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Chapter 696 Zhao Xiaoxuan Moves On

Jade Beauty Jewelry was as popular as usual, and it made a lot more money than other jewelry brands.

Therefore, many other jewelry businessmen were jealous of Gu Ning and Zhou Zhenghong, but they could do nothing about it.

Gu Ning had the full support of the Tang family after all.

Since Jade Beauty Jewelry already opened its branch in City B, its branch in the capital was about to open too.

Gu Ning thought that she better set up a processing plant in the capital as well, because the processing plant in City G couldnt satisfy the needs of the expanding jewelry branches.

Thinking of that, Gu Ning called Chen Cangyi.

“Hi, Cangyi, I need a processing plant to produce the jade jewelry for Jade Beauty Jewelry.

Could you please help me find one Call me once you find the biggest factory, and Ill let the manager of Jade Beauty Jewelry contact you after that,” Gu Ning said.

Zhou Zhenghong would fly to the capital for the jewelry branch there, so Gao Yi would be responsible for the jewelry delivery this time.

“Sure, boss,” Chen Cangyi said.

“Oh, arent there several private houses behind the building of our corporation They occupy around seven hundred square-meters, and a real estate developer came to acquire it yesterday to build an office building, but the deal hasnt been settled yet because the acquiring price is a little low.

Do you need the land”

Chen Cangyi wasnt sure whether Gu Ning wanted to expand her corporation, so he didnt call her yesterday when he found it.

Now, since Gu Ning called him today, he mentioned it on the phone.

Hearing that, Gu Nings face lit up.

“Go acquire it, as long as they offer a reasonable price.”

A piece of land which was around seven hundred square-meters large might cost at least a hundred million yuan in the capital.

Gu Ning understood that very well, but she was unwilling to pay a much higher price for it.

Gu Ning always had the idea to expand her corporation, so if she could acquire the land behind the building of her corporation, it would be much better.

“Sure, boss,” Chen Cangyi said.

He understood that Gu Ning must want the land very much from her tone, and he felt happy that he told Gu Ning about it on time.

“Oh,” Gu Ning said before she was about to hang up.

“I also need a gym, so please help me find one which is on sale.”

Gu Ning needed a gym not to make money, but to use it as a training place for the bodyguards of her security company which she was going to establish in the near future.

She would only hire retired soldiers who were all well-trained, so she planned to open training classes to teach people fighting skills as well.

“No problem, boss,” Chen Cangyi said again.

When Leng Shaoting heard that Gu Ning turned to another person for help, he was displeased.

Why didnt Gu Ning ask him for help However, when he heard the person call Gu Ning boss, he knew that the person must work for Gu Ning.

In that case, Leng Shaoting wouldnt mind it.

When Zhao Xiaoxuan got home, she didnt cry or break things, but seemed quite sad.

She took out a bottle of strong alcohol, which scared Mrs.



Zhao understood that Zhao Xiaoxuan must be in a terrible mood after arguing with Lin Tianyou today, but she had never seen Zhao Xiaoxuan drink by herself.

“Xiaoxuan, what are you doing” Mrs.

Zhao grabbed the bottle away.

“Drowning my sorrows! I broke up with Lin Tianyou, properly this time.

I lost him!” Zhao Xiaoxuan whimpered, but still didnt cry out loud.

This was the first time that she had been able to control her emotions.

“What” Mrs.

Zhao was shocked.

“Is he really going to try to get Yu Zi back”.

“Yes,” Zhao Xiaoxuan said.

“In fact, Lin Tianyou never liked me.

He agreed to be my boyfriend just because our families are of equal social status, and Im the only child of our family so he could inherit our familys properties in the future.

However, Yu Zi is now more valuable in his eyes, so he dumped me.

I also realize today that I feel so tired being in a relationship with him.”

Zhao Xiaoxuan already knew, but she chose to turn a blind eye on it when she was in love with Lin Tianyou.

She loved him so much that she was willing to treat him to the best of her ability even though he was merely taking advantage of her.

Once he broke her heart, she realized that it was just a dream.

“What How can he treat you like that!” Mrs.

Zhao was mad.

“I cant tolerate it! I must call him right now!” Mrs.

Zhao said, and took out her phone.

“Please dont.” Zhao Xiaoxuan stopped her mother, because she was feeling depressed.

“Its meaningless and useless.

Mom, please dont argue with Yu Zi either, because she isnt someone our family can mess with right now.

It isnt her fault either, and its impossible that she will be with Lin Tianyou again.

It is all Lin Tianyous idea, and hell suffer a double loss.”

Zhao Xiaoxuan had never been so mature and sensible before as she was right now.

Life had taught her an important lesson.

Seeing Zhao Xiaoxuan being so calm, Mrs.

Zhao was surprised, but agreed with her.

Compared with Mrs.

Lin, Mrs.

Zhao wasnt as selfish and arrogant even though she also spoiled Zhao Xiaoxuan rotten.

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