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Chapter 738 A Deal with He Siyin

He Siyin gave Gu Ning the menu.

“Miss Gu, what do you want to drink”

Gu Ning took it and read for a while.

“Black tea please.”

“Do you want some desserts” He Siyin asked again.

“No need, thanks,” Gu Ning said.

After that, He Siyin ordered a cup of black tea for Gu Ning and a cup of Longjing tea for herself.

The waitress served them two cups of tea, then walked out.

“Miss Gu, youre the most skilled person at gambling Ive ever seen till now.

Even my father cant be so accurate as you,” He Siyin said in a sincere tone.

Even her father couldnt be 100% accurate, but Gu Ning did it.

If there was a game between her father and Gu Ning, she had to admit that she thought that Gu Ning had a better chance to win.

“Thank you for your compliment,” Gu Ning said politely.

“Miss Gu, I wonder whether you have the intention to be involved in the gambling industry Given your outstanding gambling skills, I think that you can easily be famous around the world and make a fortune at the same time,” He Siyin said.

It was obvious that she hoped that Gu Ning could work for or with her.

“Well, I just gamble for fun, and Im not interested in fame and fortune.

To be honest, I dont lack money at all,” Gu Ning replied.

She was telling the truth.

She wasnt a fan of gambling, and seldom gambled, unless it was necessary.

Stone gambling was, of course, an exception.

There were many benefits along with harm if she became famous as the queen of gambling.

Those who were familiar with the gambling industry might understand it, but those who knew less about it would think of her as a gambling addict.

Being seen as a gambling addict wasnt a positive assessment.

He Siyin was struck dumb for a second, because she was surprised that Gu Ning would reject her offer without hesitation.

In that case, she didnt know what to say next.

After having a sip of tea, He Siyin asked, “What if I make a deal with Miss Gu Are you willing to help me win a gambling match with someone else the same way you did today”

Hearing that, Gu Ning frowned, but didnt reject it at once.

“Oh, how much are you going to pay me, and who is the person you want me to help you win against”

Gu Ning was interested in it as long as He Siyin paid her enough money, but she would refuse to gamble against Qi Tianlin, which was the reason why she asked He Siyin who she was going to gamble with.

Qi Tianlin and her were friends now to some extent, and they had helped each other after all, while He Siyin and her were still strangers.

Since Gu Ning didnt reject it right away, He Siyin knew it was hopeful and her face lit up at once.

“Im not sure how much I can pay you, but I promise the remuneration wont be lower than five hundred million yuan,” He Siyin said “The person I want you to help me gamble against is my uncle, He Hongyuan.

This gambling game is related to the heir position in the He family.

My father has hearing problem now, and my second older brother who is the most skilled gambler in my family is also missing, while the others are barely comparable to my uncle, so Im afraid that we cant win this gambling game.”

He Siyin didnt hide the truth from Gu Ning, and became upset and cold when she said that, because it was a serious crisis ahead of the He family.

Hearing that, Gu Ning understood that it was a fight for power and wealth in a super-rich family.

In fact, they knew clearly that He Hongyuan was the cause of He Hongjies hearing problem and He Siyangs disappearance, because He Hongyuan had the ambition to inherit the He familys properties.

However, even though they knew He Hongyuan had done all of that, they could do nothing about it without solid proof.

And now, He Hongyuan proposed to elect a new leading role to take over the He familys businesses by gambling, and they couldnt reject it.

If others found out that He Hongjie wasnt able to run the gambling business well, the He familys enemies would seize every chance to undermine them.

The He family was really influential, but He Hongyuan had support from the Tiandihui.

The Tiandihui was the only gang in HK, which was as powerful as the Qing Gang and the Kirin Gang.

Although the He family had a long-standing relationship with the Tiandihui, the Tiandihui chose to support He Hongyuan now, because Hong Yuefei, who was the second son of the leader of the Tiandihui, fell in love with He Hongyuans daughter, He Yixi.

In fact, Hong Yuefei had chased He Siyin before, but was rejected by He Siyin.

He Siyin disliked Hong Yuefei because he was merely a hypocritical playboy.

He Yixi, however, was attracted to his good-looking appearance, and seduced him.

Although He Yixi wasnt as beautiful as He Siyin, He Yixi was very good in bed, and successfully seduced Hong Yuefei.

In Hong Yuefeis eyes, it was the same no matter who he was going to marry, because he would play around as usual, so Hong Yuefei agreed to marry He Yixi, then sided with He Hongyuan.

However, if He Hongyuan wanted to cooperate with the Tiandihui, he had to win the gambling match against He Hongjie.

After all, the leader of the Tiandihui had a long-standing relationship with He Hongjie, and wasnt willing to ruin it.

However, the long-standing relationship wasnt persuasive enough to let the Tiandihui side with He Hongjie, because the Tiandihui valued benefits above anything else.

The above werent secrets in the high society, except for the fact that He Hongyuan was the cause of He Hongjies hearing problem and He Siyangs disappearance.

Therefore, He Siyin told Gu Ning everything.

Gu Ning wasnt interested in their family conflicts, but was just listening to a story.

“What if I lose the game” Gu Ning asked.

There was no reason for her to reject five hundred million yuan, because it was quick money, but she was unwilling to pay for the result if she had to take responsibility for it.

“Since I invited you to help me, you dont need to pay anything for the result whether you win or lose, and Ill pay your remuneration as Ive promised,” He Siyin said.

“I just hope that you can do it to the best of your ability, and never betray me.”

He Siyin was confident as to Gu Nings gambling skills, because Gu Ning was better than any member of her family at least, but she was worried about Gu Nings character at the same time.

She was afraid that Gu Ning might betray her.

Nevertheless, benefits lived with risks, and He Siyin could only turn to Gu Ning for help now.

He Siyin was much more generous than Qi Tianlin, so Gu Ning agreed.

“When is the gambling game” Gu Ning asked.

“On March 28th.

Its the fiftieth anniversary of the He familys casino,” He Siyin said with excitement.

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