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Chapter 629 Public Display of Affection

Some also said that international brands could also be very awful.

For the sake of Gu Anna, many still decided to have a look.

Gu Anna was born in a super-rich family herself so she, of course, wouldnt recommend bad things if she had tried them.

Even though Gu Nings skincare brand wasnt very famous yet, Gu Annas friends were also willing to give it a try to please Gu Anna.

Not everyone who was Gu Annas WeChat contact had a close relationship with her, and many girls were born in relatively poorer families than the Gu family, so they all wanted to ride on the Gu familys coattails.

As long as they could maintain a good relationship with the Gu family, it was possible that the Gu family would give them a helping hand in the future.

Even though they might not need that, it wasnt a bad thing to maintain a good relationship with the Gu family after all.

Gu Anna didnt care about their opinions.

She wouldnt force them to buy the products anyway.

The three of them talked and sang in the KTV room until 6 pm.

If Xu Jinchen hadnt come to tell them to come eat together, they wouldnt have felt hungry at all!

During dinner, Leng Shaoting kept putting food into Gu Nings bowl, and even helped her peel shrimp, which made the other four single people feel quite jealous.

“Hey, couldnt you care a little about our feelings” Xu Jinchen said.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting knew that the others around the table were still single, but they still displayed their affection for each other right in front of them.

“Exactly!” Gu Anna said.

“I loved freedom, but now I want love.”

When you were alone, you felt free, and you could do whatever you wanted.

However, you somehow ached for love when you saw a loving couple.

“Why You not single because of us,” Leng Shaoting said, and hit the point.


Ill choose a man from those who are chasing me now to be my boyfriend!” Gu Anna said, like it was a very serious decision.

“Im so envious of you.

You still have choices, but I dont think I have,” Xu Qinyin said.

Xu Qinyin was beautiful, well-educated, and was also from a super-rich as well as powerful family in the capital.

There were few men who had the same background as her, but she also had many admirers.

However, she liked none of them.

It wasnt because she had high standards of her boyfriend, but because men today were all results-driven egotists.

Even though Xu Qinyin had high standards for her boyfriend, she had the confidence to set the rules.

In fact, she didnt demand that the man must be born in a super-rich or powerful family like her, but he must be outstanding and good-looking.

However, she hadnt found anyone who meet her standards yet.

Most importantly, her ex-boyfriend had a bad effect on her.

Although her ex-boyfriend came from a relatively powerful family in the capital as well, his family was barely comparable to hers.

Even so, Xu Qinyin had never thought lightly of him.

Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend had simply taken advantage of her.

Exactly because her ex-boyfriends family was just relatively powerful, but not very powerful in the capital, he couldnt receive invitation letters from many high-end parties.

The Xu family, on the other hand, was one of the richest families in the capital, so Xu Qinyin was always invited to attend those high-end parties.

Therefore, her ex-boyfriend would ride on her coattails to expand his own network.

Xu Qinyin had helped him several times, but her ex-boyfriend was never satisfied.

He had even demanded to meet a certain figure.

After that, Xu Qinyin was very disappointed, and broke up with him after a violent quarrel.

All in all, Xu Qinyin still felt quite hurt in this relationship, and didnt move on until a month had passed.

Although it had happened a year ago, and she already got over her ex-boyfriend, it was still like a nightmare in her mind.

She was afraid to encounter that terrible experience again, so she couldnt accept another man or fall in love easily now.

“Come on, you have many more admirers than I do! Dont play pitiful with me,” Gu Anna said.

As Xu Qinyins close friend, Gu Anna, of course, knew why Xu Qinyin looked so sad now, but she thought that Xu Qinyin should be more brave in love.

There were indeed more bad guys than good ones in this world, but it didnt mean that there were no good men at all.

Not every man behaved like Xu Qinyins ex-boyfriend after all.

In addition, girls learned how to love from previous terrible experiences, Gu Anna did as well, but Gu Anna never lost hope for true love.

She loved being free, and she also ached for love.

“Fine, I just havent found a man that I like yet,” Xu Qinyin said.

“Oh, Gu Ning, I heard that your store will open tomorrow,” Xu Jinchen said.

“Yes,” Gu Ning answered.

“Ill go have a look with my friends to support you!” Xu Jinchen said.

“Why would you men go there too Those are female skincare products,” Xu Qinyin said with disdain.

She didnt know that Gu Ning also had a pharmacy.

Hearing that, Xu Jinchen rolled his eyes at Xu Qinyin then said, “I go there to support Gu Ning out of kindness, alright”

“Fine!” Xu Qinyin made a face.

After dinner, they sang a while longer in the KTV room before they separated.

Once Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were back in the house, Leng Shaoting pressed her against the bed.

He had been waiting for this moment the entire day.

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