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The stone cutter kept working on the jade raw material, and half of it was cut off, but there still was no jade.

However, the next second, a long line of green showed, and the stone cutter stopped at once.

“Green shows!” he shouted with excitement.

Hearing that, those who bet on the result that there was jade inside cheered with happiness.

“Green shows!”

“Green finally shows!”

As for the others who bet on the opposite result, they felt utterly disappointed.

“How come the green shows right now”

“Its so annoying!”

They thought that they were going to win, but they lost in the end.

The owner of the store was relieved instead.

Without a doubt, he hoped that there could be jade inside, otherwise he would lose a lot of money.

“Its a piece of medium-level jade of the gold-wire type.”

The stone cutter cleaned the jade, and got more excited the second he recognized its type.

It was difficult to cut out a medium-level jade after all.

Hearing that, the owner of the store wasnt excited, but turned to look at Gu Ning with astonishment, so did the worker at the counter.

Gu Ning precisely bet on the gold-wire type.

How did she get to know that Is she just unusually lucky

However, Gu Ning looked so calm when she heard that jade of the gold-wire type was cut out.

It seemed like she already knew the result.

The owner of the store had mixed emotions.

He wanted to ask Gu Ning for the reason, but he knew she wouldnt tell him.

As promised, he had to give her two million yuan since she won the game.

A while later, the jade was placed on the table.

The result was out, and people went to get their money.

Gu Ning stood at the end of the line.

She wasnt in a hurry.

Those who had bet dozens of thousands of yuan on it now got a lot more back.

When the worker at the counter saw Gu Ning coming, he didnt dare to show any disdain towards her at all this time.

“Please transfer the money to my account,” Gu Ning said, and showed him her bank account.

“No problem,” he said.

After that, the owner of the store still asked her, “Miss, may I know how you knew that there was a piece of gold-wire jade inside”

“Im just lucky,” Gu Ning said.

The owner felt a little disappointed hearing her answer, but didnt ask further.

Gu Ning walked out later.

She didnt leave the stone-gambling street at once, but went to shop at other stores.

She didnt go back to the hotel until she bought over 10 jade raw materials.

She stopped the car at the entrance of the hotel, and a valet parker walked over without delay.

Gu Ning gave him the car key, then walked inside.

Right after she stepped into an elevator, Xu Jinlin followed her.

Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second when Xu Jinlin showed up in her sight.

She knew Xu Jinlin, but not because of Xu Jinchen.

She got to know him in her previous incarnation.

Xu Jinlin, however, failed to recognize her.

He didnt know that she was the girl who had been involved in the violent fight outside the hotel last night.

If Qiao Ya and Gao Yi were here too, he would probably remember.

“Miss, do you know me” Xu Jinlin asked Gu Ning, seeing her surprised face.

They were in HK now, so Xu Jinlin thought that Gu Ning was a local citizen as well and he talked to her in HK dialect.

“Why do you think that I know you” Gu Ning replied in HK dialect.

“I knew it from your reaction when you saw me at first,” Xu Jinlin said with confidence.

“Oh, I just felt like you resemble my friend,” Gu Ning said.

“Really Is that a pick-up line” Xu Jinlin smiled attractively.

Gu Ning pulled her lips and rolled her eyes.

“Come on, you talked to me first.

I had no intention to strike up a conversation with you.”

Xu Jinlin wasnt displeased at all.

Instead, he thought that Gu Ning was quite interesting, so he couldnt help but talk more with her.

“Fine, its me who wants to strike up a conversation with you.”

“You better not, or youll regret it,” Gu Ning said.

She was being kind, not threatening him.

She also knew that he just wanted to know more about her after he noticed her unusual reaction.

As the heir of the Xu family, he was in a very high position in the society, but there were many people who intended to kill him in the dark as well.

Therefore, he wanted to figure out whether Gu Ning was his enemy or not.

Sometimes, a beautiful woman worked better than a vicious scheme.

“Oh, why” It aroused Xu Jinlins interest.

At this moment, the elevator arrived at the 15th floor where Gu Ning stayed, while Xu Jinlin stayed on the 16th floor.

The door of the elevator opened, and Gu Ning smiled at Xu Jinlin.

“Xu Jinchen is my friend.”

After that, she walked out, and left Xu Jinlin alone in the elevator.

“Xu Jinchen is my friend.”

Does she know Jinchen

If she knew Xu Jinchen, it wasnt hard for her to recognize his face because the Xu brothers resembled each other.

Thinking of that, Xu Jinlin laughed at himself, but didnt blame Gu Ning for her behavior.

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