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Chapter 669 Danger Stays with Power and Wealth

Some liked famous brands, which could accentuate their wealth.

While some preferred brands of good quality, which were comfortable.

Different people had different opinions.

“Is there any piece that you like I can buy it for you as a gift,” Si Ming said to Qiu Yuxin.

“Arent you afraid that itll cost you a fortune” Qiu Yuxin smiled.

“Im happy to buy it for you as long as youre happy,” Si Ming said.

“Please, stop showing off your affection for each other.” Cao Wenxin felt so hurt standing by their side.

“We dont mind it if you can do the same,” Qiu Yuxin said, and challenged Cao Wenxin.

Cao Wenxin pouted in silence.

Many onlookers posted videos and photos of the opening ceremony of Jade Beauty Jewelry on the Internet, and it soon became a hot topic.

Everyone was shocked by the attendees.

“Jesus, Goddess Gu is able to maintain a good relationship with so many famous corporations and even the two biggest


“Goddess Gu is so unbelievable!”

“Qinghua Group and Heiqi Group dont stand for the Qing Gang and the Kirin Gang! Stop bragging!”

“Exactly, Qinghua Group and Heiqi Group are just businesses of the Qing Gang and the Kirin Gang.”

Many people held that opinion, which Gu Ning wouldnt disagree with.

“So what Its still not an easy thing to maintain a good relationship with Qinghua Group and Heiqi Group.”

“Im short of words to describe my astonishment now.”

“Goddess Gu, are you still hiring Can I join your company”

“Me too!”

Although many people complimented Gu Nings achievement, there were still many haters too.

“It must be a publicity stunt!”

“I dont believe that she can have such a powerful network at such an early age.”

“Me either.”

In some peoples eyes, it was hard to believe that Gu Ning, who was still a young girl, could maintain a good relationship with many famous companies and important figures.

Some haters even attacked Gu Ning on the Internet.

“Did she sell her body to build up her network Shes very attractive after all.”

“I agree, so it must be a publicity stunt.”

“Nonsense! You are just being jealous.”

“Do you have any evidence to prove that she has done that”

“Stop slandering Goddess Gu!”

“Do you have any evidence to prove that she has not done that”

“Dont be so mean.

Goddess Gu earns everything on her own.”

“Youre just her dumb fan!”

“Youre a stupid hater!”

Many haters were still attacking Gu Ning on the Internet, but Gu Nings loyal fans defended her even harder.

“Did you lose your reason Who would dare to use those dominant business groups for a publicity stunt Although Goddess Gu is really outstanding, she doesnt have the ability to fool those important figures in business.”

“Exactly! Qinghua Group also attended the opening ceremony of Jade Beauty Jewelry in City G last time.”

“Open your eyes! Couldnt you see that both

aster Tang, whos the richest man in City B, and Master Lei, whos the leading role of another super-rich family in City B, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony”

“Those haters are all idiots!”

Afterwards, reporters who had attended the opening ceremony posted their interviews on their official Weibo accounts, which proved that everything was real.

Within minutes, Jade Beauty Jewelry and Gu Ning became the hottest topics on Weibo once more.

Many celebrities were jealous of Gu Ning now, because they had tried hard to be a hot topic on Weibo but it was in vain.

However, they were also astonished by Gu Nings network.

Shengshi Group, Jinlin Group and Tanghuang Group were all the top business corporations in this country.

In addition, the businesses of the two biggest gangs also had a relationship with Gu Ning.

In that case, nobody dared to cause Gu Ning or Jade Beauty Jewelry any trouble.

Ordinary people, of course, didnt dare to do that, but ambitious people were exceptions.

Danger always stayed with power and wealth.

No matter who you were or what industry you were involved in, you would have competitors or even enemies the moment you joined the society.

Therefore, although most people were afraid of Gu Nings network, some still dared to challenge her.

Tang Weiyong was one of them.

He was going to fight against the Tang family in business, and Gu Ning was his target too.

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