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“As long as there is no ship which has moved near to the island, he must still be there.

Its impossible for a person to escape from there by swimming,” Zuo Jiangkui said.

Whether it was true or not, since Zuo Jiangkui gave him that information, He Yishao had to send people there to search for He Siyang again.

He Yishao told the bodyguards to watch him, then walked out.

Zuo Jiangkui, for now, was put under house arrest.

The He family would deal with him once they found He Siyang.

Right after He Hongjie and the others arrived at the Gonghao Hotel, he received He Yishaos call.

Seeing the callers name, He Hongjie picked it up at once and didnt avoid Gu Ning.

“What” He Hongjie asked.

“Father, Zuo Jiangkui is under control now, and Im questioning him about Siyangs condition.

He told me that Siyang should still be on the island,” He Yishao said.

Gu Ning, who had super good hearing, heard their conversation on the phone.

“What” He Hongjie was greatly surprised.

“Send people there to search for Siyang again!”

No matter what, they wouldnt stop searching for their family.

“Please wait a second.” Gu Ning opened her mouth all of a sudden.

“We can go with you.”

Gu Ning wanted to go there not because she was kind and wanted to help He Hongjie find He Siyang, but because she was interested in the island.

He Hongjie hesitated for a second, then agreed.

“No problem.”

He Hongjie understood that they werent ordinary people and he believed that they could be very helpful.

Afterwards, He Hongjie told He Yishao to make the arrangements, and that they would leave for the island from the He familys private pier after the meal.

Before the dishes were placed on the table, Gu Ning took out a porcelain bottle with three pills inside.

She handed it to He Hongjie.

“Master He, if youre willing to trust me, you can use this medicine, and it might help your hearing recover.”

Gu Ning had made so much money because of the He family, so she would do something for them as well.

In addition, it wasnt a big deal in her eyes, and she could also maintain a good relationship with them.

The more connections she had, the more successful her career would be.

“Really” He Siyin was excited hearing that.

He Hongjie, however, was struck dumb for a second, and didnt take the bottle at once.

“Is this medicine the one that you just gave He Hongyuan”

“Yes,” Gu Ning replied.

He Hongyuan soon woke up after taking this pill, and felt much better than ever.

He Hongjie thought that it was very unbelievable, but didnt think further.

When Gu Ning gave him the bottle of pills, he suddenly had hope.

After that, he took it without delay and thanked Gu Ning.

“Thank you so much, Miss Gu.”

He had witnessed the effect of this medicine, so he didnt doubt whether it was harmful to his body.

Nothing good came without risk.

He Siyin also trusted Gu Ning, so she didnt stop He Hongjie.

“Youre welcome,” Gu Ning said.

“Take a pill every three days.”

“Can I take one right now” He Hongjie couldnt wait to try it.

“Sure,” Gu Ning said.

He Hongjie opened the porcelain bottle at once, and poured a pill out.

The power crystal was transparent, and looked like a diamond.

The moment the pill was put into his mouth, it melted and a flow of coolness spread through his body like lightning, which was quite comfortable.

He Hongjie was losing his hearing because of a kind of medicine, but he didnt know when he had been affected by it.

He only knew that He Hongyuan was involved in it.

It wasnt a serious, nor minor problem.

He could still hear sounds, and communicate with others, but wasnt able to tell the numbers of the dice by hearing it.

He Hongyuan was best at Sic Bo among all the forms of gambling that he could play, and Sic Bo had a high requirement for hearing.

He had turned to doctors for help, but even the doctors werent sure whether his hearing could recover.

After the medical treatment, his hearing got a little better, but he still couldnt tell the numbers of the dice by hearing it.

Actually, his hearing problem wouldnt affect the He familys business; it was He Hongyuan who added fuel to the fire and caused big trouble for the He family.

‘How do you feel, father” He Siyin stared at He Siyin.

She was even more nervous than her father.

“I wont be effective within such a short time,” Gu Ning said, and felt amused.

He Siyin was slightly embarrassed and smiled.

“Well, I do feel comfortable and energetic after taking the pill,” He Hongjie said with excitement.

Although he had a problem with his hearing, his body wasnt in a good condition either.

Because of long-lasting worries, he felt exhausted all day.

However, he was full of energy now.

“Wow, its so good!” He Siyin was also thrilled.

“Miss Gu, this medicine is so unbelievable.

How did you get it” He Hongjie asked.

He hoped that he could get more of it.

If it was possible, he wanted to buy a large amount of it.

Gu Ning understood, but she couldnt satisfy his need.

“Um, its a gift from my master, and I dont know how she got it, but my master has already passed away.

I only have a small amount of it myself,” Gu Ning said with a sad face.

Hearing that, He Hongjie stopped asking about it.

Gu Ning was a very outstanding young girl, so he was unwilling to damage their relationship.

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