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Chapter 605 A Condition

If Feng Xueqin married someone, she could move out, but she refused to do so.

In the beginning, her family had tried to persuade her to forget Tang Yunfan and marry another man, but she wouldnt listen to them.

Feng Pinghuang and his wife despised Feng Xueqin the most, and they argued often.

Feng Xueqin came back home late when it was dinner time, but she saw Feng Pinghui and his wife in formal clothes walking out the moment she walked inside.

“Where are you going” Feng Xueqin asked.

“To join a party of course,” Feng Pinghuangs wife, Tong Wen said in an acidic tone.

“A party What party” Feng Xueqin ignored her but asked Lu Qiuting.

“Oh, its Mrs.

Leis birthday party,” Lu Qiuting said.

“What” Feng Xueqin was displeased.

“Why did nobody tell me”

The Lei family maintained a good relationship with the Tang family, especially the leading role in the Lei family, Lei Haowei, who was Tang Yunfans good friend.

Therefore, Tang Yunfan must have been invited to his wifes birthday party.

As long as Tang Yunfan appeared, Feng Xueqin would seize the chance to meet him.

Ever since Gu Ning and Gu Man showed up, Feng Xueqin had an increasingly strong sense of crisis.

Lu Qiuting had helped her to investigate them, but she didnt get any useful information.

Feng Xueqin was curious to see whether Gu Man would attend the party along with Tang Yunfan.

However, she didnt know that Tang Yunfan wouldnt show up.

“Um, I dont think you should embarrass our family anymore at such an important event,” Tong Wen said acidly.

“Shut your mouth!” Feng Xueqin snapped at her.

Nevertheless, Tong Wen wasnt afraid of her at all.

“Why I dont think its wrong that I want to protect our familys face.

Why do you have to show up Dont you know that youve brought shame on the whole family”

“You…” Feng Xueqin was mad.

However, before she could say another word, Tong Wen interrupted her, “I know that you want to meet Tang Yunfan, but dont you have any sense of shame Tang Yunfan will never marry you, and you better accept it.

The Tang family is much more powerful than our family.

Do you want to hurt our familys benefits”

Although Tong Wen was a little rude, it was undeniable that what she had just said was the plain truth.

Except Feng Xueqin, none of the members in the Feng family thought that Tong Wen was wrong.

Instead, they all sided with Tong Wen, so nobody blamed her.

The Feng family was barely comparable with the Tang family, and they had said that to Feng Xueqin countless times, but she wouldnt listen.

“Its none of your business! You havent given birth to a baby after youve married into our family for two years.

If you cant be pregnant, you better leave now,” Feng Xueqin said to fight back.

“Well.” Tong Wen wasnt mad at all, but sneered, “Thats because Pinghuang and I dont want to have a baby now.

Were both healthy and fertile, but youre different.

Youre already 36-years-old now, and Im afraid that youre already infertile.”

Lu Qiuting had two kids, so the Feng family wouldnt urge Tong Wen to give birth to a baby.

“You…” Feng Xueqin was furious.

“Alright, lets go!” Feng Pinghui lost his patience then walked to the car before them.

“Ill go with you!” Feng Xueqin said.

Even though Tong Wen said that she was a shame to their family, she didnt care.

“What do you want to do there Dont you think its embarrassing enough” Feng Pinghui criticized her.

He was the leading role in their family, so he was the decision-maker.

Besides, Feng Xueqin was a little afraid of her older brother.

Even Lu Qiuting didnt dare help her when Feng Pinghui got mad.

In that case, Feng Xueqin was abandoned alone in the house, and Feng Pinghui and his wife along with Feng Pinghuang and his wife got in their own cars and left without hesitation.

When they walked away, Tong Wen seemed super proud, which annoyed Feng Xueqin the most.

They had to attend the party held by the Lei family with the invitation letter, so she couldnt get in by herself.

However, Feng Xueqin was unwilling to give up in order to meet Tang Yunfan.

If Feng Pinghui and the others were reluctant to bring her there, she would turn to others for help.

Without delay, Feng Xueqin made a call.

“Jinyi, did your family receive the invitation letter from the Lei family”

“Yes, my husband and I are about to go there now!” Wu Jinyi said.

“Can I go with you” Feng Xueqin asked.

“Im sorry, Xueqin.

We only have one invitation letter and we cant bring another person…” Wu Jinyi apologized.

“Um, Liu Xinqi might be alone.

Maybe you can ask him.”

Hearing the name, Feng Xueqin was mad and displeased at once.

Liu Xinqi had chased her before but she only loved Tang Yunfan, so she had ignored him.

Afterwards, Liu Xinqi had gotten married, then got divorced all of a sudden.

Liu Xinqi and Feng Xueqin had common friends, and they had gone to have fun with their friends in a clubhouse once.

However, Liu Xinqi had raped her after she had gotten drunk.

Although Feng Xueqin stayed single throughout the past years for Tang Yunfan, she also had sexual needs but she only made love with handsome men, while Liu Xinqi was ugly in her eyes.

Therefore, she felt disgusted whenever she thought of the nightmare.

However, she had to call Liu Xinqi in order to attend the party.

“Oh, its been a while, Xueqin!” Once the phone was answered, a man said with levity.

“I heard that youve received an invitation letter from the Lei family.

Can I go with you” Hearing Liu Xinqis voice, Feng Xueqin felt utterly disgusted, but she had to calm herself down.

“Sure!” Liu Xinqi said with alacrity.

However, before Feng Xueqin was cheered up, he said again, “But, there is a condition.”

Feng Xueqin frowned.

She knew that it wouldnt be that easy.

“What condition” Feng Xueqin asked.

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