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795 Inces

“Great, I just dont want Lihui to get hurt,” Yao Guanghui said, but felt quite disgusted.

“Dad, dont worry.

I promise that I wont do anything that hurts Lihui,” Gong Zhengyang said.

Gong Zhengyang cared about his revenge the most, and couldnt care less about women.

Let alone having sexual relationships with other women, he wasnt interested in any women even if they came on to him.

It was tiring enough for him to deal with Yao Lihui, and he thought that it was totally a waste of his time.

However, it wouldnt be helpful to his revenge if he didnt have a good relationship with Yao Lihui.

No pain, no gain.

In order to take revenge, he slept with his sister, but it was impossible for him to have kids, because he was reluctant to accept kids with his own sister.

“What did you want to talk to me about” Yao Guanghui asked.

After that, Gong Zhengyang discussed his work with Yao Guanghui.

Tang Yunfan and the others stayed in Huafu Hills for a long while before they went back to the Tang familys house.

Gu Man also left with them for lunch, while Tang Yunfan would go back to work this afternoon.

It was the opening day of Xiangyun Antique-store today, so Gu Ning had to go to the antique street.

She asked Tang Haifeng whether he wanted to leave with her.

Tang Haifeng agreed with alacrity.

Tang Haifeng had been an antique lover for years, and he was also Gu Nings grandfather.

There was no reason for him to reject it.

“Ill go with you!” Cao Wenxin stood up at once.

“Me too!” Tang Jiakai said.

“Why dont we go there together” Tang Yunfan said.

Although he wasnt interested in antiques, he would love to attend the opening ceremony of his daughters shop.

He had been absent when Jade Beauty Jewelry held the opening ceremony and release conference last time, and he didnt want to miss this chance.

However, Gu Ning rejected his advice.

“No, please dont attract too much unnecessary attention for my shop.”

They were the richest man, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and the Director of the Political Department in City B.

It was hard for others not to pay special attention to them.

Tang Yunfan was struck dumb for a second, and felt aggrieved.

“You dont want me to show up”


Please take your fiancée to dine at your home now! I can go there with grandpa,” Gu Ning said.

Tang Yunfan didnt insist, but he would still send her a gift under the name of the Tanghuang Group.

Afterwards, Tang Yunfan and the other adults went back to the Tang familys house together, while Tang Haifeng, Cao Wenxin, Tang Jiakai, and Tang Jiayang followed Gu Ning to the antique store.

Gu Man wasnt in a dangerous situation anymore, so Qiao Ya went back to Gu Nings side.

Cao Wenxin, Gu Ning and Tang Haifeng sat in the same car.

Qiao Ya drove Gu Nings white Lamborghini, and the brothers shared a car.

The Tang family kept a low profile, so their cars were less noticeable although they were also luxurious cars.

The most noticeable car had to be Gu Nings Lamborghini.

It was her only car anyway.

On the way, Tang Haifeng called his old friends to appreciate the antiques with him.

He also invited Master Lei and Zhao Yiru.

Zhao Yiru lived in another city, but his daughter married in City B, so he visited and stayed in City B often.

He was retired after all, and had a lot of free time.

Hearing that Gu Ning opened an antique store in City B, both of the old men were surprised, because there were only a few young people who had an interest in antiques nowadays.

They were also excited to appreciate antiques, especially when they knew that it was Gu Nings shop.

Tang Haifeng also called many other friends in the Antiques Association, Master Xiao was included.

“Hey, Xiao, what are you doing now” Tang Haifeng asked with a broad smile on his face.

“On my way to the antique street.

Do you have any good news” Master Xiao asked.

They seldom contacted each other, and talked about antiques every time they met.

“Great! Im on my way to the antique street now as well.

My granddaughters antique store is going to open today.

Why dont you go there with me There are many good real antiques!” Tang Haifeng said with pride.

Gu Ning who stood next to him, on the other hand, felt a little embarrassed, because Master Xiao had already seen them.

Gu Ning recognized Master Xiaos voice, and felt surprised that Master Xiao was her grandfathers friend.

Hearing that, Master Xiao was also surprised.

How come there are two antique stores going to open today Tang Haifengs granddaughter is also in her early twenties.

Why is the younger generation beginning to love antiques all of a sudden

Master Xiao believed that Tang Haifengs granddaughter had to be Cao Wenxin, because Cao Wenxin was the only granddaughter in the Tang family till now.

“Sure, see you then.” Master Xiao agreed.

Xiangyun Antique-store was going to open at 10 am today.

Li Fengxia and Du Mingda focused on it the entire time.

They were mad to see Du Laifeng and his shop, but they could do nothing about it.

When it was already 9:30 am, there were still only a few customers in the shop, so they gloated over Du Laifengs failure.

The signboard of Xiangyun Antique-store was still covered with a cloth, and others didnt know that this shop was a branch of Xiangyun Antique-store, otherwise it would be crowded already.

Xiangyun Antique-store was a famous brand in the antique industry now.

A while later, Gu Ning and the others arrived.

Once Tang Haifeng showed up, someone recognized him.

“Jesus, isnt he Master Tang from the richest family in City B”

“I think so! Wow, I didnt expect that I could meet Master Tang here.

I feel so honored now.”

Hearing their talk, more and more people gathered there with excitement.

Master Tang held great fame in City B, and nobody didnt know that his family was the most influential family in City B.

Li Fengxia and Du Mingda were also shocked.

They couldnt believe that Master Tang would visit Du Laifengs shop.

“And the girl by Master Tangs side.

Isnt she the Goddess Gu, who is quite popular on the Internet these days Shes also the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry.”

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