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Chapter 997 Fake Box Office

the entertainment companies that bai lin and han lengxuan worked for had almost abandoned them, and they could only be supporting actors in shows.

without many chances to show their faces, the audience would soon forget them.

however, once infinite horror became popular, bai lin and han lengxuan both won fame, and their agents didnt dare to ignore them again.

agents were all experienced in this industry.

although a film wasnt enough to make bai lin and han lengxuan a-list actors, they still had a bright future ahead.

as long as they could keep on gaining peoples attention, the entertainment companies they worked for would take them seriously.

su tongnuo had greater popularity than bai lin and han lengxuan because she had become the spokesperson of charm and jade beauty jewelry before the film was in theaters.

her role in the film also attracted a lot of attention.

both bai lin and han lengxuan were envious of su tongnuos good luck.

she was signed by gu ning, which was the start of her successful career.

all the people who worked in the entertainment industry ached to gain fame, but they had their own boundaries and wouldnt sell their bodies or souls for it.

unfortunately, it was much more complicated than they could think to work in this industry.

without powerful connections, there were only a few people who could become famous by relying on themselves.

fenghua entertainment was a great opportunity that they couldnt miss right now.

they planned to end the agreement they had with the entertainment companies they were working for now before they joined gu nings company.

they understood that gu ning had high standards for actors, so they had talked about it with gu ning beforehand.

although they asked gu ning whether they could join her company in a way which sounded as if they were joking, gu ning agreed with a serious expression.

gu ning approved of them.

it was lu zhan who had recommended them to act in her first film, and she thought that they had done a great job.

since they were both good actors, there was no reason for gu ning to turn them down.

bai lin and han lengxuan were excited that gu ning was willing to sign them, and they promised to work harder.

the competition was super fierce in the entertainment industry after all.

if they didnt work harder to keep people paying attention to them, they would soon be replaced.

bai lins agreement with the entertainment company that he was working for now would end after half a year, while han lengxuan needed to wait for a whole year.

before their agreements ended, they had to do their work as usual.

their agents would also be responsible for their schedules too.

as leading roles in the films, they had all gathered together to watch it in a theater yesterday, and they were very satisfied with its effect.

many theaters were much more crowded than normal these days, and most of the people came to watch infinite horror.

the box office of infinite horror was still growing.

it seemed to be the most popular film during this period.

because of infinite horror, fewer people went to watch other films which were also in theaters now, and other film producers all got jealous of it.

especially when they read countless positive comments on infinite horror, they couldnt wait to demolish them.

since their films werent profitable under the influence of infinite horror, they figured out a way to change the situation.

before long, articles about the fake box office of infinite horror went viral on the internet.

within minutes, it caused a great sensation.

some people believed that the box office of infinite horror wasnt real, while some chose to believe that it was real.

it was hard to tell whether the box office of a film was real or not, because it was one of the unspoken rules in the industry that a new film needed a big box office at its premiere.

a new film needed attention and the audience also needed a guide.

if people noticed the big box office of a new film, they might be interested in it and buy a ticket for it.

sometimes, a new film could be very good but there werent many people who bought tickets to watch it in theaters because it failed to attract peoples attention.

it wasnt uncommon that a new film was very terrible and deceived people into buying tickets with its fake box office, but it would also bring itself negative comments and criticisms afterwards.

therefore, it was understandable that some people were suspicious of the box office of infinite horror, because its box office was too good to be real.

in addition, its box office was still increasing steadily.

those who had watched infinite horror all agreed that it was a great film, so they thought that its box office should be real.

moreover, there were barely any vacant seats in screening rooms where infinite horror was played.

many people who had watched infinite horror in theaters posted photos of their film tickets to prove that its box office was real.

“i dont think its box office is fake, because it is indeed a great film.”

“i went to watch it with many of my friends, and we all liked it.”

the majority of the internet users refused to believe those articles which claimed that the box office of infinite horror was fake.

it was obvious that some people were defaming infinite horror.

not everyone would believe those articles, but some still did.

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