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792 I Don“t Understand What You“re Talking Abou

Pei Hena had many loyal fans, but most of them chose to be quiet before the truth came out.

Not every fan lost his or her reason, and would defend his or her idol in any situations.

In anycase, the majority of the Internet users liked Xia Yichus performance in the video.

No matter if it was imitation or not, she left a good impression on many people.

In addition, she was prettier than Pei Hena.

Fenghua Entertainment had also become a well-known entertainment company now after it had gained a lot of fame last time, so many people subconsciously sided with Fenghua Entertainment.

When Pei Hena read the news, she was stunned.

Although she knew that it would come sooner or later the moment Xia Yichu escaped, she was still reluctant to accept it.

To her astonishment, Xia Yichus face was back to normal, and she looked even more beautiful than ever.

Most importantly, she was signed by Fenghua.

The agent Pei Hena worked for called her and Qiao Guanxiang without delay.

Actually, the agent was aware that she had a ghost singer, but didnt say anything about it because it was profitable.

However, since it was exposed now, the agent decided to abandon Pei Hena, because they knew that Pei Hena couldnt sing.

Qiao Guanxiang received countless calls from reporters too, and smashed his phone on the ground in the end.

Xia Yichu left him no choice now.

He forgot that he was the one who had forced Xia Yichu to be Pei Henas ghost singer in the first place.

If he hadnt betrayed Xia Yichu, Xia Yichu would probably still be Pei Henas ghost singer now, and made a lot of money for them.

Karma was real.

Gu Ning had told Lu Xiao to handle it well, so she didnt call him after reading the news, but continued to read information about the Yao family.

Moreover, she told K to help her find the phone numbers of the Yao family.

The Yao family was a rich family in City B, but it wasnt comparable to the Pan family or the Zheng family.

Gong Zhengyang married into the Yao family and became the Financial Controller, which was a key position in a company, of its business.

Before long, K found the phone numbers of all the members of the Yao family, and Gu Ning gave Yao Guanghui an anonymous phone call afterwards.

“Who is this” Yao Guanghui asked.

Gu Ning used a voice changer, so she sounded like a man.


Yao, nice to talk to you.

I have a very important thing to tell you now, so please move away from others.”

Gu Ning heard other peoples voices from the phone, so she told Yao Guanghui to be careful.

Hearing that, Yao Guanghui frowned, then moved to his study.

“Who is this” Yao Guanghui sounded serious on the phone.

Gu Ning ignored his question, but asked, “Do you still remember the boy you always wanted to get rid of over 20 years ago”

“What” Yao Guanghui panicked.

“I dont understand what youre talking about.”

“Well.” Gu Ning knew that he couldnt believe it, but he was also lying.


Yao, if you want to know the information about the boy, you better not play dumb with me, or you probably wont know who kill you in the future.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

You abandoned his mother once she was pregnant, and even wanted to kill him.

Do you think hell forgive you” Gu Ning said.

“You…” Yao Guanghui rounded his eyes in shock.

How come he knows about it Who is this man He cant be the boy.

What does he want to do

Yao Guanghui almost forgot that he had a love child after so many years.

The moment Gu Ning brought it up, he felt a strong sense of crisis.

He knew that the boy would take revenge if he was still alive.

What was the boy going to do to him

Yao Guanghui wasnt afraid to meet his enemies face to face, but he must be careful of his opponents in the darkness.

He knew nothing about his love child, which scared him.

Thinking of that, Yao Guanghui grew restless.

“Whats your purpose”

“Very simple.

I have a long-standing grudge against him, so I need you to help me kill him,” Gu Ning said.

“Why do you think Id do that for you I know that I didnt treat him well, but hes my biological son after all,” Yao Guanghui said, but it was undeniable that he ached to get rid of this son, especially when this son was a threat to his life.

“If you dont do it, I guess I can only do it myself, but Im not sure which one of you will be killed first,” Gu Ning said airily.

“Tell me, who is he” Yao Guanghui lost patience.

“Hes right by your side.

Your son-in-law, Gong Zhengyang,” Gong Zhengyang said.

“What” Yao Guanghui collapsed on his chair, and fought for breath.

Gong Zhengyang, Gong Zhengyang, Gong Zhengyang… Gong Zhengyang is my son How is it possible If Gong Zhengyang is really my son, itll be incest that he married Lihui!

Yao Guanghui felt utterly humiliated, and refused to accept it.

In order to take revenge on him, Gong Zhengyang was willing to commit incest, which was terrifying.

In fact, it was also frightening that he had the idea to kill his own son.

They were the same type of people.

“Are you serious” Yao Guanghui was unwilling to accept it.

“You can have a DNA paternity test done if you want to know the answer,” Gu Ning said.

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