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Gu Ning didnt know what was on Leng Shaotings mind, or she would think that he was a little childish.

However, no matter how childish he was, she still loved him.

A man would feel happy when his girl was complimenting him because he cared about her.

Ji Manlin didnt notice Leng Shaoting until now, and she was stunned by his outstanding appearance in an instant.

Jesus, hes so handsome! Hes even taller and stronger than Ye Jiasheng.

Ji Manlin could barely move her eyes away from Leng Shaoting.

Gu Ning was displeased at seeing Ji Manlins reaction, but she said nothing and pulled Leng Shaoting walking away.

“Hey!” Ji Manlin stopped them again.

She wouldnt let Leng Shaoting leave just like that.

However, when she moved a step forward, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya gave her a cold glance, and she was frightened to the point where she couldnt move and could only watch them walk away.

At the same time, she got jealous of Gu Ning.

She recognized that the clothing on Leng Shaoting was a very expensive designer brand.

It was obvious that he was a rich man.

He was tall, handsome and rich.

There was no woman who wouldnt be attracted to him!

Ji Manlin thought of herself as a great beauty, and she was born in a super-rich family as well, but she somehow couldnt meet a quality man of the same level as her.

Ye Jiasheng was the only one who met her standards for a boyfriend in City M.

She actually had no affection towards him.

Ye Jiasheng was indeed the most outstanding young man among the rich younger generation in City M, so Ji Manlin thought that he was qualified to be her boyfriend.

However, Ye Jiasheng had no interest in her.

In fact, she knew it clearly, but she didnt care.

As long as she wanted him, she would get him by hook or by crook.

She held that idea until Leng Shaoting appeared.

Leng Shaoting now replaced Ye Jiasheng and became her target.

Even if she had to win his heart with her body, she would be more than willing to lie naked on his bed.

However, it wasnt easy for Ji Manlin to do that because of the two bodyguards by his side.

Once they entered the elevator, Ji Manlin walked over to see which floor they were going to.

Since the man was so rich, he had to be staying on the floor of presidential suites.

She was right.

The elevator didnt stop until the 16th floor which was exactly the floor of presidential suites.

Ji Manlin then went to the reception desk and booked a presidential room on the 12th floor for herself.

She didnt know the number of Leng Shaotings room, and she knew that the receptionist wouldnt tell her, so she decided to wait for Leng Shaoting on her own.

Early the next morning, Ji Manlin waited for Leng Shaoting downstairs.

However, Leng Shaoting was still absent at 12 pm.

Ji Manlin lost her patience, but had no intention to leave.

When it was a little past 12 pm, Ye Jiasheng showed up.

The moment Ji Manlin saw Ye Jiasheng, she was still interested in him, but she was now more attracted to Leng Shaoting, so she ignored him for the first time.

Ye Jiasheng came to pick Gu Ning up.

He noticed Ji Manlin after he walked into the lounge.

He thought that Ji Manlin was waiting for him there, so he turned around and walked aside at once.

To his surprise, Ji Manlin didnt follow him at all.

Around five minutes later, Gu Ning and the others appeared.

The second Ji Manlin saw Leng Shaoting, she ran towards him.

Gu Ning and the others were annoyed when they saw Ji Manlin.

Seeing her focusing on Leng Shaoting the entire time, Gu Ning understood that she came here for Leng Shaoting.

“Hi, nice to meet you.

My name is Ji Manlin, Im the daughter of the Ji family in City M.” Ji Manlin introduced herself to Leng Shaoting, and pretended to be gentle and kind.

“Leave me alone,” Leng Shaoting said and didnt bother to give her a glance.

Ji Manlin was stunned.

She had never been treated like that in public by a man before!

“Miss Ji, what are you doing Are you trying to seduce my boyfriend right in front of me” Gu Ning was furious.

Ji Manlins actions really crossed the line.

“You…” Ji Manlin felt embarrassed, but still argued.

“Im not seducing him! Dont be so harsh on me! Youre not married after all.

Why cant I compete for his love”

Hearing that, everyone was struck dumb.

She just tried to steal another girls boyfriend right in front of the girls face, but she doesnt think that its her fault

Onlookers couldnt believe their ears, especially the staff members at the reception who were aware that Ji Manlins target was always Ye Jiasheng.

Even Ye Jiasheng couldnt believe it.

Anyway, it wasnt a bad thing for him that Ji Manlin changed her target.

“Im afraid that youll be disappointed,” Gu Ning sneered.

Ji Manlin was such a shameless woman!

“Oh, why I dont think that youre better than me,” Ji Manlin said with arrogance.

“You can ask him if you want to know the answer,” Gu Ning said, then looked at Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting was loyal to Gu Ning without a doubt.

Ji Manlin was the cause of this problem, so Leng Shaoting blamed her for it.

“Disappear, now!” he said with a cold face.

Hearing that, Ji Manlin trembled a little in fear, and almost ran away.

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