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Chapter 978 Brothers of Tang Jiayang

Gao Yongkang and Pan Zirui became good friends a few years ago, and the Du family stopped interfering in the Gao familys business because of the Pan familys influence.

Within the past few years, the Gao familys business grew more profitable, and they already owned over four hundred million yuan in wealth now.

Therefore, the Gao family was very rich, but it was still barely comparable to the Du family.

The Du familys business had developed for generations, while Gao Yongkangs father built the Gao familys business all on his own.

Because of that, Du Yujian always made fun of Gao Yongkang when he saw him.

Three young men the same age as them were standing outside, and the leading man was precisely Du Yujian.

“So what” Gao Yongkang asked him.

“You must have come here following Lord Pan, right Lord Pan, arent you afraid that the Tang family will be displeased that you come with so many unwanted guests” Du Yujian looked at Pan Zirui.

He was laughing at more people than just Gao Yongkang.

He had acted against Gao Yongkang for so many years, so he clearly knew everything about Gao Yongkang, including Gao Yongkangs connections.

In that case, he knew that only Pan Zirui and Hu Haos family were invited, while others werent.

“They didnt come here following me.

Dont blame me for that,” Pan Zirui said.

“Me either,” Hu Hao said at once.

Both of them seemed to be unwilling to be involved in their argument.

“Do you think that Ill believe your words” Du Yujian was struck dumb for a second, then soon snorted with laughter.

“Believe it or not!” Pan Zirui shrugged.

Du Yujian understood that Pan Zirui wasnt afraid of him, so he had to turn to pick on Gao Yongkang.

“Gao Yongkang, if youre not invited here, you should leave as soon as possible.

If youre exposed, it might humiliate your family,” Du Yujian said.

He thought that Gao Yongkang was unwanted here.

“Thanks, but no,” Gao Yongkang said.

“You…” Du Yujian was mad at Gao Yongkangs attitude.

In fact, he had never succeeded in making fun of Gao Yongkang, because Gao Yongkang was smarter than him.

Moreover, Gao Yongkang never cared about him, so he couldnt affect Gao Yongkangs mood.

“Lets see what will happen!” Du Yujian said.

He stopped arguing against Gao Yongkang, but had an idea to expose him.

Du Yujian indeed was a little stupid.

Since Gao Yongkang could enter this hall, he must have the Tang familys permission.

Without the Tang familys permission or invitation letter, nobody was allowed to be here.

“Will Du Yujian do something stupid” Zhou Guangrui said.

They had a feeling that Du Yujian was going to do something after hearing what he just said.

In their eyes, Du Yujian always did something stupid.

“Let him do whatever he wants to do.

Hell only humiliate himself as usual,” Gao Yongkang said airily.

They were invited here by Gu Ning, and nobody dared to chase them out.

When it was 4:30 pm, Gu Ning and the others arrived at the hotel.

At this moment, many people had already gathered in the hall, but they werent the most important figures.

Normally, the most important figures wouldnt show up until the last second.

They came here earlier to draw more influential people over to their side.

Gu Man and the others went to a lounge once they reached the hotel, and they wouldnt show up again until the dinner party began.

Gu Ning and her friends, on the other hand, went back to their own rooms to put on formal clothes.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were both in suits as the bodyguards.

Gu Ning had told Yu Zi to prepare gowns from Charm for them beforehand.

The suit Leng Shaoting wore today was a black suit in retro style.

While Gu Nings gown was a little similar to the gown in blue and white porcelain patterns that she had worn last time, but the gown was white and sleeveless this time.

There were also flying phoenixes in gold thread around the edge of her gown, and she looked much more elegant in it.

When they stood together, they were a very attractive couple who matched each other very well.

Gu Ning chose gowns from Charm in order to promote the brand.

Therefore, her female friends all put on gowns from Charm too.

Afterwards, they went downstairs together.

At this time, most of the guests were present, and they stood in small groups chatting with each other in the hall.

Tang Jiayang and Tang Jiakai came to the hall earlier than Gu Ning.

Once the two handsome young men showed up, many girls were stunned and approached them trying to attract their attention.

Although all the girls were from either rich or powerful families, their families were still barely comparable to the Tang family, so they all hoped that they could marry into the Tang family.

Because of Tang Jiayang and his brothers outstanding appearances, those girls parents also encouraged them to become their girlfriends.

However, Tang Jiayang and Tang Jiakai didnt pay much attention to those girls.

Tang Jiayang already had a girlfriend and he loved his girlfriend very much, while Tang Jiakai preferred to stay single right now.

Seeing their reaction, those girls felt utterly disappointed.

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