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Chapter 732 Lin Tianyou Threatens Yu Zi

No matter what, since Tang Xinruis real identity was exposed, Gu Ning had to tell Quan Mingkai right now and let him handle it.

Therefore, she called Quan Mingkai at once.

“Lady Ning, may I help” Quan Mingkai asked.

“A friend of mind is keeping a close eye on Tang Deming, and he found out that Tang Deming visited a house a couple of days ago.

The owner of the house is Tang Xinrui, who is working in the finance department of Tanghuang Group.,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Quan Mingkai was slightly surprised, but not very astonished.

He knew that Tang Deming had many helpers in Tanghuang Group which was a large company, but he was still surprised to learn that Tang Xinrui might have a relationship with the mastermind

Since he was aware of it now, he had to conduct the investigation.

The finance department was a key department of a company after all.

When it was almost 6 pm, Yu Zi went to Fengshang Shopping Mall.

She seldom came to the store these days, and spent most of her time in the factory to design and make gowns.

There were two ways of making gowns.

One was made by machine, and the other was handmade.

Handmade gowns were currently done by Yu Zi, and they were several times more expensive than machine-made ones.

It took just a little while for a machine to produce a gown, but it took many days to make a gown by hand.

During this time, Yang Ziqian kept in touch with Yu Zi, and they sometimes dined and watched a film together.

Yu Zi had a good impression of Yang Ziqian, so she was willing to meet him once she was free.

This time, she also came here to meet Yang Ziqian.

Yu Zi already bought a white BMW which cost seven hundred thousand yuan.

She parked her car, then entered the shopping mall.

However, Lin Tianyou appeared out of the blue and stopped her.

Yu Zi frowned and a touch of disdain flashed by her eyes.

She ignored him, and tried to walk away.

Lin Tianyou, however, caught her wrist.

“Let me go!” Yu Zi struggled, but failed to get rid of his hand.

She glared at him.

“Lin Tianyou, what do you want”

“Are you dating Yang Ziqian” Lin Tianyou wore a malicious expression and questioned Yu Zi, like she had betrayed him.

Yu Zi was mad and sneered, “Its none of your business!”

“Youre mine, so it is my business!” Lin Tianyou said, and tightened his hand around Yu Zis wrist.

Yu Zi, at this moment, noticed his abnormal reaction.

She thought that Lin Tianyou must be going crazy, because they had been broken up for more than a year.

“Lin Tianyou, I have no relationship with you, so let me go right now!” Yu Zi struggled again.

“Yu Zi, how can you hurt me like this I already promised that Ill treat you well for the rest of my life.

Why would you still reject me” Lin Tianyou said with a sad face, like he was the victim.


“Lin Tianyou, who do you think you are I only feel disgusted every time I see you,” Yu Zi said.

“Let me go right now, or Ill call the police.” Yu Zi lost her patience.

Hearing that, Lin Tianyou suddenly approached Yu Zi, which scared her.

“Lin Tianyou, stop right there.

Let me go!”

Yu Zis shout attracted attention from people around them.

Seeing a woman caught by a man, many people walked forward, trying to help Yu Zi out.

However, Lin Tianyou took out a knife at short notice, and pressed it against Yu Zis neck.

Yu Zi was so scared that she could barely move.

“Dont come closer or Ill kill her!” Lin Tianyou yelled at the crowd.

To their astonishment, the man dared to use a knife to threaten a woman in a public place.

“Jesus, is he crazy Its a public place!”

“I think hell be put in jail.”

“Is this a crime of passion”

“Stop discussing! The woman needs help.”

“Lets call the police!”

After that, someone called the police.

Lin Tianyou, however, didnt pay attention to the crowd, but kept staring straight at Yu Zi with a pair of bloodshot eyes.

“Yu Zi, if you dont come back to me, Ill kill you.”

“L-let me go first.” Yu Zi didnt dare to annoy Lin Tianyou, in case he killed her once he lost control of himself.

“No, if you dont agree to get back together with me, I wont let you go.” Lin Tianyou threatened.

“Sure, sure, I agree.” Yu Zi just wanted to save her life right now and calm him down.

“Really Do you mean it Are you lying to me” Lin Tianyou didnt believe it.

“I mean it,” Yu Zi said.

“Prove it!” Lin Tianyou said.

“How” Yu Zi didnt know what to do.

She felt so helpless right now.

“I-I dont know either.” Lin Tianyou frowned.

He didnt know how to make Yu Zi prove her love for him, because he subconsciously believed that Yu Zi still hated him.

Therefore, even if Yu Zi figured out a way to prove it, he wouldnt believe it either.

Yu Zi was in despair.

Luckily, the police station was very close to Fengshang Shopping Mall, so the police arrived at the scene within two minutes.

Seeing the police, Lin Tianyou was scared, and the knife shook in his hand and cut Yu Zis neck.

Although the cut wasnt deep, Yu Zi shouted in pain, and the police didnt dare to move forward.

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