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886 Rescue You for Money

What happened Why do I suddenly feel so cold and uncomfortable He Yixi thought to herself.

Seeing Gu Ning being criticized, the He family obviously wouldnt stand aside.

However, before they could defend her, Gu Ning opened her mouth herself.

“Of course I care more about money than your father.

Your fathers bad condition has nothing to do with me, and you should know that were competitors today.

In that case, Im kind enough that Im willing to rescue him,” Gu Ning said.

“You…” He Yixi was furious, but had to admit that it was the truth.

Hearing Gu Nings argument, people agreed with her.

They were competitors after all.

Moreover, although Gu Ning was only willing to rescue He Hongyuan for money, it was already very kind of her that she had the idea to help.

Gu Ning glanced around the crowd, then added, “Do you think Im cold-blooded Fine, I dont care.

Were strangers anyway, but I believe every one of you is aware of the importance of todays competition.

It affects the future of the He family.

Why couldnt you spare a moment to think about the reason why Master Hongyuan has to compete against Master Hongjie for the leading role in the He family Dont be so naive to believe the superficial excuse.”

Hearing that, many people realized that it wasnt a simple competition.

At the same time, they started to think about whether they should criticize Gu Ning.

Once they figured out the real aim of todays competition, nobody had sympathy for He Hongyuan.

Fan Zhihao clearly knew what He Hongyuan wanted to do, but it had nothing to do with him either.

He was merely He Hongyuans guest.

No matter what the result was, he was an outsider in the end.

“Bull**! My father proposed to have todays competition for the sake of the He familys future!” He Siyin argued.

“Fine, believe it or not.” Gu Ning dropped the topic.

“I think we should wake your father up right now and finish what we should do today.

As for the rest of the things, you and the He family can deal with them together.”

“No need, we can go to the hospital.” He Yixi turned Gu Ning down.

She didnt trust Gu Ning.

“What Are you afraid that Ill poison your father in a public place Come on, there is no conflict between your father and I.

Your father just owes me some money, and I just want to get it back,” Gu Ning sneered.

She was only willing to rescue He Hongyuan for the money anyway.

As for the grudge between the He family and He Hongyuan, Gu Ning wasnt interested in their family affairs.

“You…” He Yixi was in a rage.

“No, we dont need your help, and we can send my father to the hospital.”

“Why do you turn me down again and again Are you scheming something Did your father fall unconscious on purpose He owes me a lot,” Gu Ning said.

Others also had the same suspicion.

“How can you say that” He Yixi raised her voice.

“My father spat blood out!”

“So what Hasnt he done the same thing before” Gu Ning said airily.

He Yixi was so mad now that she could barely say another word.

“Well, I promise that I can wake him up within three minutes, and his body will soon be in a better condition.

If not, Ill give up the one hundred million yuan in the prize pool.

How is it” Gu Ning asked.

The moment Gu Ning finished her sentences, everyone was astonished.

It sounded like she was the Almighty God.

Many people held doubts, while some were curious.

He Hongjie trusted Gu Ning, and wouldnt stop her.

Leng Shaoting, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were also supportive.

Although He Yixi didnt trust Gu Ning and she knew that her father fell unconscious for real, she didnt know how to persuade others to believe her.

As for the money, He Yixi didnt take it to heart, because she knew that Gu Ning was confident that she could wake her father up.

Actually, her father just fell unconscious from annoyance, and he would wake up after resting for a while.

In the end, He Yixi yielded.

Since He Yixi gave in, He Hongyuans bodyguards stepped aside.

Afterwards, Gu Ning took out a porcelain bottle and poured out a pill.

She told He Yixi to help He Hongyuan swallow it.

He Yixi hesitated for a while, then did what Gu Ning told her to do.

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