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Chapter 983 The Bride Looks So Young

“We planned to get married after buying a house, but unfortunately I was caught in another car accident.

When I woke up, I forgot her and the good memories of that year when we were together.

I remembered my real identity and went back to the Tang family to get rid of those people who schemed against me behind my back.”

Many people were aware of that, so they werent surprised.

They didnt know that the bride today was precisely the girl who had saved Tang Yunfans life 19 years ago until now.

Unexpectedly, Tang Yunfan was so loyal to his partner.

Everyone admired his loyalty.

Tang Yunfan continued, “I never got married during the past 18 years, because I had already found my love even though I lost her by accident.

I couldnt accept another woman because of her.

Luckily, I ran into her a while ago.

I knew that she was the girl who I fell in love with 19 years ago, and she also stayed single for me.

I promise that Ill love her, protect her, and make it up to her during the rest of my life.”

The second he finished that, he got a round of loud applause.

Many women even felt like crying.

However, in case the tears damaged their make-up, they fought them back.

What had happened to Tang Yunfan and Gu Man was too complicated.

It was torture for the two of them when they were in deep love with each other.

The thunderous applause went on and on.

“Now, please welcome the bride!” the host announced, then all the lights focused on the door which was in front of the stage.

The music sounded, and Gu Man in a beautiful white wedding gown appeared in everyones sight.

Normally, the bride would enter the hall holding her fathers arm, but Gu Mans father already passed away, so her older brother, Gu Qinyang, stood by her side.

A little boy and a little girl followed Gu Man holding the long train of her wedding gown.

Red rose petals slowly drifted down from the ceiling, which created a breathtaking scene and stunned every woman in the hall.

All the unmarried women were dreaming about their future weddings.

They hoped that their own weddings could be this romantic.

As for those married women who didnt have a romantic wedding, they felt utterly regretful now.

Especially those who were over 40, they couldnt afford a good wedding because of poverty back then, let alone a romantic one.

Nevertheless, some believed that it wasnt important as long as the couple was in love.

Gu Man was more excited than ever now, so she didnt pay much attention to the romantic atmosphere in the hall.

She simply followed Gu Qinyang walking ahead.

Gu Qinyang was also very nervous, but he kept reminding himself to stay calm.

Watching Gu Man walking towards him in a wedding gown, Tang Yunfan couldnt be more thrilled at this moment.

They were finally legally married!

Although Tang Yunfan and Gu Man werent young anymore, Tang Yunfan still had a burning desire for sex.

Since they were married now, he could enjoy sex with her as much as he liked.

He had waited for this moment for 19 years.

His family and friends had even believed that he could be a gay during the past 18 years.

It all changed since Gu Man appeared.

In fact, Tang Yunfan couldnt wait to enjoy the sexual side of marriage with Gu Man.

However, he had to wait till they were married, in case it left a bad impression on Gu Man.

Most of the invited guests didnt see Gu Mans face until now.

When they saw her face, they were all surprised.

They couldnt believe that the bride had already fallen in love with Tang Yunfan 19 years ago.

She looked so young!

In other peoples eyes, Gu Man only looked 30 at the most.

It was just a suitable age to get married nowadays.

Women nowadays preferred to get married at a later age, so a 30-year-old bride was still young.

“Jesus, the bride looks so young!”

“I think shes only 30 or so.”

“How does she take care of her skin Im so curious about it.”

“Me too!”

There was no woman who didnt care about her appearance, because women, especially aged women, were all afraid that their husbands might abandon them for young girls.

Men all loved beautiful, energetic young girls, and only a few men would stay loyal to their wives.

Especially in rich families, it wasnt a secret that rich men mostly had a mistress or two.

Some of their wives didnt discover it yet, while some had to pretend that they knew nothing about it.

Even though the wives felt sad and hurt, they could do nothing about it.

They didnt have a job, nor could they live on their own.

It was impossible for them to get a divorce and live a simple life without luxuries.

At the same time, there were also many beautiful young girls who were too lazy to work and sold their bodies for money.

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