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It was 3:30 pm, and Gu Ning could rest in the hotel for nearly two hours.

“Miss Tang, after the gambling competition in HK, youre the most famous figure in the gambling industry right now.

I have a feeling that youre going to make a fortune again this time,” Ye Jiasheng said.

Fan Zhihao was an ex apprentice of his father, and they had gotten along for many years, so he knew Fan Zhihaos gambling ability very well.

Therefore, Gu Ning had to be really good at gambling if she could defeat Fan Zhihao.

He wasnt better than Fan Zhihao at gambling, so he had no confidence that he could beat Gu Ning.

As for his father, he wasnt sure that his father could be the winner either.

In fact, it was unlikely that his father was going to win.


Ye, it seems like you dont have much confidence in your father.

Dont forget that your father is the gambling magnate of City M!” Gu Ning joked although she clearly knew that it was true that Ye Chaoxiong couldnt win.

“My father cant be as accurate as you are in gambling.” Ye Jiasheng laughed a little.

Gu Ning smiled but didnt say anything.

Ye Jiasheng wasnt a talkative person, so they stopped chatting after a short while.

Half an hour later, a group of them reached a five-star hotel in City M, which was owned by the Ye family.

The Ye family booked two presidential suites for Gu Ning and her people.

Afterwards, Ye Jiasheng called Ye Chaoxiong and told him that Gu Ning was already in the hotel.

Ye Chaoxiong would join them at dinner to show that he recognized the importance of Gu Nings arrival.

Leng Shaoting didnt have enough time to have sex with Gu Ning in their room, but they still kissed and touched each other passionately.

When it was almost 5:30 pm, Ye Jiasheng called Gu Ning again, and they went to dine together in a private room of the hotel.

Before long, the dishes were placed on the table.

They finished dinner before 7:30 pm while the gambling competition would begin at 8 pm, so they still had a little time.

However, a brief interlude of drama happened when they had just reached the hall of the hotel.

Three women walked inside at this moment, and one of them who was tall and beautiful ran towards Ye Jiasheng the moment she saw him.

“Jiasheng!” The woman called him in a little girls voice, which disgusted everyone.

It clearly wasnt her natural voice.

“Miss Ji, stop there please.” Ye Jiasheng frowned and moved a few steps backwards.

“Why do you call me Miss Ji You can just call me Manlin,” Ji Manlin said in annoyance, but still pouted, acting cute.

She was very beautiful, but it was disgusting when she played cute with a mature face.

“Miss Ji, Im sorry Ive gotta go now.” Ye Jiasheng didnt want to argue with Ji Manlin.

“Come on, I seldom see you these days.

Why dont we dine together” Ji Manlin said, and reached out her hand to hold Ye Jiashengs arm, but Ye Jiasheng avoided it at once.

“Miss Ji, I dont have time, nor interest,” Ye Jiasheng said.

His voice was a little cold now.

Ji Manlin, however, didnt notice that and wouldnt let him go.

“Couldnt you spend some time with me Youre always so busy.”

“Lord Ye, do you have an appointment with this girl” The other two women walked over.

They were also pretty, but werent prettier than Gu Ning, so they were jealous of her.

Hearing that, Ji Manlins sight fell on Gu Ning, and a touch of malice flashed in her eyes when she saw that Gu Ning was unusually beautiful.

“Jiasheng, who is she” Ji Manlin questioned him in anger.

“You rejected me because of her”

Leng Shaoting who stood behind Gu Ning was displeased in an instant.

“Miss Ji, please mind your words.

This lady is a distinguished guest of my family, and we have just met each other.” Ye Jiasheng was also mad.

“In addition, you have no right to interfere in my personal affairs.”

“You…” Ji Manlin was furious, then pretended to be sad.

“How can you say that to me I like you so much, but you…”

“Its your own business that you like me, but I have no interest in you,” Ye Jiasheng said in a cold tone.

He couldnt dislike Ji Manlin more.

“Lord Ye, what do you mean Arent you and Manlin a perfect match”

“Exactly! Manlin is a well-educated and beautiful girl from a super-rich family, which isnt interior to your family.

How could you say that you have no interest in Manlin” Ji Manlins friends defended her without delay, but it sounded so ridiculous.

Even though they had the same outstanding background, it didnt mean that they would be a great match.

A romantic relationship relied on many factors after all.

In fact, Ye Jiasheng had only tolerated Ji Manlins behavior for a long time because Ji Manlins father had a relationship with his family.

Gu Ning thought that the three women were stupid, but it wasnt her business, so she remained silent.

“I just dislike being forced to like someone!” Ye Jiasheng was in a rage now, and stared straight at them, which scared them.

Once Ye Jiasheng got mad, he was very threatening.

Seeing Ye Jiasheng being so mad, they didnt dare to say another word.

They were weak women after all.

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