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Chapter 614 Jiang Ruiqin

“Thanks, I can take a taxi myself.” Gu Ning rejected him, and waved her hand towards an empty taxi.

Although it didnt go as well as he thought, Qi Ziyue didnt insist, in case Gu Ning would have a bad impression of him.

Seeing Gu Ning leaving in the taxi, Qi Ziyue went back to his car.

When Qi Ziyue was back in his house, Tang Yaxin, who was in her sleeping gown, pressed against his body and complained, “Why are you home so late” He felt aroused by the pressure of her body so close to his, and hugged her smiling at her.

“What Were you waiting for me”

“Yes, I havent seen you in a week and I miss you so much!” Tang Yaxin said and made eyes at Qi Ziyue.

Qi Ziyue couldnt wait a second longer and kissed her wildly.

While kissing, he undressed her in a second, and began to rub her soft breasts.

When Gu Ning was back in Leng Shaotings house, she took a shower, then put on her sleeping gown.

Afterwards, she took out the box of antiques from the telepathic eye space and opened it.

Although the sunken box had been hidden there for over a hundred years, no water got inside because of the thick wax on its surface.

After checking the antiques, Gu Ning put some of them into a mahogany box which she would bring to Xiangyun Antique-store tomorrow, and then went to sleep.

The next day, Gu Ning was awake at 5:30 pm and couldnt fall asleep again, so she got up and went for a run.

The area Leng Shaoting lived in was very large with many green plants, so the scenery was quite pleasant.

People who lived here were either super rich or powerful, because each house here cost at least a hundred million yuan.

There was a track in this living area, so Gu Ning ran along it.

At this time, there were many runners.

In the square, there were many aged men and women who were practicing Taiji.

Seeing such a beautiful young girl coming to run so early in the morning, they all complimented her, because it was rare to see.

The younger generation all slept late, but this young girl was different.

Right at this moment, a jianzi[1] flew at her.

Gu Ning stopped at once and kicked it back through its original route in the air, which surprised everyone in the square.

“Nice one!” an old woman said.

Gu Ning smiled at her, then continued running

When she was gone, several old women gathered together and discussed her.

“Shes so beautiful!”

“Indeed! I dont often see a young kid like her running so early in the morning.”

“Me neither! My grandson hates exercises.”

“Well, I wish my grandchildren could be as energetic as her.”

Jiang Ruiqin had been working hard for a long time and he rarely had free time, so he got up early this morning to run.

When Gu Ning ran by him, his heart skipped a beat.

In the beginning, Jiang Ruiqin didnt take it seriously, and continued running.

However, when Gu Ning ran by him the second time, Jiang Ruiqin couldnt help but turn to follow her.

Before long, Gu Ning noticed that someone was following her, but she knew that he wasnt a bad guy, so she didnt mind.

Jiang Ruiqin followed her for a while, and tried to strike up a conversation with Gu Ning but didnt know how.

As time went by, Jiang Ruiqin saw that Gu Ning ran at regular pace, and the distance she moved in each step was the same.

Has she received professional training

Jiang Ruiqin followed Gu Ning running for about a dozen minutes and felt tired, but Gu Ning still ran ahead like she would never run out of strength.

Without hesitation, Jiang Ruiqin ran to Gu Nings side, and followed her paces trying to talk to her.

“Hey, miss, nice to meet you.

Ive followed behind you for a while, and I noticed that you ran at a regular pace.

You dont seem tired at all.

Have you received professional training before” Jiang Ruiqin was almost out of breath when he said that.

Jiang Ruiqin was kind and asked purely because he was curious.

“Yeah, Ive been trained professionally,” Gu Ning said and gave him a glance.

Seeing Gu Ning being so calm and even a little cold, Jiang Ruiqin felt slightly disappointed, because he was a handsome young man and was used to being admired by young girls.

However, Gu Ning seemed to be an exception.

Gu Nings heart was occupied by Leng Shaoting, so she wasnt interested in other men, even though he was handsome.

“Oh, right!” Jiang Ruiqin got the answer he wanted, then he asked again, “My names Jiang Ruiqin.

May I know your name” After that, he added, “Dont worry.

If you dont want to tell me, its totally fine.”

Gu Ning smiled and said, “My names Gu Ning.”

After that, Jiang Ruiqin ran with Gu Ning and they talked to each other once in a while.

After another circuit, Gu Ning left.

It was the first time that they had met each other, so Jiang Ruiqin felt shy to ask for her phone number.

Anyway, she lived here, and often ran in the morning.

He was confident that they would meet again soon.

Gu Ning went back to the house, and took a shower before she walked out.

She went to have breakfast first, then went to her company.

Once she arrived, Zhang Shunjie asked her, “Boss, the construction of the store is coming to an end.

When will it open”

“I think Itll be delayed, because the branch in City B is about to open the next weekend; well open the branch here after that,” Gu Ning said.

Today was Monday, and the opening ceremony in City B was just four to five days away.

[1] Jianzi is a traditional Chinese sport in which the players try to keep a heavily weighted shuttlecock in the air using their bodies excluding their hands.

It also refers to the shuttlecock used.

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