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Chapter 719 A Dirty Trick

“Are you sure you didnt use any other skincare products from other brands” Ning Changkai asked agai.n.

“Of course not,” the woman said with certainty.

“Well, I think its very easy to find out whether its Kouzi facial mask, which caused the rash on your face.

Please try a piece of Kouzi facial mask right here right now to see its effect.

If your face doesnt get better, it proves that the problem is our facial mask, but your accusation wont stand if your face gets better,” Ning Changkai stared straight at her with a serious face.

Hearing that, a touch of panic flashed by the womans eyes, but she still argued.

“What if my face gets worse or is even disfigured by your facial mask”

“Then well do whatever you want,” Ning Changkai said with confidence, because he believed that there was nothing wrong with Kouzis skincare products.

“You…” The woman didnt expect that Ning Changkai would be so confident, and she felt slightly regretful now.

However, upon thinking of what the person behind her back had said to her, she couldnt retreat.

“What if you deny your promise”

“We can turn to the police or a lawyer for help,” Ning Changkai replied.

“Well…” The woman panicked a little right


“Maam, were running our business according to the law.

If there are any problems with our skincare products, well solve them and pay the compensation, but…” Ning Changkai said the above words in a polite tone, but suddenly became very aggressive.

“If youre just lying or slandering us, it may damage the reputation of Kouzi, and we can sue you.”

Hearing that, the woman was scared, because she thought that it wasnt a big deal, but it turned out that she could be taken to court.

“Well, I…” She was in a great panic.

People around her all noticed her unusual reaction.

“Maam, are you still sure that its Kouzis facial mask, which caused the rash on your face Its about the reputation of Kouzi, and we wont take it lightly,” Ning Changkai said.

He gave the woman a chance to retreat.

“Well, um, I-I think that maybe Im wrong.

I remember that Ive eaten a mango.

Maybe Im allergic to it,” the woman said at once.

“Oh, shes allergic to mangoes! I thought that she really got a rash after using Kouzis facial mask.”

“I think that she did it on purpose, and she changed her words because shes afraid that Manager Ning might sue her.”

“I agree.”

They werent idiots, and the woman used a dirty trick.

The woman felt utterly embarrassed right now.

To her astonishment, her real purpose was easily exposed right in front of everyones eyes.

After that, the woman walked out in silence.

Ning Changkai let her go because she failed to damage the reputation of Kouzi.

Kouzi built its good reputation on skincare products of high quality, so he wasnt afraid that the woman could succeed.

“I think peers must be jealous of Kouzi because its very popular and profitable.”

“Its such a dirty trick!”

“Well, business is really a battlefield without smoke!”

“Boss, I let her go,” Ning Changkai said to Gu Ning on the phone.

“Great, youve done a great job,” Gu Ning said.

“Although youre in complete control of the company now, feel free to let me know if you encounter any problems that you cant solve.”

“Sure, boss.” Ning Changkai understood Gu Nings outstanding ability very well, so he wouldnt hesitate to turn to her for help if he ran into any tricky problems.

“Im going to open a branch in City B, and Ill let you take it over after I acquire a suitable shop,” Gu Ning said.

“No problem,” Ning Changkai said.

They planned to open one or two branches in every big city first before they expanded the business around the country.

It wasnt uncommon that a brand owned dozens or even hundreds of branches in a city.

A city was normally very large after all, and most people stayed in the same place throughout their lifetime.

No matter how famous the brand was, its impossible that everyone around the country would have heard of it.

In addition, nobody was willing to buy a product which was far from where he or she lived.

However, Gu Ning wouldnt open branches everywhere, and around 20 branches in City B were enough.

Twenty branches in City B werent many, but they decided to work with different big pharmacies and beauty shops so that they could put Colaine medicines along with Kouzi skincare products on their shelves, which was also an important way to sell their products.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting checked several shops, and Gu Ning bought one of them which she was the most satisfied with.

Although the shops were all of high standard, Gu Ning couldnt buy all of them at a time.

It wasnt a good thing to expand her business at a rapid pace.

Instead, Gu Ning was determined to do it at a steady pace.

Afterwards, they left for the Huangdeng Hotel when it was almost 5 pm.

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