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774 I Don“t Care About the Zheng Family

In addition, Gu Ning was well-known for her kind and helpful actions, so her fans didnt believe that she could be a troublemaker.

“You…” To Zheng Wenmeis astonishment, the policeman believed that she was the one who caused this trouble before he even asked for details.

“She stole our shop, and when we told her to give it back to us.

She refused and hurt us!”

“Really Is this shop yours” the policeman asked.

It was obvious that he didnt believe Zheng Wenmei.

“It isnt, but…” Zheng Wenmei explained, but the policeman interrupted her.

“Since this isnt your shop, there is no such thing as her stealing it from you.”

“You…” Zheng Wenmei was struck dumb.

Seeing that, Mrs.

Zheng opened her mouth to help her daughter.

“This shop is for rent, and we promised to rent it a few days ago.

We came here today to sign the contract, but she did it before us.”

It was true that they had said that they would consider renting it, but they didnt make the final decision, so the owner of this shop had the right to rent it out to someone else.

“You just said that you want to rent it, but did you sign the contract” the policeman asked.

He saw the contract in Gu Nings hands, which meant that Gu Ning signed it before them.

“You…” Mrs.

Zheng didnt know what to say.

“No matter what kind of deal it is, you must pay the money and sign the contract first so that its legal.

Dont you know that” the policeman said.

Hearing that, Mrs.

Zheng glared at the policeman in great anger.

At this moment, an ambulance arrived, but Mrs.

Zheng and Zheng Wenmei were unwilling to leave, and they demanded that the policemen arrest Gu Ning and put her in jail.

They even threatened the three policemen.

If the three policemen didnt follow their order, they would make them jobless.

Although the three policemen were afraid of the Zheng familys influence, they still chose to protect Gu Ning.

“Its your fault, and you must bear the result yourself.” They warned Mrs.

Zheng and Zheng Wenmei.

“Great, very well, I promise that the Zheng family will never let you get away with this!” Zheng Wenmei repeatedly threatened them, but Gu Ning and the others had already heard enough of it.

Gu Ning felt touched by the three policemens protection.

They protected her, not because of her wealth, but because they admired her.

In that case, she wouldnt see them lose their jobs because of her.

“I dont think that the Zheng family can act against the law, and I can tell you that its impossible for them to be jobless.

I can arrange a better job for them, and I dont care about the Zheng family,” Gu Ning said with confidence.

She wasnt conceited, because she had the ability to do that.

Hearing that, the three policemen were thrilled.

Especially when they heard that Gu Ning didnt care about the Zheng family, they admired her more than ever.

Given Gu Nings network, the Zheng familys influence was barely comparable to hers.

Manager Ding was now also certain that Gu Nings family must be more powerful than the Zheng family.

“You…” Mrs.

Zheng and Zheng Wenmei were also scared now.

They couldnt help but think that maybe Gu Ning wasnt someone they could mess with.

Right as Mrs.

Zheng and Zheng Wenmei were still thinking about it, several doctors pulled them away.

After Mrs.

Zheng and Zheng Wenmei were gone, Gu Ning asked the three policemen, “What are your names”

The three policemen felt honored when Gu Ning asked for their names.

“Nice to meet you, Goddess Gu.

My names Tong Chao.”

“Im Wu Xuanjie.”

“My name is Hu Yiming.”


Tong Chao, Wu Xuanjie, Hu Yiming, dont worry.

I promise that youll all be fine,” Gu Ning said with sincerity.

Hearing that, they were relieved.

“Goddess Gu, we dont care if we lose our job,” Tong Chao said.

Since they chose to protect Gu Ning, they wouldnt feel regretful.

“Yes, were not afraid.

Weve done nothing wrong after all.

It is their fault, and they should be punished according to the law.

If our leader fires us and yields to power or wealth, I dont think that this job is meaningful anymore,” Hu Yiming said.

“Right! Were unwilling to do illegal things since we are policemen.

If it is possible, we hope that we can work for you, Goddess Gu,” Wu Xuanjie joked, but it was also his real thought.

In other peoples eyes, it might not be a sensible decision, because their job was a cradle-to-grave job, and many people ached for it.

However, different people had different values, and it wasnt a bad thing if they could get a better job.

Moreover, they couldnt be more willing to work for their idol!

“We cant promise that we know everything, but we can learn!” Tong Chao added.

“Goddess Gu, were willing to learn new skills to work for you!” Wu Xuanjie said with a broad smile on his face.

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