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Chapter 668 Lucky Draw

In addition, Master Tang and other important figures were also there, and they wouldnt allow Feng Xueqin to ruin this opening ceremony.

Feng Xueqin did her best to calm herself down after Wu Jinyis reminder.

She knew that it wouldnt do her any good if she ruined this opening ceremony.

However, Tang Yunfan was still absent.

Feng Xueqin didnt feel happy, or unhappy knowing that Tang Yunfan was absent, because she wanted to see him, but was reluctant to see him being with Gu Man and Gu Ning.

Zhou Zhenghong went on the stage to address the audience first.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to attend the opening ceremony of Jade Beauty Jewelry…”

At the end of his speech, the audience applauded.

Gu Ning then went on stage.

Although she didnt give a formal speech like Zhou Zhenghong, she behaved like an experienced and successful businesswoman, which impressed the audience.

Gu Ning wasnt like a 18-year-old girl at all.

Even Tang Haifeng couldnt help but compliment her.

“Ningning is much more mature than her age!”

“Youre right!” Master Lei said.

He had never seen anyone who was able to be so mature and stable at such an early age before.

“Wow, Goddess Gu looks so cool!”

“If I were a man, I would marry her.”

“An ordinary man cant marry Goddess Gu.

The man must be good-looking, rich, smart, and outstanding, just like Goddess Gu!”

“I agree!”

A group of young girls discussed that under the stage in a low voice.

Seeing that those young girls held great admiration for Gu Ning, Feng Xueqin hated Gu Ning to death.

In Feng Xueqins eyes, Gu Ning should never exist.

Gu Nings mother should disappear too.

If it hadnt been for Gu Nings mother, Tang Yunfan wouldnt have rejected her.

Feng Xueqin believed that Tang Yunfan rejected her because of Gu Nings mother, not because he disliked her from the very beginning.

Feng Xueqin was really a control freak in love.

Wu Jinyi was worried about Feng Xueqin now, because Feng Xueqin was doomed to failure if she dared to annoy the Tang family.

Let alone the Tang family who supported Gu Ning behind her back, the Feng family was barely comparable to any of the other dominant business groups that were invited to attend todays opening ceremony.

However, Feng Xueqin had already lost her reason, and wouldnt care about the result once she decided to do something, especially when it was about Tang Yunfan.

In that case, Wu Jinyi could only remind Feng Xueqin not to cause any trouble when she was with her, in case she would be punished too.

Gu Ning didnt give a long speech, and the next part was ribbon-cutting.

Gu Ning, Tang Haifeng, Master Lei, Su Tongnuo and Zhou Zhenghong cut the ribbon together.

After ribbon-cutting, the jewelry store was open to everyone, but most of the people were looking forward to the lucky draw.

Feng Xueqin didnt walk inside, because she had nothing to do in the store, but she took pictures of Gu Ning and Gu Man.

Many people were taking photos at the ceremony, so nobody paid attention to her.

Although Gu Ning shocked her today, it didnt mean that she would give up her scheme against Gu Ning and Gu Man.

After all, she planned to hire someone else to do it for her.

In the next hour, many people went to join in the lucky draw.

In order to avoid confusion, they all stood in a line.

There were over a thousand red envelopes in the container.

As for the 10 prizes of jade pendants, there would a piece of paper in each of the 10 red envelopes.

As for other prizes, there would be several bills inside.

After a long time, around 70 people had dipped their hand into the container, but drew out no prize.

Just when people doubted whether there were real prizes in the container, a person drew out a red envelope with a 100-yuan bill inside.

Although it was a shame that the person didnt win the jade pendant, a 100-yuan bill was better than nothing.

As time went by, only a few people won several bills in a red envelope.

Just when they were about to lose hope, a person won the jade pendant and almost shouted in excitement.

The good news cheered many people up.

Although fewer people walked into the store, most of them were potential buyers.

Tang Yunrongs and Jiang Lihuas friends were all noble women, and each of them bought several pieces of jade jewelry.

They didnt do it for the sake of Tang Yunrong or Jiang Lihua, but because the designs of the jade jewelry really attracted them.

In addition, the jewelry in the store was all made of high quality jade.

Therefore, Jade Beauty Jewelry was more popular than other jewelry brands among the rich ladies.

Although there werent many differences in the designs of jewelry, brands still differed from each other.

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