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Chapter 717 Gu Nings Arrangement

Tang Deming, on the other hand, couldnt believe his eyes.

Whats going on here Shouldnt it be a video of an employee of Tanghuang Group making a deal with a person working in Technology Company E Why has it been replaced

Quan Mingkai was also surprised to see the land in the video, but he was familiar with it.

Allan noticed their confusion, and said, “This is a great piece of land, and many real estate companies of Country Y are competing for it.

Luckily, I succeeded in acquiring it in the end.

I plan to build an exclusive private clubhouse and a resort on it, but my company cant afford the expenses.

I admire Tanghuangs ability, so I hope that we can work together to develop the land, and share the profits fifty-fifty.

What do you think”

“What” Everyone was shocked again.

They hadnt dealt with the problem of the leak of the proposal yet, and Allan wanted to cooperate with Tanghuang again right now


Allan, shouldnt we deal with the leak problem first” Tang Deming asked in annoyance.

They had made a deal beforehand.

Why did Allan suddenly change his mind He wasnt afraid of the investigation because he wasnt involved in it in person, but he was mad at the opposite result.

“Its not me who isnt willing to deal with the leak problem, but neither of us can find evidence.

What can we do now No matter who leaked the proposal, the company should pay compensation.

Tanghuang can afford it, but I cant, so I need to make money first,” Allan said.

After a second, he added, “Although the leak problem has affected our relationship, I dont think that we cant cooperate again.

I appreciate Tanghuangs influence and ability, so there is no reason for me to stop cooperating with Tanghuang.

In addition, there is nothing that should be kept a secret in this deal, and its a win-win, so why dont we have a try”

Tang Deming was struck dumb with anger.

It was obvious that Allan changed his mind, and it was useless for him to say anything further.

Therefore, Tang Deming had to close his mouth, although he was reluctant to accept it.

“I agree! Although it wasnt a pleasant cooperation in regards to the security system, we can still work with each other to make money!” Quan Mingkai said happily.

Given Allans previous attitude, Quan Mingkai believed that Allan must have made a secret deal with Tang Demings group.

Even though Quan Mingkai was also confused by his sudden change, there was no reason for Quan Mingkai to decline this project which Allan sent them in person.

“Alright, we can keep on investigating the leak problem, and I hope that we can communicate with each other more.

As long as we trust each other as usual, we can continue to work together.

Well, I think its time for dinner, and I prefer to discuss business by a dining table.

Would you mind inviting us to share a meal together” Allan asked, and didnt feel that there was anything wrong with it.

Tanghuang Group agreed to cooperate with them, but they still needed to discuss many details before signing the contract.

“Of course not!” Quan Mingkai said.

Even if Allan didnt say it himself, Quan Mingkai would invite him to dine together as well.

“Would you mind sharing dinner with us at 5:30 pm at the hotel where you stay”

Allan stayed in the Huangdeng Hotel which was owned by Tanghuang Group, and Quan Mingkai had booked rooms for them.

“Sure, why not,” Allan said.

After that, the meeting was over, and Quan Mingkai walked Allans group out.

They used to think that it would be a major difficulty, but to their astonishment it was easily solved!

When Tang Deming was back in his office, he called Tang Weiyong without delay.

“The plan failed.”

“What Failed” Tang Weiyong was shocked.

“What happened”

Tang Deming then told Tang Weiyong everything, which annoyed Tang Weiyong.

“How could he change his mind and even propose to work with Tanghuang on such a big project”

“What should we do next” Tang Deming asked.

“Ill call you when I have an idea,” Tang Weiyong said.

“Sure,” Tang Deming said.

Quan Mingkai didnt walk back to the company until Allans group got in their cars.

Allan also made a call once he was seated in the car.

“Miss Gu, its already done, and Ill meet you at the dinner,” Allan said in his gentle voice the second someone answered his call.

“Thanks!” Gu Ning said.

The person who answered Allans call was exactly Gu Ning.

At noon, K failed to find anything useful after hacking into Technology Company Es and Technology Company Gs databases, so Gu Ning told him to find out who the boss of Technology Company G was.

Gu Ning planned to find a clue from its boss, but she was surprised to discover that the boss of Technology Company G was Allan.

Therefore, Gu Ning called Bai Xueyan for Allans number, then called Allan at once.

Gu Ning and Allan werent very familiar actually, but they had met each other a few times, so she thought that Allan might be willing to help her.

“Allan, hi.

This is Gu Ning,” Gu Ning said when Allan answered her call.

“Miss Gu, Im surprised to receive your call.” Allan was telling the truth, because they didnt stay in touch although they had met before.

“Allan, please accept my apology first, because Ive done an investigation of your company without your permission.

I asked Xueyan for your number after I found out that youre the boss of Technology Company G,” Gu Ning said.

“The thing is, I have a close relationship with Tanghuang Group and I have already heard the terrible news about the leak problem.

Although I dont know which company has leaked the information, but I think that its very likely to be a scheme against Tanghuang Group.”

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