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Those staff members in the hall all noticed the obvious similarity between the young girl in their sight and Tang Yunfan.

“Nice to see you, Chairman Tang.” Qin Guanming greeted Tang Yunfan with great respect.

“Nice to see you, Chairman Tang.” The security guard did the same thing.

“Hi, Chairman T-Tang.” Qiu Lilis voice trembled in fear, and she didnt dare to meet his eyes.

“Whats going on here” Tang Yunfan asked.

As a powerful and successful businessman, Tang Yunfan had a natural air of power, so everyone around him except for Gu Ning felt stressed.

Hearing that, Qin Guanming said at once, “Chairman Tang, Miss Qiu knocked this lady and made her phone fall to the ground, but refused to apologize.

This lady demanded an apology, but Miss Qiu threatened her.”

He was telling the truth.

In addition, he had an idea to tell his father about what Qiu Lili had done so that he could get rid of her.

He believed that his father would agree on that for the sake of his career.

Even though his father insisted that he had to date her, he would resist it till the end, for his own happiness.

Tang Yunfan turned to look at Qiu Lili and asked, “Miss Qiu, do you think that this is your familys company, and you can do whatever you want”

“I-I…” Qiu Lili didnt dare to utter a word when facing Tang Yunfan.

Before she could finish a sentence, Tang Yunfan turned to look at Gu Ning.

“Ningning, why didnt you call me instead of your Uncle Quan Youre my daughter, and Ill protect you no matter what happens.” He sounded a little aggrieved, because Gu Ning didnt turn to him for help first.

Gu Ning was his daughter after all, and he thought that it was his duty to protect her.

In addition, Gu Ning was in his company right now.

Tang Yunfan only looked so gentle and tender in front of Gu Man and Gu Ning.

Their family connection would be public sooner or later, so Tang Yunfan didnt ask for Gu Nings permission when he said that.

However, once he said that, everyone was struck dumb.

What Shes Chairman Tangs daughter

Chairman Tang is this girls father

Staff members of Tang Yunfans company were all shocked, and couldnt believe their ears.

However, they still had doubts, because Gu Ning could be Tang Yunfans adopted daughter.

They all knew that Tang Yunfan had never married before.

If this girl was Tang Yunfans biological daughter, she must be a love child.

A love child would bring criticism and nobody approved of it.

Nowadays, a love child was often born when one of his or her parents were married but still had a sexual relationship with another person.

It was immoral to cheat on ones partner.

And adultery was unacceptable in this society, because it always ruined families.

Even though a love child was innocent, his or her future was doomed to unhappiness.

On the contrary, if two unmarried people had a child together, it was understandable although it was still unacceptable.

Therefore, even if Gu Ning was Tang Yunfans love child, Tang Yunfan wasnt married yet, so it would be fine.

Moreover, none of them dared to despise them!

Since Tang Yunfan had never married before, Gu Nings mother wasnt the other woman.

Thinking of that, people were all curious about the relationship between Tang Yunfan and Gu Nings mother.

Could they be a loving couple, or was Gu Nings mother a calculating woman

If they were a couple, why didnt Tang Yunfan marry her

Did the Tang family or Tang Yunfan refuse to accept her

Since Gu Ning was Tang Yunfans daughter, the woman he was going to marry must be her mother! Why was he willing to admit it right now

Anyway, if Tang Yunfan was marrying Gu Nings mother, they would be a legal couple.

The people in the hall all had the above thoughts, but they didnt dare to discuss them.

If Tang Yunfan was annoyed, they could all be fired.

Gu Ning smiled seeing Tang Yunfan being aggrieved.

“Well, I just came to pick something up.

I know that youre busy, so I didnt want to interrupt you.”

Hearing that, Tang Yunfan frowned.

“Im your father, and you should feel free to turn to me for help.”

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