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Chapter 695 Math Competition

“Ha-ha.” Gu Ning laughed a little.

“I like how we get along with each other.”

“Fine.” Since Gu Ning said so, Tang Jiakai didnt say anything further.

He had no right to interfere in her private affairs after all.

At this moment, Gu Nings phone rang, and the caller was her principal.

Gu Ning didnt avoid them and answered the call at once.


“Hi, Gu Ning, there is a national math competition for high school students in two weeks.

Itll be held on Saturday at City B University.

Every province will send three high school students to take part in it.

Youre a well-known, excellent student in our school, and I hoped that you could join in on behalf of our city.

If you can win any of the top three prizes, Ill allow you to skip all the classes and monthly test till the day of the National College Entrance Examination.

How about it” the principal asked.

“Sure.” Gu Ning agreed without hesitation, because it was a win-win if she could win a prize in the competition.

All of a sudden, she asked, “Well, Im not sure whether I can win a prize.

If I cant, will you force me to go back to attend classes”

Although Gu Ning was confident about herself, she wasnt certain that she could win a prize.

After all, the contestants were all excellent high school students who came from every province around the country.

One could never be too careful, so Gu Ning couldnt make any promises.

“Of course I wont,” the principal said.

He knew that Gu Ning would reject if he said he would.

“Glad to hear that.” Gu Ning was relieved.

“Great, then Ill send you the phone number of the teacher who will lead the team to join in the competition,” the principal said.

“No problem!” Gu Ning replied.

“Oh, by the way,” the principal added.

“Gu Ning, youre the pride of our school now.

I wish you well and luck in your career! Do you know that principals in other high schools all want to poach you from our school, but Ill never allow it to happen, ha-ha.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning was amused.

“Well, Im honored that our school is proud of me, and Ill never leave our school to join another high school,” Gu Ning said.

She was about to attend college, so she had no interest in other high schools.

“Great!” The principal was thrilled to hear that.

“Ningning, what prize are you going to win” Tang Jiakai asked when Gu Ning ended the call.

“There is a national math competition in City B University on Saturday in two weeks, and our principal wants me to participate in it on behalf of our school,” Gu Ning said.

“Math competition Are you good at math” Tang Jiakai was surprised.

Gu Ning wore a confident smile.

“Im good at every subject!” Gu Ning wasnt bragging, but just told the truth.

It was hard to find such an outstanding high school student who was good at every subject, around the country.

Tang Jiakai said with admiration, “I feel so ashamed now that youre better than me in every aspect.”

Gu Ning laughed.

“You can still protect me as my older cousin!”

Although Leng Shaoting knew that Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai were cousins, he still felt upset when Gu Ning said that.

However, he didnt show it on his face.

“No problem!” Tang Jiakai was cheered up.

“Alright, if what we went through at the Earth Nightclub happens again, you have to protect me well.” Gu Ning said on purpose to scare Tang Jiakai.

Tang Jiakais smile froze on his face at once.

What they had been through at the Earth Nightclub still left him in horror.


“Um, well, I dont think I can…” Tang Jiakai said.

Normal people wouldnt be safe in such a dangerous situation; Gu Ning was an exception.

It wasnt shameful to admit that.

In City F, Gu Qing received the skincare products sent by Colaine, and called Gu Man to tell her.

Gu Man then walk downstairs to tell Gu Ning.

“Ningning, your aunt told me that she plans to open the salon the day after tomorrow, so I want to go back tomorrow,” Gu Man said.

“Sure, but I cant go back with you because I still need to deal with something here.

Ill send Qiao Ya to fly back with you,” Gu Ning said.

The Tang family would be going through a big change these days, so she had to stay alert since both Tang Haifeng and Tang Yunfan had to lie in bed.

Although the Tang family was powerful enough to defeat their enemy, she wanted to help as a member of the Tang family.

She couldnt promise that she would solve every problem for them, but she would do her best to help them overcome the crisis.

If she hadnt been in City B this time, Tang Haifeng would have been murdered.


Since Gu Ning made the arrangement for her, Gu Man agreed.

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