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Chapter 742 A Talented Designer

Yu Zi drove back to her store in a hurry the moment she hung up the call with Jason.

Within 20 minutes, she arrived.

When she saw Jason, she was sure that she met the right person, and got excited at once.

“Its so nice to meet you, Mr.

Robert! I feel so honored that you came here to see me in person,” Yu Zi said to Jason with great respect.

Yu Zi never imagined that she would meet her idol in real life!

“Nice to meet you too, Miss Yu!” Jason stood up and shook hands with Yu Zi.

He was very kind to her.

Jason was also excited to see Yu Zi, because it wasnt easy for him to find a talented young designer.

However, it still took time to see whether Yu Zi was qualified to be his apprentice.

He would also listen to Yu Zis opinions.

If she wasnt willing to be his apprentice, he wouldnt force her to be.

“Please have a seat, Mr.

Robert,” Yu Zi said.

“Would you mind telling me the reason why you are visiting me today”

“Well, I stayed in City B for a couple of days, and I watched the release conference of Charm by accident a few days ago.

Your designs impressed me, so I hoped that I could meet you in person,” Jason said.

He didnt bother to hide his appreciation for Yu Zi.

Hearing that, Yu Zi was thrilled.

“Thank you so much for your approval, Mr.


It was very important for Yu Zi to be able to win a famous or experienced clothing designers approval, especially from her idol.

She also felt happy if other people who werent involved in the clothing design field thought her designs were attractive, but she would be more confident if a famous clothing designer had positive comments about her designs.

“Miss Yu, are you free now If you dont mind, I would love to hear your ideas behind your designs,” Jason asked.

“Sure, Im always looking forward to hearing your opinions, Mr.

Robert,” Yu Zi said.

After that, Yu Zi had a long talk with Jason about her ideas behind her designs.

Hearing Yu Zis ideas, Jason repeatedly nodded and expressed his approval.

During the talk, he also shared his opinion with Yu Zi and Yu Zi learned a lot from him.

After the long talk, Jason was more certain that Yu Zi was a talented promising designer.

In fact, there were many talented people in this world, but many of them lacked a good opportunity to show their talent.

Since Jason discovered Yu Zi, he decided to do something.

In the end, Jason said, “Miss Yu, there is a clothing industry forum at 2 pm tomorrow in the meeting room of Huangdeng Hotel.

If you have some time, you can attend it.”

“Really I do hope that I can join in.” Yu Zi was very excited to hear the news.

The attendees of the forum were all famous or experienced clothing designers in the industry, and it wasnt open to everyone.

Jason took out his name card and gave it to Yu Zi.

“You can contact me tomorrow, and I can bring you inside.”

Nobody would stop her if she was able to attend the forum along with Jason.

“Thank you so much!” Yu Zi exchanged name cards with Jason.

After that, Jason left.

“Miss Yu, who is Mr.

Robert You seem so excited,” a saleswoman asked Yu Zi with curiosity.

Even the customers standing around them looked at her for the answer.

Yu Zi smiled and said, “Hes a very important figure in the clothing design field, and came from Paris.”

“A clothing designer from Paris”

Hearing that, they were all surprised, but they knew little about clothing design, so they still couldnt understand Jasons influence and position in the industry.

“Well, you can search his name on the Internet if you want to know more about him,” Yu Zi said.

Another saleswoman immediately searched Jasons name with a computer, and many people surrounded her at once.

When they saw Jasons designs and awards, they were all astonished.

To their astonishment, a wedding gown designed by Jason could be sold at the price of over ten million yuan!

“Jesus! Miss Yu, youre so awesome, and you know such an important figure!”


Two saleswomen got excited, and felt honored that they could work for Yu Zi.

All of a sudden, the customers in the store thought much more highly of Charm now.

Yu Zi didnt stay in the store for too long, because she needed to deal with the rest of the things in the factory.

Charm had received many orders these days, and many people demanded gowns made by her.

Although she had enough time to do it, she still wanted to make full use of her time and do her job well.

When Yu Zi went back in her car, she called Gu Ning and told her about what had just happened.

Gu Ning could feel Yu Zis happiness and excitement through the phone, and she congratulated her.

In addition, it also proved Gu Nings good taste in choosing skilled people.

Zhao Xiaoxuan stayed at home the entire time recently.

She wasnt as sad as she had been during the past few days, but she was still very upset.

After all, she had loved Lin Tianyou deeply before.

At this moment, Zhao Xiaoxuan suddenly read the shocking news that Lin Tianyou had used a knife to threaten Yu Zi, on her phone.

She knew Lin Tianyou very well, but she was still shocked that Lin Tianyou would break the law.

Thinking of what Lin Tianyou had done, Zhao Xiaoxuan felt scared.

She didnt feel relieved until she found out that Yu Zi was fine now.

Zhao Xiaoxuan had reflected a lot on what she had been through, and became more sober now.

She also felt guilty that she had stolen Lin Tianyou away from Yu Zi.

However, no matter how guilty she felt right now, she couldnt change what had already happened.

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