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806 We Have Nothing to Talk Abou

Seeing that Leng Shaoting and the others were leaving, Zi Beiying stood up at once.

“Shaoting, do you need to leave right away”

“Yeah,” Leng Shaoting replied, and didnt bother to give Zi Beiying a look.

“Can I go with you” Zi Beiying asked with anticipation.

“Beiying, dont behave like a 3-year-old kid!” Zi Shaomin snapped at Zi Beiying before Leng Shaoting could say anything.

“They need to fulfill a task.”

“I just want to have some fun.

They dont need to bring me everywhere,” Zi Beiying said.

“Its too dangerous.” Zi Shaomin disagreed.

“Im not a weak girl.

Its fine! If youre worried, Mengda and Nan can go with me,” Zi Beiying said.

Mengda and Nan were Zi Beiyings bodyguards.

Mengda was a man, while Nan was a woman.

At this moment, Xu Jinchen received a look from Leng Shaoting, so he said, “Miss Zi, if you want to have some fun, you can go yourself.

Its not convenient for you to go with us.”

Leng Shaoting didnt want to talk to Zi Beiying, so he let Xu Jinchen say it.

Since Xu Jinchen said that, Zi Beiying had to give up, even though she was very disappointed.


After that, Leng Shaotings group left.

Although Zi Beiying couldnt go with them, she made up her mind to visit the country that they came from, and went to pack at once.

Zi Beiying thought that she should visit the capital and City B.

She had a friend that she met on the Internet, so she decided to visit City B first.

Zi Beiying didnt know where Leng Shaotings group were leaving for, but she accidentally flew to the same city as them.

It took around seven hours for Leng Shaoting and the others to get back to City B.

The private jet landed at the airport of City B at 4 pm.

In City B, the result of the DNA paternity testing between Yao Guanghui and Gong Zhengyang was also out.

When Yao Guanghui found out that Gong Zhengyang was indeed his son, he was shocked and felt utterly ashamed.

Since he was sure of it now, he had to get rid of Gong Zhengyang as soon as possible, or the Yao familys reputation would be ruined.

Even his company would be in danger.

Without delay, Yao Guanghui made a call.

At the same time, Feng Pinghui visited the factory Wang Yunping worked for again, but it was work time, so Feng Pinghui met the leader of the factory.

The leader of the factory then told Wang Yunping to have a break.

Wang Yunping didnt understand why until she saw Feng Pinghui in the office.

Wang Yunping was surprised, then seemed displeased.

“Why did you come here again”

“Yunping, can we talk” Feng Pinghui stood up the moment Wang Yunping showed up.

Hearing that, the leader of the factory walked outside at once.

He understood that it had to be a private conversation.

Feng Pinghui was the chairman of a big business group, so he wouldnt dare to act against him.

To his astonishment, his worker was able to know such an influential figure.

“I told you yesterday not to interfere in my life,” Wang Yunping said with a resigned look.

“Yunping, I already divorced Lu Qiuting,” Feng Pinghui said.

In fact, he felt quite relaxed now that he was finally divorced.

“What” Wang Yunping was shocked.

“Why” Wang Yunping didnt think that it was the right thing to do, because they had been apart for so many years after all.

Wang Yunping might have already moved on, but Feng Pinghui couldnt let it go.

“Yunping, shes schemed against you.

Dont you hate her” Feng Pinghui asked.

He knew that Wang Yunping was always kind to others, but it was different this time.

“Its something that happened so many years ago.

It wont make a difference even if I hate her,” Wang Yunping said.

She would be lying if she said that she didnt hate Lu Qiuting, but she was actually more afraid of Lu Qiuting.

“No matter how many years have passed, I cant stand to be married to a selfish woman who ruined our happiness and our kids life!” Feng Pinghui said.

“Youve been married for so many years! Even if you hate her, you already have children with her.

If you divorce her, your children will be hurt,” Wang Yunping said.

She, of course, couldnt tolerate the fact that Lu Qiuting had ruined their happiness, but children were innocent.

If their mother was absent, they would be hurt deeply.

“Why dont you care about yourself She ruined our family as well!” Feng Pinghui almost went crazy.

Why was Wang Yunping still so considerate towards Lu Qiuting

Wang Yunping remained silent, and Feng Pinghui added, “I never liked her.

If it hadnt been for…” Saying that, Feng Pinghui suddenly realized that it could also be a part of Lu Qiutings scheme that they had sex after he got drunk that day.

“Damn it! She drugged me and had sex with me on purpose!”

Feng Pinghui was good at drinking, so it wasnt easy for him to get drunk, but he had been drunk that night with Lu Qiuting.

Feng Xueqin had also left halfway.

If Feng Xueqin hadnt brought Lu Qiuting to drink with him, he wouldnt have stayed alone with Lu Qiuting.

He didnt tend to blame Lu Qiuting for everything, but he couldnt believe that it was just a coincidence.

In addition, Lu Qiuting had schemed against Wang Yunping in order to be with him, but he had never liked her.

If they hadnt had sex that night, he wouldnt have married Lu Qiuting.

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