people called her name.

“look, the man by goddess gus side is so handsome!”

“jesus, hes the most handsome man ive ever seen.”

“is he goddess gus boyfriend”

“i think so.”

“oh, goddess gus friends are also good-looking.”

“hey, arent they the brothers of the tang family”

“what tang family”

“the number one super-rich tang family in city b.”

“what they must be super-rich heirs!”



gu ning and the others entered the vip screening room later.

once they were gone, many people posted photos of them onto the internet.

the vip screening room wasnt as large as common screening rooms, but it was big enough for them.

when the film began, gu ning took a picture and sent out a post on weibo.

gu ning: its been a busy day today, and i didnt have time to watch it until now.

[photo attached]

the photo showed that she was watching infinite horror.

once the post was sent out, many people reposted, liked and left comments under it.

many people asked gu ning which theater she was in right now, and gu ning told them she was in fengshang shopping mall.

however, those who were also in fengshang shopping mall said that infinite horror hadnt begun yet.

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