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Ever since Chu Peihan, Hao Ran and the others had regarded Gu Ning as their boss, they almost didnt miss a class afterwards.

All of their teachers and classmates found it very odd, but for those teachers, they were very happy to see it.

The last thing that the head teacher wanted to see was that there were students who were absent from classes.

After the morning classes, Gu Ning received a phone call from An Guangyao on her way to the canteen.

He wanted to talk to her about the acquisition deal.

Gu Ning didnt feel surprised that An Guangyao came to her.

She assumed that he would call her this noon, or afternoon.

Gu Ning also wanted to settle the deal soon.

Even if she had no time, she would make an effort to be available.

Gu Ning left the school after she told her friends that she was going out.

Although her friends were all curious, they didnt ask since Gu Ning wasnt willing to tell them.

Everyone had their own secrets.

For Gu Nings convenience, An Guangyao met her in a nearby restaurant.

It only took a dozen minutes to get there by walking.

An Guangyao had already arrived.

Since the deal was very important, An Guangyao booked a private room.

“Miss Gu, nice to meet you.

Please have a seat.” When Gu Ning stepped inside, An Guangyao immediately stood up and welcomed her.

He treated her with great respect.

Indeed, dignity had nothing to do with age in front of power.

The minute that Gu Ning sat down, An Guangyao let Gu Ning order first.

Gu Ning didnt hesitate.

She ordered two dishes, while An Guangyao ordered one.

Three dishes would be enough for them.

They got down to business before the dishes were even on the table.

“Miss Gu, the most reasonable price for Shenghua Real Estate is four hundred million yuan.

Whats your opinion” An Guangyao asked.

Four hundred million yuan wasnt much, but was much higher than the offers from other buyers.

Businessmen valued profits most, so they all wanted to gain the most at the lowest price.

However, four hundred million yuan was just enough for An Guangyao to pay his debts.

He could only keep his house and a car at the price of one million, but he would still have to sell the house and the car for money to support his family.

“No problem.”

Gu Ning agreed without second thought, which surprised An Guangyao.

He didnt know what to do all of a sudden.

Actually, Gu Ning couldnt pay four hundred million yuan right now.

Her own company needed a hundred million, and she only had three hundred million yuan left, but she planned to go to City G this weekend for stone gambling.

If she could cut out more jade, she could sell them.

If not, she still could sell some that she had stored in the telepathic eye space.

Thus she said, “However, I only have three hundred million yuan in cash with me now.

Im afraid we must wait until after this weekend to sign the contract.”

“Sure,” An Guangyao agreed.

He understood that it took time to collect the money to buy a huge company.

Therefore, it wasnt a problem to wait for a few days.

Besides, the Shenghua Real Estate could still run for around a week.


An, actually, I like a win-win situation more,” Gu Ning suddenly said.

An Guangyao was struck dumb for a second.

He didnt know what the meaning of Gu Nings words were.

He asked, “Miss Gu, what do you mean”

“I dont know whether the police can help you get the money back.

If they get the money back, it wont be hard for you to run the business continuously.

However, if the money is lost like that, you will be in a great trouble.

Thus, I have an idea,” Gu Ning said.

“What idea” An Guangyao asked.


An, you must also know that I am only a high school student.

I dont have time to run a company myself.

So I want to find someone with the ability to help me.


An, youre the founder of Shenghua Real Estate.

You have everything a chairman needs.

Therefore, I intend to hire you to continue to serve as the chairman of Shenghua Real Estate.

In other words, Ill stay behind the scenes.

In return, youll get a very generous salary and 20% shares of the company.

Moreover, you will have the absolute right to manage the company.

Under normal circumstances, I wont interfere with your decisions, unless it is necessary, or you cant decide on what to do.


An, are you willing to do that” Gu Ning said.

An Guangyao was totally shocked to hear that.


A very generous salary and 20% shares of the company to hire him as the chairman with absolute right over it

20% of the shares wasnt a small amount of money!

That was literally a free lunch out of the blue! An Guangyao felt that it was so unreal.

However, he had to admit that he was eager to accept it, because he really didnt want to leave Shenghua Real Estate.

He had spent half of his life to build Shenghua Real Estate.

He was the only person who knew what he had been through for the company.

However, it was too good to be true.

An Guangyao cautiously asked, “Miss Gu, 20% shares are not a small amount.

You also want me to be fully in charge of the company.

Are you sure this isnt a joke or a lie Besides, why do you trust me”


An, youre in a mess now only because youve met those evil people.

However, you cant deny your ability.

Your ability and your network can help me save a lot of effort.

You also need to manage the company as usual, but actually youre working for me.

Now do you still believe youre the one who benefits the most from the deal” Gu Ning said to comfort him.

An Guangyao thought what Gu Ning had just said was reasonable.

He was immediately relieved.

Gu Ning added, “Besides, I never doubt my employees.

If you treat me with sincerity, Ill give you a thriving future, but if you betray me, youll be dead.

No way around it.”

Gu Ning said the same thing to An Guangyao as what she had said to Zhou Zhenghong.

She promised and warned together.

Gu Ning even delightedly threatened An Guangyao when she was saying the word “dead”.

An Guangyao immediately felt that it was hard to breathe, as if he had sensed the smell of death.

He was now completely shocked by an 18-year-old girls power.

Compared with Zhou Zhenghong, An Guangyao was more sophisticated.

He believed Gu Ning must be an extraordinary girl.


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