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Chapter 639 Cut a Finger

Although the café didnt suffer any loss, they had caused trouble here, so Xin Bei took out eight hundred-yuan bills and gave them to the manager before they left.

The manager took the money, and let them go.

Yu Wenjing was alone in the hospital, so the hospital had to inform her family.

She didnt want her parents to know, so she told the doctor to call her older brother.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting came a while after Cao Wenxin and the others arrived at the hospital.

Many nurses eyes lit up when Leng Shaoting walked by them.

A nurse even walked over and asked him, “Sir, may I help”

However, Gu Ning coldly rejected her.

“No need.” Gu Ning had never seen a nurse being so gentle to a visitor in the hospital before.

At this moment, a doctor was helping Xin Bei deal with the wound.

Knowing that Leng Shaoting was on the way here, Xin Bei was in a panic, and he didnt dare look at Leng Shaoting when Leng Shaoting walked in the room.

As a member of the Red Flame, it was an embarrassment that he had been hit with an ashtray.

“You were hit with an ashtray” Leng Shaoting stared at Xin Bei with a serious face.

“I…” Xin Bei wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Cao Wenxin.

“Shaoting, he was hit with the ashtray because of me.” She also knew that it was very embarrassing that Xin Bei, as a senior soldier in the special forces, had been hit with an ashtray.

Leng Shaoting gave her a glance, then remained silent.

“Did Yu Wenjing use an ashtray to attack you” Gu Ning asked.

“Yes!” Cao Wenxin said in anger.

“How is she now” Gu Ning asked again.

“I kicked her with great force, and I bet shes seriously injured,” Cao Wenxin said airily.

She didnt think that it was inappropriate at all.

Gu Ning also thought that there was nothing wrong with it.

If she were Cao Wenxin, she would beat Yu Wenjing to disability.

The doctor finished dealing with the wound on Xin Beis head.

Just when he was about to apply some medicine to it, Gu Ning stopped him, and took out a bottle of power crystal.

She poured some water inside, and treated the wound for Xin Bei.

The external application of the power crystal was aimed at curing wounds.

It could improve resistance by talking it and the power would spread to the wound to heal it from inside, but the wound on the surface would look the same.

It took more pills to completely heal a wound.

Given Xin Beis outstanding physical fitness, there was no need for him to take the pill, so Gu Ning applied it to the wound on the surface.

The doctor tried to stop Gu Ning, because he thought that Gu Ning wasnt a professional.

However, Xin Bei agreed to it, so the doctor gave up and let Gu Ning do whatever she wanted.

Before long, the wound on Xin Beis head stopped bleeding, which surprised the doctor.

“Wow.” The doctor rounded his eyes in shock.

He turned to Gu Ning and asked her with curiosity, “Miss, may I know what kind of medicine is this Its so effective!”

“I have no idea.

It was a gift from a friend.” Gu Ning gave him a perfunctory answer.

Since Gu Ning said so, the doctor didnt ask further.

“Ningning, hows the wound now” Cao Wenxin asked with concern.

“Its fine, but I think he better have a CT scan,” Gu Ning said.

Afterwards, Xin Bei went to have a CT scan.

A while later, the result was out, and the doctor said that Xin Bei was fine, but he better stay in the hospital for a day.

Therefore, Xin Bei stayed in the hospital.

Leng Shaoting had to go back to the Leng familys house, so Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting didnt stay in the patient room for long.

Gu Ning said, “He was injured because of you, so you should stay here to take care of him.

Shaoting and I have to leave now.”

“No problem,” Cao Wenxin said.


Apply it once in the afternoon, and once in the evening.” Gu Ning gave Cao Wenxin the bottle of power crystal.

“Thanks!” Cao Wenxin took it, and thought that this bottle of medicine was really important.

When Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were gone, Cao Wenxin felt a little uneasy staying with Xin Bei alone.

“Um, Im not good at taking care of others.

If you need anything, please directly tell me.”

“Thanks,” Xin Bei said.

“I should thank you for what you did,” Cao Wenxin said.

“No big deal.

I feel guilty that youve been harassed by her because of me,” Xin Bei said, feeling embarrassed.

“Well, lets drop the topic.

Do you want to have an apple I can help you peel one,” Cao Wenxin said.

“Thanks!” Xin Bei said with a smile.

Seeing his charming smile, Cao Wenxin flushed, and turned around at once, in case Xin Bei would notice it.

Even so, Xin Bei still saw her red face.

Xin Bei wasnt an idiot in love, so he knew that Cao Wenxin flushed because she liked him now.

Although he wanted to ask her directly, he was afraid that she would be annoyed, so he decided to take it slowly.

All of a sudden, Cao Wenxin cut her finger by accident and shouted in pain.

“What happened” Xin Bei jumped out of the bed at once.

Seeing that her finger was bleeding, he felt very sad.

“Its fine.

I just cut my finger by accident.” Cao Wenxin wasnt a weak woman, so she didnt care about it at all.

“Its bleeding!” Xin Bei was displeased.

“Where is the medicine Gu Ning gave you” Xin Bei asked.

“I can ask for an adhesive bandage from the nurse, and itll be fine.

The medicine is for your wound.” Cao Wenxin thought that the cut on her finger was barely comparable to the wound on Xin Beis head.

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