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In fact, He Hongyuan did want to have a rest to calm down, in case he was annoyed to death.

He was reluctant to admit that his body was in a worse condition because of their failure today, but he had to be more careful about his own body.

Nevertheless, he felt utterly humiliated when He Yishao asked him that question, so he rejected his offer to defend his dignity.

“No need, thanks.”

He Yishao didnt care about He Hongyuans body condition at all.

Since He Hongyuan was unwilling to rest, the game would go on.

“Great, Miss Tang, please choose the third form of gambling for todays competition.”

“Lets play slot machine,” Gu Ning said.

“What Slot machine”

Hearing that, everyone was surprised.

They all thought that Gu Ning would propose baccarat, roulette, mahjong or so forth, but she chose slot machine.

Although slot machine was also a form of gambling in casinos, it was more like a commercial game.

Therefore, this serious competition suddenly became dramatic once Gu Ning proposed playing slot machine.

It seemed like it wasnt gambling, but amusements.

As a famous gambler and an ex apprentice of the gambling magnate in City M, Fan Zhihao grew up in casinos and knew all forms of gambling.

Nevertheless, slot machine wasnt one of the forms that he was best at.

Even so, he couldnt disagree with Gu Nings choice, unless he accepted his failure right now.

He obviously wasnt willing to do that.

As long as he had hope, he would try it.

“How about the odds” Fan Zhihao asked.

“No matter how much you win, Ill pay you the money and vice versa.

What do you think” Gu Ning asked.

Fan Zhihao hesitated for a while, then agreed.

“No problem.”

In the beginning, Fan Zhihao didnt think that it was a good idea, because it wasnt easy to win a lot by playing slot machine in his eyes.

Even if he won, he couldnt win all the money that he had lost back.

However, he was scared of Gu Nings gambling skills now after losing twice in todays tournament against her.

In addition, slot machine was Gu Nings choice, and she must have confidence in herself.

Given the amount of money that he had lost till now, he couldnt win all his money back even if the chips in the prize pool was his 10 times.

The face value of chips in a slot machine could be ¥100, ¥1,000, or ¥10,000, and normally the total value of those chips in the prize pool was higher than a hundred million yuan.

In that case, even if he could win all the chips in the prize pool for 10 successive times, he could only get a little more than a billion yuan.

Nonetheless, the odds were heavily against his winning.

Fan Zhihao knew that he was doomed to fail.

And although he was unwilling to face it, he had to accept it.

He Hongyuan didnt want to give up either until he saw the final result of todays competition.

The face value of Gu Ning and Fan Zhihaos chips was ten million yuan, so they had to change them before the game began.

They would bet on all 10 of the reels, which cost a hundred thousand yuan a round, so they needed to exchange 100 chips of ten thousand yuan with a million yuan.

The previous bet was ten million yuan a round, while now was just a hundred thousand yuan.

Many people werent used to the big gap yet.

Times of odds were 100 times, 200 times, 300 times, 400 times, 500 times, 600 times, 700 times, 800 times, 900 times, and 1000 times.

To avoid that the program of this slot machine had been edited beforehand, they had to let others see its program first to prove that it totally depended on ones luck to win the game.

Fan Zhihao was the first one to play it.

It was more likely to win money if people bet on all reels, and Fan Zhihao was a skilled gambler after all, so it was much more likely for him to win.

After the first round, Fan Zhihao got eight million yuan in all.

Once 800 chips were taken out, another 800 chips were added into the prize pool to make sure that there was no less than a hundred million yuan inside.

It wasnt easy for ordinary players to win money by playing slot machine, so onlookers thought that Fan Zhihao had done a good job.

Afterwards, it was Gu Nings turn.

People all held high anticipation for her performance.

Not only had she won in Sic Bo, but she was also the winner in 5 card stud.

Slot machine was her choice anyway, so it was highly likely that she was going to win.

Nobody would choose to compete in something that he or she wasnt good at.

Fan Zhihao was good at 5 card stud, so he had chosen it, but Gu Ning was better than him.

Given Gu Nings previous performance, people tended to believe that Gu Ning could win again.

“Miss Tang, come on! I believe you can win!” a handsome young man encouraged Gu Ning, and he stared straight at her with a broad smile.

Hearing that, Gu Ning smiled at him out of kindness, which made him feel excited.

Leng Shaoting, however, was displeased, and gave the young man a cold glance.

Gu Ning also noticed that, and shook her head.

She forgot that she had a jealous boyfriend!

After that, she walked to the slot machine and began to put in chips.

Gu Ning was confident that she could win money every time, but she wasnt sure whether the prize pool would open every time.

She pulled the spin later, and the slot machine worked with a loud noise, while all 10 reels moved fast at the same time.

With her Jade Eyes, Gu Ning was able to calculate when the pictures of different odds would fall on a certain position.

When it was the time, Gu Ning quickly press the stop button.

The slot machine stopped with a sound like someone just slammed on the brakes, and the 10 reels gradually stopped one by one from left to right.

The atmosphere was tense as everyone fixed his or her eyes on the pictures on the screen.

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