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Chapter 617 Kouzi

If Gu Ning didnt tell him, but expose it before the media, his family would be in great trouble.

Although his family was very powerful, their enemies were powerful too.

Even though it wasnt Jiang Zhenghuas fault, he had to take responsibility for it.

When Jiang Zhenghua heard of it from his father, he told his secretary to investigate it at once.

It turned out to be true that Colaine Pharmaceutical Company had never passed the drug control even once this year.

The secretary told the supervisor who was in charge of the medicine and skincare product test to go to the directors office.

When the supervisor got to know the reason why Jiang Zhenghua suddenly asked about Colaine, he was scared and confessed to everything.

There was nothing wrong with the medicine and skincare products of Colaine, but the office leader told him not to let Colaine pass the test.

After that, Jiang Zhenghua told the office leader to meet him in his office.

Since the scheme was already exposed, the office leader didnt hide it as a dirty secret anymore.

He came from the same county as the boss of Xinghe Pharmaceutical Company, and helped him scheme against Colaine because Colaine had been very profitable.

Because the boss of Xinghe Pharmaceutical Company was jealous of Colaine, he schemed to make Colaine go bankrupt, which was very unacceptable.

Although Jiang Zhenghua found out the truth, he didnt have solid evidence for now, so he couldnt punish Xinghe Pharmaceutical Company, but the office leader was fired.

Since Colaine Pharmaceutical Company was innocent, Jiang Zhenghua issued a drug certificate for it and called Jiang Zhongyu later.

When Jiang Zhongyu received the call from Jiang Zhenghua, he told Gu Ning what had happened, and it was all done within an hour.

Afterwards, Gu Ning told Ning Changkai about it and asked him, “Do you have any grudges with Xinghe Pharmaceutical Company” Although the boss was jealous of Ning Changkais achievement, Gu Ning still wanted to find out more.

“No,” Ning Changkai said.

He always ran his business according to the rules and he seldom argued with others.

In addition, he had only heard of Xinghe Pharmaceutical Company, but had never met its boss.

“Alright, since we got the certificate now, we can begin to sell the medicines.

I think we better put them on the market during the next two days, because Im flying back to City B in two days,” Gu Ning said.

Colaine was a popular brand among the public.

Although they had changed its package, there was no need for them to publicize it.

As long as they started to sell the medicines, people would know that Colaine was back.

As for the skincare products, Gu Ning planned to promote them by sending customers one-time samples.

Once people found out about its great effect, they would come back and buy them again.

In fact, if they wanted to have loyal customers, word-of-mouth recommendations were much more persuasive than advertisements.

The skincare products were named Kouzi, and it was a registered brand name.

Kouzi was an independent brand, but it was still under the name of Colaine.

“Please pack 20 sets of skin toner, emulsion and serum along with 20 sets of sheet masks for me first.

Those are gifts and Ill come get them later,” Gu Ning said.

“No problem,” Ning Changkai said, and went to prepare after hanging up with Gu Ning.

The majority of their products were skincare products, but Gu Ning told them to continue to produce them, because she was confident that they would be popular.

Gu Ning called K later and told him to investigate Xinghe Pharmaceutical Company.

She decided to wait for the result before she punished Xinghe Pharmaceutical Company.

If Xinghe Pharmaceutical Company wasnt doing its business legally, it would be in great danger.

If it was running its business according to the law, Gu Ning would punish it lightly.

An hour later, Gu Ning arrived at the medicine factory to fetch the products she needed.

She was going to build a high-end brand, so it wasnt cheap.

A set consisted of a skin toner, emulsion and serum, which cost 3,800 yuan.

It was an acceptable price for most people.

As for the facial masks, there were six sheets in a box, and it cost 288 yuan.

Although its price was a little higher than other facial masks, its effect was worth it.

When Gu Ning got the skincare products, she put them in her telepathic eye space, and only left two sets in her backpack, because she was going to give them to Song Manni and Xia Yichu.

Therefore, Gu Ning went to the building of her corporation after she left the medicine factory.

When Song Manni received the gift from Gu Ning, she was very happy.

“Boss, do I get a gift too” K approached them and asked.

“Youre a man!” Gu Ning said and joked, “Do you want to be a woman Well, if you want, start with wearing make-up.”

“Ha-ha.” Hearing that, everyone laughed.

K argued, “Men can use skincare products too!”

“Unfortunately, I didnt produce male skincare products.” Gu Ning shrugged.

K was annoyed, but couldnt do anything about it.

Gu Ning didnt give the gift to Xia Yichu in person, but told Song Manni to do it for her.

Since Song Manni and Xia Yichu didnt have many friends or relatives in the capital, Gu Ning hoped that they could become friends.

After that, Gu Ning called Xu Qinyin; she was going to give her a set too.

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