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“Ningning is totally different now.

She just said that she would let us live a good life last week.

And she fulfilled her promise this week! Its so surprising!” Gu Qing said.

“Exactly, Ningning has been being a completely different girl ever since she had the car accident.

She has suddenly become mature, independent, outgoing and confident.

She behaves nothing like an 18-year-old girl,” Jiang Xu said.

He was even was a little ashamed that he didnt have power like Gu Ning.

After a while, he added, “No matter what, its a good thing that Ningning changed.

She now knows how to fight back.

The Gu Family has broken Ningning and her mothers heart.

They have even kicked them out of the old house.

Luckily, Ningning is powerful now, or they would live a harder life.”

“Indeed! If they knew Ningning is rich now, they would be envious! They would probably try to have a good relationship with a rich Ningning.

Those people are sick!” Gu Qing had seen through the rest of the people in the Gu Family.

“We must be low-key in front of them.

Dont cause any trouble,” Jiang Xu said.

They didnt fall asleep until three oclock in the morning.

The next day, Jiang Xinyue got up to go to school.

Gu Qing and Jiang Xu were awake too.

It was still early, but they couldnt sleep any more.

They were so thrilled to move into a new house.

Gu Qing told Jiang Xinyue to go straight to Fenghua Luxury Mansion when she left her school today.

Jiang Xinyue was also excited to move into the new house today.

Although they were going to move out today, they werent in a hurry to get their deposit back, because the lease of their old house wouldnt be ending until the end of the month.

Gu Qing went to work as usual.

She had already written her resignation letter last night.

She planned to ask to resign when she got to work.

Gu Qing was just an ordinary worker, so it wouldnt make any difference if she resigned.

Thus it was very easy for her to resign.

After her resignation, Gu Qing called Jiang Xu.

They went to Fenghua Luxury Mansion separately.

They did not live far away from Fenghua Luxury Mansion.

It only took more than half an hour to get there by bus, but if it was rush hour, it took around an hour even by car.

There wasnt a direct bus there and Jiang Xu was also pulling two big suitcases, so it wasnt convenient for them to take a bus.

They ended up taking a taxi.

Gu Ning made it a daily routine to get up early.

She got up around six oclock this morning, and went to have run downstairs.

She had run for an hour with three breaks.

After she caught her breath, she called her head teacher to ask for a leave.

It was not easy to ask for a leave as a senior in a high school, except if it was a special situation.

Gu Ning then lied to her teacher, she said that she was on her period, and it hurt so much that she couldnt get up.

Her head teacher was a woman too and she understood how painful it could be.

Thus she agreed.

Gu Ning felt a little guilty.

But she had to ask for a leave today.

Gu Ning finished her run before she went back home to take a shower.

At that time, Gu Man woke up.

She was still a little confused when she found herself in the brand new house.

Gu Man got up to prepare breakfast.

When it was almost 10 oclock, Gu Man received a call from Gu Qing saying that they had arrived.

Gu Ning let her mother tell them to wait at the sale department.

They would be right downstairs.

Ten minutes later, both Gu Ning and Gu Man went downstairs.

Gu Ning had called Wei Zhirui before, so he was already waiting at the sales hall.

The minute Gu Ning and her family walked in, Wei Zhirui welcomed them with great passion.

Gu Qing had already made her choice of the house, so she directly told Gu Qing and Jiang Xu to take out their documents so that they could finish the legal procedure.

After that, Gu Ning paid the money before they got the key.

Wei Zhirui also gave Gu Nings key back to her.

Gu Ning had given the key to him because she had asked him to get an hourly cleaner to clean her new house.

When Gu Qing and Jiang Xu received the keys and the property ownership certificate, their hands were trembling.

They had never believed that they would own a house one day, even though the house was a gift from Gu Ning.

They all went back home with the suitcases afterwards.

Wei Zhirui felt touched while he walked Gu Ning and her family out.

She was such a great kid.

She not only bought a house for herself, but she also bought a house for the family of her aunt.

They must be very close!

They went back to the ninth floor, building No.

2, zone G, and stopped at No.

906, which was Gu Qings familys new house.

They opened the door and walked inside.

Although they already knew what it was like inside, they were still amazed by what they saw before their own eyes.

Gu Qings family walked all around with excitement, like children at Halloween.

“Lets have a meal here first before we go out!” Gu Ning said.

Then, they walked out of No.

906, and stepped into No.


Gu Man and Gu Qing went to cook together, while Gu Ning and Jiang Xu were talking.

“Uncle, do you have any difficulties in starting the business of construction materials” Gu Ning asked.

She didnt want to interfere in Jiang Xus business.

She just cared about it.

“As for the materials, I plan to go to the construction materials market today and have a look.

As for the manufacturers, with a ten million yuan fund, we naturally will only use the best.

Ill look up on the Internet first later before I contact the manufacturers,” Jiang Xu said.

“Very well! Ill transfer one million yuan to you then.

You can go buy a car.

We dont need to be too high-profile at the beginning so five hundred thousand yuan would be enough.

You can buy it directly in your name.

Also buy a computer for yourself.

The rest can be used as the deposit to find a store,” Gu Ning said.

After the meal, they went out.

Gu Ning had intended to let Gu Man and Gu Qing put on their new clothes, but they refuse because they hadnt gotten used to it yet.

Gu Ning didnt force them to.

It took time, and she understood.

There were many banks outside of Fenghua Luxury Mansion, so Gu Ning transferred a million yuan into Jiang Xus account.

She then also transferred one million yuan into Gu Mans and Gu Qings card separately.

Gu Qing tried to reject.

She thought she had received too many things from Gu Ning.

It was a million yuan after all, which was too much in Gu Qings eyes.

However, Gu Ning persuaded her to accept it.

Gu Qing was now more than moved.

Jiang Xu couldnt start his business in a short time.

Besides, it took time to run it properly.

They didnt go to work during that time, and were without other sources of income, so they could only rely on their savings.

Both Gu Man and Gu Qing had never had such a huge amount of money in their accounts.

They seized their cards in hands tightly, in case it would be lost.


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