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Chapter 826: Zheng Wenhaos Jealousy

“Yeah, were finally a couple now!” the man said with happiness and excitement.

He liked Zheng Wenmei so much that he ached to own her.

Zheng Wenmei agreed to be his girlfriend now, and it was the best night of his life.

The others laughed a little, and they kept on having fun.

When it past 12 am, they were still at the party.

Zheng Wenmeis phone rang at this moment, and the caller was Zheng Wenhao.

He asked where she was right now, and said that he was going to pick her up.

Although Zheng Wenmei had a boyfriend now, she wouldnt stay overnight with him right away, so she told Zheng Wenhao the address of the bar.

Her boyfriend was a little disappointed, but he also knew that he couldnt ask Zheng Wenmei to do whatever he wanted now.

He was still respectful of Zheng Wenmei.

Around 20 minutes later, Zheng Wenhao arrived, and Zheng Wenmeis boyfriend supported her outside.

She was drunk now, and could barely walk.

When Zheng Wenhao saw that, he was displeased.

“Why did you drink so much How were you going to go home if I didnt come to pick you up” he took Zheng Wenmei over and criticized her.

“Im h-happy today, s-so I drank more!” Zheng Wenmei said, then said good-bye to her friends.

“Bye-bye, see you around.”

Zheng Wenmei didnt tell Zheng Wenhao that she already had a boyfriend, because it was just the beginning.

Her boyfriend understood her, so he also said nothing.

When Zheng Wenhao drove his car ahead, he asked all of a sudden, “Is the man who supported you just then the one whos chasing you now”

“How do you know that” Zheng Wenmei subconsciously asked.

“I knew it when I saw him look at you.

What do you feel about him” Zheng Wenhao asked.

“Well, since you already found out, I wont keep it a secret from you anymore.

He just became my boyfriend!” Zheng Wenmei said with a broad smile.

Hearing that, Zheng Wenhao stiffened a little, and his eyes were full of jealousy.

An idea dawned on him.

“Youre so drunk.

Lets not go home, or our parents will criticize you.

Why dont we go to your apartment” Zheng Wenhao said.

“Sure!” Zheng Wenmei agreed, because she didnt want her parents to criticize her either.

As a rich kid, she had several houses under her name.

Afterwards, Zheng Wenhao drove Zheng Wenmei to the nearest apartment.

Zheng Wenhao told Zheng Wenmei to have a shower after they walked into the apartment, then he poured a glass of water for her, but he added something into it.

Zheng Wenmei left the bathroom a while later, and her sexy body showed a little under her silk sleeping gown.

Even though Zheng Wenhao was with her in the same room, she didnt care about it, because she was too drunk to realize that it wasnt appropriate.

Therefore, Zheng Wenhaos desire became stronger.

“Have some water before you go to bed, and Ill go home.” Zheng Wenhao handed the water to Zheng Wenmei.

Zheng Wenmei didnt think further and drank it.

Within a few seconds, she felt unusually sleepy and soon fell asleep on the bed.

Once Zheng Wenmei was asleep, Zheng Wenhao didnt leave like he said he would.

Instead, he fixed his eyes on Zheng Wenmeis curvy body and his breath was growingly heavy.

He swallowed all of a sudden, then had an erection.

Zheng Wenhao walked to the bed, and uncovered Zheng Wenmei.

He touched and rubbed her body, but she didnt have any reaction.

She was drugged and unconscious now.

No matter what he did to her, she wouldnt react at all.

“Why Why are you my younger sister Why” Zheng Wenhao said feeling sad.

He refused to regard her as his biological younger sister.

“If only you werent my fathers biological daughter.”

“Even though everyone says youre arrogant and rude, I can accept it, and Im willing to spoil you.”

“I was so unhappy when I heard that you had an admirer.”

“I got jealous and mad when I heard that you have a boyfriend.”

“Ive ruined your relationship twice, because I hate to think that theyll touch, kiss, or even have sex with you.

Ill tear them apart!”

Saying that, Zheng Wenhao kissed Zheng Wenmei, and rubbed her most sensitive part.

Zheng Wenmei was in sound sleep, so she couldnt do anything on her own, and Zheng Wenhao did everything.

However, when he rubbed her sensitive parts, she still was physically aroused without knowing it.

“I cant love you when youre awake, but I can have sex with you when youre asleep.”

Thinking that Zheng Wenmei already had a boyfriend and they were about to have sex in the future, Zheng Wenhao got jealous more than ever, and moved on her body with violence.

It didnt last long, because he was afraid that Zheng Wenmei would find out if her lower body was sore tomorrow.

After he had enough, Zheng Wenhao got off her body.

He cleaned her body and dressed her before he left.

The next morning, Gu Ning received Zi Beiyings call at 8 am.

She told her to meet her at Tengfei Clubhouse at 10 am.

Tengfei Clubhouse was a sport clubhouse owned by the Kirin Gang.

There were different kinds of sports, like horse riding, car racing, shooting, and so on.

It was located far from the city center, because it occupied a large land.

That being the case, it took at least 40 minutes to get there from the city center when there was no traffic jam on the roads.

Zi Beiying called her two hours earlier so that she would have enough time.

After having breakfast, Gu Ning left her home at 8:40 am.

There was still a lot of traffic on the roads, so Gu Nings group arrived after an hour.

Zi Beiying was already waiting for her.

They gathered together at the gate.

Because they were going to play sports today, they were all wearing sportswear, and looked young and energetic.

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