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797 Don“t You Think That I Can Handle It

Those antique lovers were all shocked seeing the real antiques, because every one of them was worth at least several million yuan!

There were too many people in the store, so Qiao Ya along with Tang Haifengs bodyguards were arranged to keep order, in case someone stole.

Luckily, they didnt find a thief.

The news about Xia Yichu and Pei Hena attracted more and more attention, and it became the hottest news on many websites.

Many Internet users appealed to the two singers and the agents they worked for to make an official explanation.

Although they had many guesses, they still wanted to know the truth.

At noon, Fenghua Entertainment finally gave an explanation and posted all the evident on Weibo.

It exposed the shocking truth that Qiao Guanxiang and Pei Hena had used Xia Yichu to make a large amount of money during the past several years.

Xia Yichu had also been caught in a car accident because of them.

Once the post was sent out, it threw a bomb among Internet users.

“Jesus, how can they be so shameless”

“They schemed to disfigure Xia Yichus face with a car accident! Theyre criminals, and they should be arrested by the police.”

“Poor Xia Yichu.

She has been cheated for so long.”

“Good for her that she escaped after she found out!”

“I wondered why Pei Hena has been absent for so long, and now I know that shes never been a singer!”

“Put them in jail!”

Some Internet users also thought that Xia Yichu might want to become famous on Qiao Guanxiang and Pei Henas coattails.

“I think that this is a scheme instead.

No evidence shows that Qiao Guanxiang has schemed to disfigure Xia Yichus face with a car accident.

I only see two photos of Xia Yichus face before and after the car accident.

Maybe Qiao Guanxiang gave her a job after her face was disfigured.

Its not right to use a ghost singer to make money, but its not illegal either.”

“I think so.

Its also possible that Xia Yichu betrayed Qiao Guanxiang and Pei Hena after she made some money and had plastic surgery.”

Many Internet users agreed with the above comments, so some of them were also criticizing Xia Yichu and Fenghua Entertainment.

Those comments seemed reasonable, but they werent the truth after all.

Facing accusation, Qiao Guanxiang, Pei Hena, and the agent they worked for stayed silent the entire time, which made more and more people believe that Fenghua Entertainment was right.

It was a criminal case, so the police was also involved to conduct an investigation.

A day later, the agent Qiao Guanxiang and Pei Hena worked for finally made an announcement, but it wasnt defending them.

Instead, the agent fired them.

It was obvious that Qiao Guanxiang and Pei Hena were guilty.

After the drama, Xia Yichu gained a lot of attention.

Because her songs were very popular, many people became her fans after the real singer showed up.

Of course, there were still some who thought that Xia Yichu was calculating, and disliked her.

Nobody could be liked by everyone anyway.

Xia Yichu didnt care about those criticisms, because she knew that it would take time for people to know more about her.

When it was 12 pm, Gu Ning invited her guests to dine together.

After lunch, they all left.

Tang Haifeng went back to the Tang familys house under bodyguards protection.

Tang Jiakai went to his school, and Tang Jiayang left for work.

Although Tang Yunfan already went back to work in the company, Tang Jiayang still had a lot to learn, and he would go back to his school after Tang Yunfans wedding.

Gu Ning, Cao Wenxin and Qiao Ya were left alone together.

Gu Ning was going to the Land and Resources Bureau now, because Quan Mingkai had told her that he successfully bought the land, and she needed to finish the legal procedure at the government department.

It was an abandoned piece of land, and the government was more than happy to sell it, especially when the buyer was a member of the Tang family.

It was said to be a haunted land, but not everyone believed it.

Its price was also low because of the terrifying news.

“Ningning, what are you going to do next” Cao Wenxin asked.

“I need to go to the Land and Resources Bureau now,” Gu Ning said.

“What are you going to do there” Cao Wenxin asked.

“I just bought land,” Gu Ning said.

“Where” Cao Wenxin asked.

Gu Ning told her the address, which scared her.

“Ningning, you cant buy it! Its haunted!”

“I know, but its just a rumor,” Gu Ning said, and didnt look afraid at all.

“But…” Cao Wenxin was still worried.

“Dont you think that I can handle it” Gu Ning asked with a smile.

Cao Wenxin was struck dumb for a second.

She obviously believed that Gu Ning could handle it well given Gu Nings outstanding ability.

They went to the Land and Resources Bureau together later, and soon finished the legal procedure.

Quan Mingkai was absent, but he had given a call to the staff in the bureau beforehand, so it was done within a short time.

With the legal document, Gu Ning told An Guangyao to deal with the rest.

Shenghua Real Estate had been expanding fast after merging with Hongyun Real Estate and its own development.

Now it was ranked third on the rich list of City F with three billion yuan in assets.

Its rapid development also became a well-known story in City F.

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