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Gu Ning took out her money and paid for the Rohan Buddha.

Seeing that, Gu Zuhui realized that Gu Ning aimed to buy the Rohan Buddha from the very beginning.

She had asked for the price of another object at first so that the owner of the stand didnt know which one was her target and wouldnt raise the price of the one which she really wanted to buy.

She was so smart!

After the deal, Gu Ning and Gu Zuhui continued to walk towards the appraisal center.

Gu Zuhui didnt ask why Gu Ning bought the Rohan Buddha, because it was Gu Nings personal choice.

Gu Ning also enjoyed the way they got along with each other.

After a short while, they arrived at the appraisal center.

Gu Ning had put the vase into the telepathic eye space to remove the Yin from it, and now she held her blue and white porcelain bottle in her hand.

After appraisal, it was proved to be real and was worth six million yuan.

Gu Zuhui didnt bother to bargain with Gu Ning, and directly transferred her six million yuan.

It was obvious that he didnt lack money.

He had to be very rich, or he wouldnt have had the intention to buy the vase which cost nearly 10 million yuan.

Since Gu Zuhui was a generous buyer, Gu Ning wouldnt be mean either, so she gave a million yuan back to him.

Gu Zuhui was surprised because a million yuan was a lot too.

However, Gu Ning insisted on giving him a million yuan off, so Gu Zuhui accepted in the end and felt grateful.

Afterwards, Gu Zuhui handed Gu Ning his name card.

If she needed his help, he would do his best to help her.

Gu Ning also exchanged her name card with him.

It wasnt a bad thing to know another useful person after all.

The two separated later.

Gu Ning kept on walking along the antique street to see whether she could find more real antiques.

After walking along the street, Gu Ning found another two real antiques.

One was worth within a million yuan, while the other was worth two million yuan at the most.

There was also a stone-gambling street, so Gu Ning left for it.

Although she had a lot of jade now, she wouldnt mind owning more of it.

As long as she could find jade of high quality, she would buy it.

The stone-gambling street was a branch of the antique street, and it was about 30 meters long with dozens of stores.

It was full of activity as well, especially outside of one store.

There was a group of people surrounding its door and something exciting seemed to be happening.

Gu Ning walked over, and saw a large jade raw material the size of a 28-inch suitcase.

What are they doing Gu Ning thought to herself.

It turned out that the owner of this store decided to open this jade raw material and set a bet for it.

People gambled on whether there was jade in it and the odds were random.

There were several odds as to the result that there was jade inside.

If there was indeed jade in it, the odds were 5-1.

Levels of the jade were divided into low level, medium level, high level and top level, and the odds were 10-1.

Medium-low level and medium-high level were both included in medium level.

If anyone could tell the type of jade inside, the odds were 20-1.

It was very difficult to do that, and the condition was that there had to be jade in it.

Odds were 2-1 if they bet on the result that there was no jade inside, which was highly likely, so the numbers werent high.

Gu Ning was interested in the game.

She had Jade Eyes after all, and she was able to know what was inside with a simple look.

She used her Jade Eyes at once, and found a small piece of jade the size of a basketball in the large jade raw material.

It was bright green and belonged to medium level jade.

According to its size, it was worth around twenty million yuan.

Thirty-one people joined the game in all.

Twenty-six of them bet on the result that there was no jade inside, while only five people bet on the opposite.

None of them knew what the level or type of the jade was.

Gu Ning filled the bet card at the counter.

Because a lot of money was involved in this gambling, she had to show her ID card.

When the worker at the counter noticed that she came from City F, a touch of disdain flashed by his eyes.

Gu Ning was displeased, but didnt say anything since the worker said nothing.

Gu Ning bet a hundred thousand yuan on the type of the jade.

It was gold-wire jade.

She just did it for fun, not for money, so she only bet a hundred thousand yuan on it.

The odds were 20-1.

If she won, she would get two million yuan back, which wasnt much compared to the value of the jade in the large jade raw material.

However, the worker at the counter was greatly surprised by her bet.

A hundred thousand yuan was nothing in Gu Nings eyes, but it was a lot for the worker.

In addition, she was the only one who bet so much money on this game.

Others all bet around several thousand yuan or dozens of thousands of yuan at the most.

Most importantly, she bet on the highest odds!

The worker at the counter thought that Gu Ning must be too dumb to spend her money well.

He told his boss what Gu Ning had done, and his boss was also surprised.

This girl is too generous!

Anyway, it was a universally acknowledged truth that stone gambling was a highly risky activity, so they didnt believe that Gu Ning could win.

They wouldnt refuse to make more money from it.

Two minutes later, a stone cutter started to draw lines and cut the large jade raw material.

Once the machine began to move, everyone focused on it.

Nobody was willing to lose money after all.

As time went by, pieces of the outer layers of the large jade raw material were removed.

No jade showed at all after a long while.

Those who bet on the result that there was jade inside felt disappointed, but Gu Ning stayed calm.

Gu Ning bet the most money on this game, so the worker at the counter paid more attention to her.

He thought that she would be upset seeing no jade inside, but she didnt seem sad at all.

In that case, the worker thought that she probably didnt care about her money.

He refused to believe that Gu Ning would win, because she was just an ordinary girl in his eyes.

However, Gu Ning already knew the result even before the game began.

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