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Chapter 832: Meeting Su Anya

“No, no, no!” Zheng Wenmei resisted it.

She curled up her body and covered her head with her hands, crying loudly.

They were brother and sister.

The fact that they had sex with each other was amoral and illegal.

However, they just did.

How should she face her parents

Zheng Wenhao hugged Zheng Wenmei in his arms, trying to comfort her, but Zheng Wenmei looked scared once he touched her.

“Dont touch me!”

“Wenmei, please.

Please dont chase me away.

I promise I wont do it again.

Its all my fault.” Zheng Wenhao apologized.

Whether what he said was real or not didnt matter, he had to calm Zheng Wenmei down right now.

“Leave me alone!” Zheng Wenmei shouted at him.


“F*ck off!” Zheng Wenmei burst into tears again.

“Sure, Ill leave right now, but please dont hurt yourself, or tell our parents, alright” Zheng Wenhao begged.

He couldnt bear the result if their parents found out.

Zheng Wenmei remained silent, and Zheng Wenhao took it as a silent agreement, so he left afterwards.

A short while after Zheng Wenhao was gone, Zheng Wenmei took out a large amount of sleeping pills, and swallowed them.

Gu Nings teacher called her at 3 pm, and told her to meet them at the Bluesky Hotel at 10 am.

The Bluesky Hotel was a four-star hotel, and all the participants would stay there.

They were high school students, so there was no need to arrange a five-star hotel for them.

A four-star hotel was good enough after all.

When Gu Ning arrived at the Bluesky Hotel, it was super crowded with people everywhere.

Every city sent three students as its representatives, so there were over a hundred students who gathered there this afternoon.

They had already attended the final contest in their own cities; Gu Ning was the only one who directly came to attend the national final round.

This national competition was divided into the preliminary, rematch and final.

The preliminary was a written test, and only 50 students could enter the rematch.

In the rematch, questions would be projected onto the blackboard.

Participants would do calculations while looking at the blackboard, which was no different from a written test.

The final was a quick-answer game.

Questions would still be projected on the blackboard, but whoever had the answer first, would be the winner.

Once Gu Ning walked into the Bluesky Hotel, she heard noises of an argument in the hall.

It turned out that someone didnt want to stay in the Bluesky Hotel, but a five-star hotel.

“I dont care.

Im going to stay in a five-star hotel.

I dont need you to pay for it for me.

I can afford it myself!” It was a girl who was arguing loudly.

Without a doubt, she must have been born in a rich family.

She would rather stay in a five-hotel by herself than stay with others in the Bluesky Hotel.

“Song Siyao, dont be such a naughty child.

All the participants must stay here so that we can make sure that you are safe.

I know that youre from a super-rich family, but youre not familiar with City B at all.

What if something bad happens to you What should I say to your family” a young man snapped at her.

He was her teacher.

“Im not a kid, and I can take care of myself!” Song Siyao argued.

“You cant stay in another hotel by yourself.

You must stay here with us,” the male teacher said with a serious face.

“You…” Song Siyao was mad, and refused to give in.

“If you dont allow me to stay in a five-star hotel, Ill quit!” Saying that, she turned around to walk away.

“Stop right there!” The male teacher was also mad.

“You want to quit No problem, Ill send you back to the capital in person!”

“You…” Song Siyao was struck dumb for a second.

In fact, she didnt dare go back.

Her father had promised to buy her a limited edition sports car if she could win a prize among the top three.

She ached to own the car.

Therefore, Song Siyao had to stay for the car, but she still bargained, “I can stay, but I must sleep in the presidential suite by myself.

Ill pay for it myself.”

That was the best Song Siyao could do.

“Fine.” Since Song Siyao compromised, the male teacher agreed.

“Gu Ning” Right at this moment, a familiar female voice called Gu Ning.

Gu Ning was surprised, then looked over.

Before Gu Ning saw the girl, she already recognized her voice.

It was Su Anya.

Seeing Su Anya, Gu Ning was excited.

She didnt expect that she would meet Su Anya here.

Su Anya ran towards Gu Ning at once, and gave her a big hug.

“Ha, arent you surprised I told them not to tell you that Im one of the participants in order to surprise you!”

When Su Anya got to know that Gu Ning would also attend the competition, she told Hao Ran and the others to keep it a secret that she would be attending it too.

Gu Ning smiled, but still felt happy.

“I am surprised!”

“We can stay in the same room!” Su Anya said with excitement.

Every two students would share a standard room, while each of the teachers could have a single room.

The three students that came from City F were two girls and a boy.

Su Anya and Gu Ning were girls, so they would stay in the same room.

“Um, I wont be staying in the hotel, but in my home,” Gu Ning said.

She might have to deal with other things anytime, so it wasnt convenient for her to stay in the hotel, and her principal agreed on that.

“Fine.” Su Anya was a little disappointed, but didnt ask further.

However, Song Siyao was displeased.

“Why can she stay somewhere else”

Song Siyaos teacher also frowned while looking at Gu Ning.

Other people in the hall turned to look at Gu Ning too.

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