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Chapter 711 Your Answer Is More Important

Xin Bei drove Cao Wenxin back to Huafu Hills.

“It seems like you really hate that man.

Why” Xin Bei asked.

He could tell that the man admired Cao Wenxin, and he wasnt happy about that, even though Cao Wenxin disliked him.

“Yeah, the man is called Xie Dongyan, and he was born in the Xie family in City B.

He was the boyfriend of one of my friends, but he said that he only became my friends boyfriend to get close to me.

My friend was really hurt and moved abroad.

Although she didnt blame me for it, she never contacted me again.

I hate Xie Dongyan because of that.

If he keeps a distance from me, its fine, but Ill punch him if he annoys me.

However, once on shore one prays no more, and hes repeatedly harassed me,” Cao Wenxin said and her voice was full of hatred towards Xie Dongyan and guilt for her friend.

Although it wasnt Cao Wenxins fault, it had something to do with her after all, so she still felt guilty.

Cao Wenxin never liked Xie Dongyan, but Xin Bei thought that Xie Dongyan must love her very much, otherwise he wouldnt have repeatedly approached her even though he knew that she would punch him.

Therefore, Xin Bei felt a little bitter.

When they arrived at the gate of the house, Cao Wenxin was ready to get out.

“Wait a second.” Xin Bei stopped her all of a sudden.

“What” Cao Wenxin turned to ask him, but he suddenly kissed her.

Cao Wenjun rounded her eyes in shock, seeing his handsome face right in front of her eyes.

Her mind went blank at this moment.

Xin Bei was also astonished by his passionate move, but he didnt let her go, because he enjoyed the taste of her soft lips.

It was obvious that Cao Wenxin enjoyed it as well, so she didnt resist at all.

Xin Bei pushed his tongue past her teeth and into her mouth.

She didnt push him away until she was out of breath.

Xin Bei wasnt prepared, so he was easily pushed away, and realized what he had just done.

Seeing Cao Wenxin in a panic, Xin Bei got nervous and felt guilty.

“Wenxin, I…”

He lost control of himself.

He liked her and he wanted to be with her.

Before Xin Bei could say another word, Cao Wenxin opened the car door and was about to leave, but was stopped by Xin Bei again.


“W-what” Cao Wenxins body and voice trembled a little, and she didnt have the courage to look back at Xin Bei.

“I can be very busy or free with my job.

When Im very busy, you probably wont hear from me for more than half a month, but I can have a break of nearly a week when Im free.

I like you.

If you dont mind my job, could you please give me a chance” Xin Bei confessed his affection for Cao Wenxin.

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Hearing that, Cao Wenxins heart began to race.

She was very excited, but also wanted to escape.

“You, let me go.

I need to go home now.”

Cao Wenxin didnt answer Xin Beis question, although she wanted to.

She wasnt sure whether she really liked Xin Bei, and she had never had a boyfriend before, so she felt timid.

“You havent answered my question yet!” Xin Bei wouldnt let her go.

“I-I-I…” Cao Wenxin stammered.

“What” Xin Bei moved closer to her and his warm breath was right by Cao Wenxins ear.

She ached to escape right now, but had nowhere to do so.

“Le-leave me alone.” Cao Wenxin turned around to push him, but she felt aroused all of a sudden when her hands touched his strong chest, and she drew them back at once in fear.

“You dont like me at all” Xin Bei asked and felt really hurt.

“Of course not!” Cao Wenxin denied it subconsciously, but felt more embarrassed once she blurted it out.

“I-I…” However, she didnt know how to explain it now.

Xin Bei was cheered up hearing her answer, but he wanted a clearer one.

“Since you denied it, why dont you tell me directly whether you like me or not”

“I…” Right when Cao Wenxin stammered again, Xin Beis phone rang, and Cao Wenxin felt quite relieved.

It seemed that she dodged the bullet.

However, Xin Bei had no intention to answer the call, which surprised Cao Wenxin.

“Um, d-dont you hear your phone ringing”

“Yeah,” Xin Bei said, but didnt bother to answer it.

He had set a special ringtone for all the important numbers, but this ringtone wasnt it, so it wasnt an important call.

“Why dont you pick it up” Cao Wenxin was confused.

“Your answer is more important,” Xin Bei said.

It was something sweeter than sweet nothings, and Cao Wenxin felt touched.

“I-Ill give you the answer tomorrow.

How about that” Cao Wenxin knew that she couldnt escape this time, and decided to face


“Ill be going back to the capital tomorrow,” Xin Bei said.

Hearing that, Cao Wenxin was disappointed, although she already knew about it.

Cao Wenxin insisted on giving Xin Bei the answer tomorrow, so Xin Bei agreed.

He couldnt wait to hear the answer, but he knew that it would take time for Cao Wenxin to accept him.

After that, Cao Wenxin got out of the car, and escaped back to her house.

Seeing Cao Wenxin walking into her house, Xin Bei took out his phone and checked the caller.

The caller was Xin Chen.

“Hey, why did you call me so late” Xin Bei asked.

“Why didnt you tell us that youre in City B now Your sister-in-law just saw you in the video of the opening ceremony of Jade Beauty Jewelry!” Xin Chen complained.

“Well, Ive been with my friends these past few days, and Im going back to my team tomorrow.

Ill visit you next time,” Xin Bei said.

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