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Qiu Lili also called her fiancé, who was the HR manager of the Tanghuang Group, for help.

Gu Ning shook her head, and thought to herself that this woman was really stupid.

She wondered whether the HR manager would side with Qiu Lili or not.

If he chose to do that, his career would end today.

However, Gu Ning didnt think that the HR manager of the Tanghuang Group could be so dumb.

“Hey, dont you think that this girl closely resembles Chairman Tang” A staff member had observed Gu Ning for a long while.

“Oh, no wonder I found her familiar!”

Several people started to talk about Gu Ning in a quiet voice.

They didnt meet Tang Yunfan often, and there was always a distance between them and Tang Yunfan, so they werent sure about Tang Yunfans appearance.

In addition, Gu Ning greatly resembled the young Tang Yunfan, so strangers might not find out about their family connection.

After observing Gu Ning for a long time, they realized that this girl looked familiar to their chairman.

The staff member who pointed that out was a receptionist who had seen Tang Yunfan a few times more than the others did, so she had a deeper impression of him.

Gu Ning heard their discussion, but Qiu Lili didnt.

Although Qiu Lili had met Tang Yunfan before, she didnt have a deep impression of him, so she didnt see the similarity between Gu Ning and Tang Yunfan.

Moreover, it wasnt a secret in the high society of City B that Tang Yunfan had never married before.

It was impossible for him to have a daughter of that age.

A short while later, the HR manager came over in a hurry.

He reached the hall earlier than Tang Yunfan did.

“Guanming, they are siding together against me!” Qiu Lili complained about Gu Ning and the security guard.

She was confident that her fiancé would defend her.

Qin Guanming, the HR manager, gave a glance at the security guard, then turned to face Gu Ning.

He was a little surprised when his sight fell on Gu Nings face, because her features were very similar to Tang Yunfans.

“What happened” he asked the security guard.

Qin Guanming didnt punish the security guard and Gu Ning immediately after Qiu Lilis complaint.

“Manager Qin, Miss Qiu knocked into this lady and made her phone fall on the ground, but refused to apologize.

This lady demanded an apology, but Miss Qiu threatened her,” the security guard replied with respect.

Qin Guanming was senior to him, so he should be respectful.

Hearing that, Qin Guanming frowned, and looked at Qiu Lili.

“Is that true”

Actually, Qin Guanming knew that it had to be the truth, because it wasnt the first time that Qiu Lili had done that.

“I just lightly bumped her.

It isnt a big deal.

I didnt do it on purpose.” Qiu Lili felt aggrieved.

“Since you did bump into this lady, you should apologize to her whether shes injured or not.

Dont you understand” Qin Guanming was annoyed.

Just as Gu Ning had thought, the HR manager of the Tanghuang Group, which was one of the top corporations in City B, couldnt be an idiot.

Qin Guanming was a mature man with reason, and Qiu Lili wasnt his choice of girlfriend.

His father and Qiu Lilis father were close friends, so he was forced to date her.

He was unwilling to do so, but got entangled with her.

She took herself as his fiancé without his agreement, and often came here to visit him.

He came here as fast as possible after receiving Qiu Lilis call, not to defend her, but to stop her from causing more trouble.

Qiu Lili was a troublemaker in his eyes.

“Dont be so rude to me! She yelled at me, so I was unwilling to apologize to her.

Its her fault, not mine!” Qiu Lili argued.

She didnt realize how stupid her behavior was.

“Well, interesting.

Youre too dumb to realize its your fault.

There are surveillance cameras everywhere in this hall, and its very easy to find out what youve done,” Gu Ning said.

“You…” Qiu Lili panicked.

“Guanming, Im your fiancé! Say something! If you dont help me, Ill tell your father.”

“Its useless.

You must bear the consequences of your actions,” Qin Guanming said with a calm face.

“You…” Qiu Lili felt like crying now.

Right at this moment, Quan Mingkai and Tang Yunfan showed up, and everyone stepped aside to let them pass.

Qiu Lili was scared as well.

She thought that she was superior to normal staff members of the Tanghuang Group because she was Qin Guanmings fiancé, but she didnt dare to annoy the senior management of Tanghuang.

When Tang Yunfan appeared, Qiu Lili had a bad feeling that she had made a terrible mistake.

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