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Chapter 829: Where Did You Get the Medicine

After a short while, she felt much more energetic than before.

“Wow, I feel so different after taking a pill!” Zi Beiying exclaimed with surprise.

“Gu Ning, where did you get this medicine” Zi Beiying asked.

“Im sorry, its a secret, but there is no need for you to test or study it.

Its meaningless.

If you need it, you can directly buy it from me.

I sold it to Qi Tianlin for a million yuan a pill, but were friends after all, so you can have 50% off.

I suggest that you dont use it to treat common diseases, because its amount is limited.

If you want a large amount of it, its impossible, so you better use it to treat serious diseases, or when someones life is in danger,” Gu Ning said.

“I understand,” Zi Beiying said.

She was willing to pay a lot of money for the pill, because it was indeed very effective.

Gu Ning sold it for five hundred thousand yuan a pill to her, but she wouldnt hesitate to pay a million yuan for it either.

Her father was still lying on a hospital bed now.

His condition was getting better, but he wasnt fully recovered yet.

Zi Beiying believed that her father could so be healthy again with the help of this pill.

“Gu Ning, let me buy a meal for you.

What do you want to have” Zi Beiying asked.

“Why dont we go to the food street” Gu Ning said.

It was lunch time anyway.

“Sure!” Zi Beiying said, then they got in their own cars.

Once Zi Beiying was in her car, she called her older brother.

“Shaomin, I just got some magical pills, and it can cure most diseases and wounds.

I took a pill just now, and I feel its effect is really unbelievable.

I think it can be quite helpful in curing father!” Zi Beiying said with excitement once Zi Shaomin answered her call.

Hearing that, Zi Shaomin had an idea that the magical pills that Zi Beiying told him about was very similar to the ones that Leng Shaoting had given him.

“Can you send me a picture of it” Zi Shaomin asked.

“Of course,” Zi Beiying said, then hung up the call.

Afterwards, she took a picture of the power crystals and sent it to Zi Shaomin.

When Zi Shaomin saw the picture, he was sure that it was the same medicine that Leng Shaoting had given him.

Didnt Shaoting say its very hard to get this medicine Why did Beiying find so much of it

Zi Shaomin thought that maybe Zi Beiying had met the owner of the medicine.

It was obvious that its owner knew Leng Shaoting.

Without delay, Zi Shaomin called Zi Beiying back.

This medicine was very unbelievable.

If it was possible, he hoped that Zi Beiying could get as much of it as possible.

“Beiying, where did you get the medicine” Zi Shaomin asked.

“A girl just gave it to me.” Zi Beiying then told her older brother about what she had been through these past two days with a girl named Gu Ning.

After hearing the story, Zi Shaomin also admired Gu Ning.

She was such an outstanding girl at an early age!

“Luckily, you didnt make her an enemy.

Its a good thing that you can make friends with such an outstanding girl,” Zi Shaomin said.

Although the Zi family was very influential, they were normal human beings after all, and they cared about their lives the most.

If they could have magical pills, their safety would be guaranteed.

“Ask her for more of it, in case we need them in the future,” Zi Shaomin said.

Nothing was more important than life.

“She told me that the amount of the medicine is limited, and she wont give me too many, unless its an emergency,” Zi Beiying said.

“Fine, you must maintain a good relationship with her.

Dont annoy her,” Zi Shaomin said.

“I understand,” Zi Beiying said.

Even if Gu Ning didnt give her the pills, she wouldnt annoy her, because she really admired Gu Ning.

The construction began right after An Guangyao settled the deal.

They did a ceremony praying for good luck and peace beforehand.

Although it was just a ceremony, it was necessary.

This land had a bad reputation after all, so the news that they were going to build office buildings here went abroad once they gathered here.

People who believed that the land was haunted were all astonished.

Why did Shenghua Real Estate acquire this land after knowing that it was haunted

Nobody knew the answer.

Some land developers who had the intention to buy the land before were also surprised after hearing the shocking news.

The land used to be a construction site developed by the government and several land developers.

Once strange accidents happened, those land developers withdrew from it, so it had nothing to do with them right now.

Therefore, those land developers had no idea that the land was sold again until they heard the news.

Although the land had nothing to do with them right now, they were very curious to know who dared to take it over.

Not only were the land developers curious, but their peers in the same industry were as well.

Many land developers had abandoned the land precisely because of its bad reputation.

They were curious to know the ability of Shenghua Real Estate now.

If Shenghua Real Estate was going to do business in City B, it would be a great match for them.

They had to know a lot about it in order to compete against it.

Shenghua Real Estate was a company established in City F which was a third-tier city, and it became a large, profitable company with over two billion yuan in assets from a medium-sized enterprise that could barely stay afloat within just a few months.

Its pace of expanding shocked everyone in the real estate and construction industries.

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