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782 Fine Zheng Wenhao

When Zheng Wenhao heard Liu Zhongming wanted him to pay the compensation, he was displeased.

Although it was true that he had brought Liu Zhongming big trouble, shouldnt Liu Zhongming bear the result himself after taking his money and agreeing to handle it for him

Zheng Wenhao said with dissatisfaction, “Zhongming, I dont think its fair.

You took my money and promised to solve this problem for me.

Shouldnt you take the responsibility for the result yourself Why should I pay the compensation If youre not confident that you can handle it well, why didnt you reject it at the beginning”

Zheng Wenhao was also right.

Since Liu Zhongming had taken his money and promised to help him, Liu Zhongming should deal with the problem well.

However, Liu Zhongming felt that he was trapped by Zheng Wenhao, and didnt think that it was wrong if he asked Zheng Wenhao for compensation.

“You trapped me! I did ask you for more information about its boss, but you said its boss is a nobody, so I agreed to help.

Do you think that you dont need to take responsibility” Liu Zhongming said in a cold tone.

Zheng Wenhao frowned.

He did think that the boss of the beauty salon was nobody, and he was also surprised by its bosss influence now.

Zheng Wenhao still didnt realize that he had made a big mistake.

He should have gotten a better understanding of his enemy before he took action.

After waiting for a while, Liu Zhongming lost his patience, and threatened.

“Zheng Wenhao, dont regret it in the future if you dont pay the compensation now.”

“You…” Zheng Wenhao was annoyed.

“Liu Zhongming, do you have to do that”

Liu Zhongming wasnt an important figure in Zheng Wenhaos eyes, but Zheng Wenhao was afraid of death.

Liu Zhongming, on the other hand, was a member of the Kirin gang and always risked his life.

“Zheng Wenhao, I know that two million yuan is nothing to you, but its everything I have,” Liu Zhongming said.

Two million yuan was nothing for Zheng Wenhao, but he was displeased with Liu Zhongmings attitude towards him.

Nevertheless, no matter how displeased Zheng Wenhao was, he had to compromise because he didnt want to die young.

“Alright, Ill give you two million yuan,” Zheng Wenhao said in the end.

Liu Zhongming didnt care whether their relationship would be ruined this time because money meant everything to him.

After hanging up the call with Liu Zhongming, Zheng Wenhao transferred the money to his back account.

Their relationship was ruined after this mess, but Zheng Wenhao still accepted it since his life would be safe now.

What Zheng Wenhao didnt know yet was that he had to pay Gu Ning another two million yuan a little while later.

Zheng Wenhao was too mad to ask Liu Zhongming whether he had betrayed him.

Before long, Liu Zhongming received the money, and Gu Nings group arrived at the Hetian Groups building as well.

Tong Chao and the other two were wearing their police uniforms again.

Seeing policemen coming in, people all turned to look at them with confusion.

No matter what had happened, the crowd believed that it couldnt be a good thing.

They went straight to the reception, and Tong Chao showed his police officer certificate to the receptionist.

“Hi, were here to find Zheng Wenhao.

Hes been involved in a gang related incident, and we need to talk to him.”

“Please wait a second.

I need to contact Vice General Manager Zheng first,” the receptionist said.

Normal visitors couldnt meet the management without appointments, but the police was an exception.

“Sure,” Tong Chao said, and the receptionist called Zheng Wenhaos secretary at once.

Zheng Wenhao was the vice general manager of the Hetian Group.

Although the Hetian Group was his familys business, and he was the only heir of the Zheng family, he still needed to learn before he took over it.

Zheng Wenhao was very ambitious, but he didnt have outstanding ability, so he had no impressive achievements even after working in the company for two years.

The moment Zheng Wenhaos secretary received the call, she reported it to Zheng Wenhao.

Zheng Wenhao just came back to the company, and the trouble found him without delay.

The receptionist only told Zheng Wenhaos secretary that three policemen wanted to talk to him, but didnt mention that it was about a gang related incident, so Zheng Wenhao was confused about why the police wanted to see him.

He didnt think that it was about the beauty salon, because he thought that the problem was already solved after he paid Liu Zhongming the two million yuan.

All in all, Zheng Wenhao was too naive and self-centered.

He believed that everything would develop as he wanted it to.

Anyway, since the police came to find him, he obviously had to show up.

Therefore, Zheng Wenhao left his office, followed by his secretary.

The receptionist invited Gu Nings group to sit in the lounge and served them tea while they were waiting.

After a short while, Zheng Wenhao and his secretary walked out.

Tong Zhen and the other two stood up to show their politeness, but Gu Ning still sat there looking at Zheng Wenhao.

“Vice General Manager Zheng, nice to meet you.

Weve received a report today that youre involved in gang related attack.

A bunch of hoodlums damaged XX Beauty Salon in Fengshang Shopping Mall under your order.

Please follow us to the police station for the investigation,” Tong Chao said.

Hearing that, Zheng Wenhao was surprised and mad.

It was obvious now that Liu Zhongming had betrayed him.

“Do you have any proof You cant just take me to the police station without clear proof.

It can damage my reputation!” Zheng Wenhao argued.

“We have a video of Liu Zhongmings confession along with the records of your calls to him and the money youve transferred to his back account,” Tong Chao said.

“Records of calls and money dont mean anything! Were just normal friends.” Zheng Wenhao denied, although it wasnt persuasive at all.


Zheng and Miss Zheng had an argument in XX Beauty Salon today, and XX Beauty Salon was damaged a while later.

I dont think that its a coincidence,” Tong Chao said.

“By the way, we also have call recordings.”

“What” Zheng Wenhao was shocked.

To his astonishment, Liu Zhongming had recordings of their calls!

In fact, Liu Zhongming didnt do it on purpose, but he just always set the call recording function, so that there would be call recordings no matter who called him.

Zheng Wenhao got angry.

“Youre aware that my mother and my younger sister encountered trouble in the beauty salon.

Why didnt you catch the girl Do you think the Zheng family is weak”

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