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Chapter 675 The Release Conference

Gu Ning smiled.

“Its fine.

Youre here anyway.”

After that, Gu Ning and the others went to Huangdeng Hotel along with the jade jewelry the models would wear.

As for Gu Nings donation, Tang Haifeng arranged a meeting with the manager at the Huangdeng Hotel.

The charity foundation run by the Tang family had a great reputation, so people wouldnt wonder whether Gu Ning really donated her money to it even though they didnt see it with their own eyes.

Everything was ready at this time in Huangdeng Hotel.

The release conference would begin at 12:20 am.

After two minutes, Gu Ning and the others arrived.

When they walked into the hall, there were already many people inside.

Several men walked forward to welcome them at once.

Most importantly, Tang Haifeng and Master Lei showed up in person.

“Oh, its such an honor to meet you, Master Tang and Master Lei! How are you these days”

“I dont think there is a need to ask that question.

Both Master Tang and Master Lei look so good!”


No matter who met Tang Haifeng and Master Lei, it was unavoidable that he or she would fawn over them.

“Ha-ha, Im good, so I came to join in the activity.” Tang Haifeng laughed, and he behaved like an ordinary, kind old man.

However, Tang Haifeng had been in a high position in politics for many years, so he had a natural air of power.

Therefore, many people were still in awe of him.

They walked over mainly to welcome Tang Haifeng and Master Lei, but they also wouldnt ignore Gu Ning who was the leading role today.

“This must be Miss Gu, right” a man looked at Gu Ning and asked.

“Nice to meet you.

Im Gu Ning,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

“Miss Gu is really an outstanding young girl.”

“Exactly! Ive never seen another young girl who is able to achieve so much at such an early age like Miss Gu.”

“I wish my children could be as outstanding as Miss Gu!”

“Let alone the younger generation, I myself feel ashamed of my lack of creative talent.”

They were not flattering Gu Ning, but really thought highly of Gu Ning because she was so young.

Facing their compliments, Gu Ning just smiled, and stayed modest.

“Thank you so much for your encouragement.

I think I still need to learn and practice more.”

Gu Nings modest attitude strengthened peoples good impression of her.

Two young women were talking about Gu Ning from behind the crowd.

“Yu Zi is so lucky to meet such a good boss,” a woman said, feeling happy for Yu Zi.

“Exactly! Im curious to see Lin Tianyous face after he hears this news,” another woman said, gloating over Yu Zis victory.

They were Yu Zi and Cao Wenxins mutual friends.

“Linlin, why dont we have a bet on whether Lin Tianyou will try to get Yu Zi back after he finds out” a woman said with interest.

Linlin rolled her eyes at her friend.

“Isnt it obvious enough Lin Tianyou will definitely try to get Yu Zi back once he finds out.”

Her friend shrugged.


Although Im curious to see Lin Tianyous reaction, I prefer to see him disappear from Yu Zis sight.”

When Tang Haifeng and the others were all seated, Gu Ning took the jade jewelry to the models backstage.

There was an anteroom and an interior room backstage, and the interior room consisted of the models dressing rooms and lounge.

“Hi, Miss Gu!”

The moment Gu Ning walked into the anteroom, Gao Yi stood up and greeted her.

“Are they ready” Gu Ning asked.

“Yes, theyre waiting for the jewelry now,” Gao Yi said.

“Great,” Gu Ning said, then walked to the interior room.

There were only women inside, so it wasnt convenient for Gao Yi to walk in.

“Hi, boss!” Yu Zi greeted Gu Ning once she appeared.

All the models turned to look at Gu Ning as well, and they were all stunned by her beauty.

Although those models were very attractive themselves, they still had to admit that Gu Ning was even more beautiful than them.

Most importantly, Gu Ning didnt wear any make-up.

Her skin looked so smooth, and it was even shining under the lights.

The models might be jealous of Gu Ning, but didnt dare to annoy her given her identity.

Gu Ning was also satisfied to see them with make-up and gowns on.

Each of the models was tall and had a great body shape along with a good-looking face.

“Please put the jewelry on now,” Gu Ning said, and put the jewelry box on the table.

Hearing that, they surrounded the table at once.

After putting down the jewelry, Gu Ning left.

Gao Yi and Yu Zi would be in charge of the backstage work.

When Gu Ning walked back into the hall, most of the guests were present.

Some recognized Gu Ning and went to greet her at once.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Gu.

Im the manager of…”

“Miss Gu, nice to meet you.


They introduced themselves first, and Gu Ning talked to them kindly.

She behaved like a mature woman, not a teenager.

It was rare to see such a young girl being so stable.

Some of them came here to meet Gu Ning, and some came here because of the Tang family.

They knew that Gu Ning had a special relationship with the Tang family, so they were all kind to Gu Ning.

Although there werent many big names at this release conference, many people came on behalf of many famous clothing companies.

When it was almost 12 pm, they were all seated.

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