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Chapter 687 Lin Lijuan Goes Crazy

Lin Lijuan wore a sad expression all the time, and damaged the relaxed atmosphere in the Lin familys house, so nobody felt comfortable.

Zhang Meiyu had tried to persuade Lin Lijuan not to divorce Gu Qinxiang, because a divorce wouldnt do any good to the children.

As long as Gu Qinxiang stopped cheating on her, they could still live a good life.

However, Lin Lijuan was drowning in sorrow now, and refused Zhang Meiyus advice, so Zhang Meiyu gave up.

In order to avoid having to get along with Lin Lijuan, Zhang Meiyu often left the house and went to shop or play Mahjong with her friends once she was free.

At this moment, Zhang Meiyu was cooking in the kitchen, while Lin Lijuan was sitting in the living room with an absent look on her face.

Lin Yuehao was half lying on the sofa playing on his phone.

After ads, a hostess said in the TV, “Welcome back to Fashion Broadcast, were going to show the release conference of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm.”

Hearing that, both Lin Lijuan and Lin Yuehao were surprised and watched TV.

They all knew that Jade Beauty Jewelry was Gu Nings company, so they paid special attention to it.

The hostess continued to introduce Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm before the release conference was shown on the screen.

“Although Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm are newly-established companies, theyve attracted a lot of attention and have gotten many positive comments since their products went on the market.

Their boss, however, is a senior in highschool who is just 18 years old.”

Afterwards, the release conference was shown on the screen, and Gu Ning and the others went on the stage.

Lin Yuehao was always scared of Gu Ning, but he didnt hate her.

He was just a hoodlum.

Once he realized that he didnt have the ability to hurt Gu Ning, he was unwilling to annoy her again.

Lin Lijuan, on the other hand, hated Gu Ning more than ever, especially after Gu Ning became so successful.

Her daughter was still in jail! Although it wasnt Gu Nings fault, Lin Lijuan blamed Gu Ning for everything.

Therefore, when Lin Lijuan saw Gu Ning on TV, she glared at Gu Ning like Gu Ning was her biggest enemy.

“OMG, Gu Ning is so awesome!” Lin Yuehao exclaimed in shock.

He wasnt jealous of Gu Ning, but admired her.

Hearing that, Lin Lijuan gave Lin Yuehao a glance with dissatisfaction.

Lin Yuehao ignored Lin Lijuans glance, and despised her in his heart.

In his eyes, Lin Lijuan was an idiot who held a grudge against such an outstanding niece.

If Lin Lijuans family hadnt annoyed Gu Ning, they wouldnt be in such a dreadful condition now.

Lin Yuehao totally forgot that he had bullied Gu Ning before too.

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Zhang Meiyu heard Lin Yuehaos voice, and walked out from the kitchen.

When she saw Gu Ning on the TV, she was also interested.

Seeing that Gu Ning was so successful now, Zhang Meiyu hated Lin Lijuan for what Lin Lijuan had done to Gu Ning.

If Lin Lijuans family could have gotten along well with Gu Ning, Gu Ning would have been willing to give them a helping hand now.

Gu Qinxiangs construction company could barely stay afloat now.

Gu Qings family, on the other hand, lived a much better life than them because of their close relationship with Gu Man and Gu Ning.

Gu Qinyangs family had also changed their attitude towards Gu Man, Gu Ning and Gu Qings family.

If anything bad happened to them, Gu Ning would help them without a doubt.

Although Zhang Meiyu wasnt a generous and kind woman, she wouldnt criticize or bully her poor relatives.

In addition, it wasnt something shameful that a woman had a premarital pregnancy nowadays, but Lin Lijuan and Gu Mans mother had used that to humiliate Gu Man and Gu Ning many times.

All of a sudden, Lin Lijuan smashed the remote control on the coffee table with a loud sound, which scared Lin Yuehao and Zhang Meiyu who were enjoying the news on TV.

“Why Why am I living a terrible life now, but the bitch Gu Man and the bastard Gu Ning are in the spotlight!” Lin Lijuan shouted in anger and with strong hatred.

Hearing that, Lin Yuehao and Zhang Meiyu frowned with dissatisfaction.

Lin Yuehao snorted with disdain.

“Why Because they have the ability to live a good life!”

“No, no, no!” Lin Lijuan couldnt accept it.

Seeing Lin Lijuan being crazy, Lin Yuehao didnt bother to argue with her.

Zhang Meiyu also remained silent.

However, Lin Lijuan grabbed the ashtray on the coffee table and threw it at the TV with great force.

In her eyes, Gu Ning along with her release conference would be ruined once the TV was broken.

Neither Lin Yuehao nor Zhang Meiyu expected Lin Lijuans abrupt movement, and the TV screen was broken at once.

Lin Yuehao and Zhang Meiyu were struck dumb.

“Are you crazy” Lin Yuehao jumped up from the sofa and glared at Lin Lijuan.

Lin Lijuan was also struck dumb by her behavior, and trembled in fear with a pale face.

She had no intention to hit the TV, but she just lost control of herself.

At this moment, there was black smoke coming out of the TV, and Lin Yuehao dashed over to pull out its plug in case it would explode.

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