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However, he had no intention to guess Gu Nings real background.

As long as he could feel Gu Nings sincerity to hire him, he was willing to work for her.

Even though Gu Ning hired him for his ability and network, she did help him a lot.

Therefore, An Guangyao had no reason to refuse.

He wasnt an idiot.

“I personally look forward to working with Mr.

An very much, but its all up to you.

You can make the decision on your own,” Gu Ning said.

However, she already knew An Guangyao would agree.

An Guangyao finally got his mind back.

He felt like crying, but he forced himself not to.

Suddenly, An Guangyao stood up and bowed to Gu Ning.

He said with seriously, “Miss Gu, thank you so much for you trust and generosity.

I promise that Ill manage the company as always.

Ill never let you down!”

Since An Guangyao accepted the deal, Gu Ning was his boss from now on, but Gu Ning wasnt an arrogant person.

No matter what had happened, An Guangyao was much older than her.

She didnt want to be disrespectful.

Thus she stood up at once.


An, its a great pleasure to work with you.” Gu Ning held her hand out to An Guangyao.

They shook hands, and the deal was done.

“There is also another very important thing.

What I need is a company with the absolute right to make decisions.

That is to say, this company must be completely in the control of you and me.

I dont like to argue a lot before making decisions.

No one can build a thriving business on quarrels.

Those who like arguing could do nothing with the money.”

“So, I will remove all shareholders.

There will be only three shares of Shenghua.

Ill have 70% shares, and youll have 20% shares, while the other 10% shares are for the market.

If they want to stay in Shenghua, I will arrange suitable positions for them.

However, I only want loyal people,” Gu Ning said with determination.

She wouldnt give up on that, because she didnt need to find fund like others, she wouldnt allow anyone to do nothing while being paid.

Hearing that, An Guangyao was astonished again.

This girl was really ambitious!

However, he respected her ambition.

No one would want outsiders to share his or her own properties.

Like what Gu Ning had said, many people would do nothing but argue while being paid.

Especially when it came to settling deals, many of them would disagree with each other, then they would start to argue a lot.

An Guangyao knew that so well.

Some were cowards who were afraid to take risks, so they stopped the project.

Accordingly, the project couldnt move on smoothly.

Right now, An Guangyao admired Gu Nings determination more than ever.

He was also more confident about the future ahead.

At that time, the dishes were put on the table, so Gu Ning and An Guangyao began to eat.

Since the time was limited, Gu Ning seized every minute to talk about the business.

She opened her mouth, “Oh, how do you manage the construction materials”

“The manufacturers never sell goods to the outside, so we turn to agencies for the materials,” An Guangyao said.

“Is the building materials you need to build the community a one-time contract with the agency” Gu Ning asked.

“Not really.

Because the general communities are built in one, two, or three phases, we sign the contract according to the phase.

The first phase of Shenghua is currently under construction.

The second phase will soon begin.

If the seller isnt satisfied with the construction materials, he can stop renewing the contract, but that rarely happens, because the seller will normally use a brand for a long time,” An Guangyao said.

Knowing that, Gu Ning was relieved, “Mr.

An, actually, my uncle is preparing to go into the business of construction materials, and Im considering letting him be the agency of the construction materials for Shenghua Real Estate.

Of course, I also have my own bottom line.

I will only help him because he has the ability.

So please dont worry that Ill lower the standards of the project because I want to help my family.

If so; I would rather give him an amount of money instead.”

“I also dont plan on letting my family know about my properties.

After all, I am too young now, and I dont want them to worry about me.

So please dont worry about our connection, but run the business as usual,” Gu Ning said.

Although she handed the company over to An Guangyao, the property would soon be hers.

She naturally had the right to control it, and she would make full use of it.

An Guangyao didnt think that it was inappropriate, so he happily agreed.

“Oh, Mr.

An, do you know someone in the Industry and Commerce Bureau My uncles company hasnt registered yet.

I want to settle it as soon as possible,” Gu Ning said.

“Its easy.

Ill deal with it,” An Guangyao answered without delay.

An Guangyao was one of the richest men in City F.

He definitely knew someone with the power.

Although the Shenghua Real Estate was in trouble now, he still had his network to help him before he went bankrupt.

Besides, it was not a big deal.

As long as you have prepared the documents, it would be super easy to get it done with the help from the authorities.

After the meal, Gu Ning went back to her school.

In the afternoon, Gu Man called Gu Ning to come home soon.

Jiang Xu had gotten his car, so they all wanted to celebrate.

On her way home, Gu Ning received a call from An Guangyao.

He had already dealt with the Industry and Commerce Bureau.

The registration would be done within a week.

When Gu Ning got home, everyone was so happy at getting a new car.

Gu Qing and Gu Man had gone with Jiang Xu to get the new car.

It was the first time they had ever been in such an expensive car, so they were all thrilled.


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