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Gu Ning put her magical power into Tang Jiayangs body when she was removing the stitches.

Before long, Tang Jiayangs wound had an obvious change, and it soon healed, which shocked everyone.

Although they knew that Gu Nings medicine was very effective, they were still astonished to see its effects with their own eyes.

Even though there was a scar left on the outside, it was already healed on the inside.

With the help of Gu Nings magical power, Tang Jiayang also opened his eyes.

“Jiayang!” They were excited to see Tang Jiayang waking up.

When Tang Jiayang didnt feel any pain from the wound, he was greatly surprised.

He realized that he had an unbelievable younger cousin.

Since Tang Jiayang recovered, Quan Mingkai reported it to Tang Haifeng at once, in case Tang Haifeng was worried.

The shocking news of the Tang family was going abroad.

People now all heard that Tang Yunfan had been absent for so many days not because he had gone abroad, but because he had been caught in a car accident and was still unconscious.

Tang Haifeng also had a serious car accident.

And then today Tang Jiayang was shot by a gunman and his life was in danger.

The news aroused many guesses.

Someone said that the Tang family was cursed, so its family members was caught by accidents one after another.

Some also believed that there must be ongoing conflicts in the Tang family.

Business was a battlefield without smoke, and one could only survive by killing all of his enemies.

Either way, the Tanghuang Group was in a deep crisis now, and reporters along with its business partners kept calling them for more information.

It didnt cause panic when Tang Haifeng and Tang Jiayang were in danger, but it was very shocking when Tang Yunfan wasnt able to run the company.

If the Tanghuang Group lost Tang Yunfan, it lost hope, and its business partners would abandon it as well.

The Tanghuang Group made an official statement later, saying that they knew nothing about it, which was the truth.

Facing the severe crisis, the board of directors called an emergency meeting at once.

Tang Deming seized this chance.

“We must elect a new acting chairman right away to make sure that the company can work steadily as usual,” he said in the meeting room.

Tang Zhilin argued against him.

“Youve repeatedly said that.

Why do you think that only an acting chairman can help the company work steadily as usual”

“A team will be in a state of disunity without a leader.

Dont you know that” Tang Deming said.

“We need a powerful leader, not a mascot!” Tang Zhilin raised his voice.

“How could you know that the acting chairman is just a mascot” Tang Deming questioned Tang Zhilin.

“Tang Jiayang is just a young boy, but hes helped the company get rid of the turmoil after he became the acting chairman.”

“Thats because Tang Jiayang is a member of the Tang family!” Tang Zhilin said.

“Arent we members of the Tang family” Tang Deming argued.

“You didnt make any effort to build this company, and I dont think that youre qualified to take over!” Tang Zhilin said.

“Alright, we need to discuss how to deal with it right now.

It must be a scheme if Chairman Yunfan, Master Tang and Tang Jiayang were caught by an accident one after another,” the ninth director said, then gave Tang Deming a glance.

“Why did you look at me when you said that” Tang Deming was annoyed.

“Are you suspicious of me Do you have any proof” Tang Deming indeed didnt do those things in person, but he was involved in them.

“I wasnt only looking at you.

Why you are so mad Do you think that youre guilty” The ninth director wasnt afraid of Tang Deming at all.

“Dont play the blame game with me!” Tang Deming almost shouted.

“You know who should be responsible for it!” the ninth director sneered.

“If we dont elect a new acting chairman, how should we solve this problem” Wu Boyan asked.

None of them knew how to deal with it, and looked at each other in silence.

The big news about the Tanghuang Group started to affect the stock market, and its stock price had a dramatic decrease.

At the same time, someone was secretly buying the Tanghuang Group shares in a large amount.

Right at this moment, Gu Ning received Ks call.

K told her that he found the gunman in a living area, and he also sent her a picture of the gunman.

It was a man around 30 years old, and K was trying to find out his real identity.

Without hesitation, Gu Ning drove to find the gunman.

However, before Gu Ning arrived, the gunman left the house, so K tracked his position online to guide Gu Ning.

After a while, K got the result of his real identity.

He wasnt a common citizen, but a mercenary.

Luckily, he was just a normal mercenary, not an ace one.

That was also the reason why he had failed to kill Tang Jiayang.

With Ks guidance, Gu Ning came to an old town.

There were no surveillance cameras, so K lost the gunmans accurate position, but Gu Ning already remembered his face, and she could find him with her Jade Eyes.

After a short while of searching, Gu Ning found him in a worn down house.

The man was alone inside, and there were few people in the town.

When the man had just laid down on the bed, he heard a loud sound, and the door was kicked open.

He was alarmed, and abruptly stood up.

The moment he left the bedroom, he saw Gu Ning and frowned with anger.

“Who are you What are you doing here” He looked quite frightening, and tried to scare Gu Ning, but Gu Ning was as calm as usual.

“To take revenge,” Gu Ning said coldly.

The man wasnt surprised, but he didnt know that Gu Ning came here because of Tang Jiayang.

In fact, he had killed so many people as a mercenary, so he knew that many people wanted him to die.

It wasnt an uncommon thing that his enemies came to find him to take revenge, but he was surprised that this time it was a young girl.

“Do you think that you can do that” he said with disdain.

“Of course I can,” Gu Ning sneered, then moved towards the man step by step.

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